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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Hello, Hal & friends!
Not sunny...
Seems autumn has lost its shine!
23/Oct/14 12:05 AM
Dreary, rainy day here. Of course I have to go out this morning. I took my (new) car in 2 weeks ago because the rear hatch squeaked when it went up. They had to order a new part. Back I went to have the problem resolved. It was More...
23/Oct/14 12:16 AM
Shultz needs a bigger chair!
23/Oct/14 12:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Oct/14 12:20 AM
June...for your last post on yesterday.
Have you seen, on FB, the post of the burning house and the caption that reads, 'I saw a spider.' Well, that is what would happen here, if I had your situation.
Spiders, like snakes, is a spider.
23/Oct/14 12:22 AM
beautiful day in OK
23/Oct/14 12:22 AM
Another cool day that will end up warm.
23/Oct/14 12:23 AM
For you headache suffers, this month, it is because of the moon. Well, it is according to an article I read in one of Martha's magazines. I am not a migraine person, and I am more apt to give a headache than have one, but recently, I have been having some humdingers.
23/Oct/14 12:25 AM
There you go, Shosho.
23/Oct/14 12:25 AM
I am so glad they got the doors done yesterday. Today the window blinds go back up.
23/Oct/14 12:26 AM
The red moon, will also effect our sleep. Something was said, there is a connection with the lunar eclipse and our brain.
23/Oct/14 12:28 AM
BUT! Before I go......

The answer to yesterday's poozle:


Today, Mr. Tom Hanks will present the timely Halloween Crown to winners Judy, Joyce, Hal, Greg, Dottie, Mads, and Sarah....Take it away, Tom! More...
23/Oct/14 12:29 AM
Martha also improved my vocabulary. I learned, that many of us on this site, is a polly-fox. We would never whang and none of seem to be a Sweet Lucy.
23/Oct/14 12:32 AM
And for today....

Each of these words can be split in half, and two letters can be placed in the middle to create a new six letter word.
For example: BEND can be split into BE and ND, YO can be placed in the middle to create BE + YO + ND = BEYOND.
The four added pairs of letters, in More...
23/Oct/14 12:35 AM
Kitties are attacking what is left of my inside holiday decoration. Must go get my squirt bottle.
23/Oct/14 12:35 AM
I hope Martha wasn't using whang as a slang word.
23/Oct/14 12:46 AM
I cannot imagine Martha having whang.
I am certain she has people for that.
23/Oct/14 12:53 AM
The brain cell a whang, but the fingers did not get the message.
23/Oct/14 12:56 AM
I can't imagine Martha having a whang, either. Her people, I don't know....
23/Oct/14 12:56 AM
Kathy, because I am geographical challenged, would you happen to be close or from New England?
23/Oct/14 12:58 AM
Wonder if he is up yet?
What is the saying, you snooze, you lose?
23/Oct/14 12:59 AM
Looking over my post, my fingers are not getting a lot of messages from my brain cell.
Guess, getting woken at 2 AM, to go kitty hunting, because the male of the household left a door open and did not have time to go hunting, has an effect.
23/Oct/14 1:03 AM
Nope, I just looked up the different meanings of the word.

Off I go into the wet! Hopefully, I will soon have a squeak-free car!
23/Oct/14 1:07 AM
Have fun, Kathy, and dry.

I need to move, or my tush will be permanently attached to this seat. I am trying to take advantage of only having one entry in the date book for this week.
23/Oct/14 1:11 AM
I know who's the boss of that house.
23/Oct/14 1:13 AM
For the record, I didn't forgot the correct order/anagram part of Kathy's puzzle. I interpreted it as a hint not a requirement.
23/Oct/14 1:14 AM
Oh dear. Oh, oh dear.
I looked up what Kathy looked up, because I did not think we were talking about the same thing. Oh, dear.
No, that is not the slang definition Martha gave me. Oh, no. Not even close.
No, no, no.
23/Oct/14 1:17 AM
I liked the magazine's definitions of the words.
Here, so I do not corrupt a family site.
Polly-fox, to equivocate, procrastinate, 'beat about the bush,' to waste time. (See I do not think any of that applies to us...me).
23/Oct/14 1:20 AM
Whang another word, that I do not think applies to any of us.

A party often for the purpose of house-cleaning.
23/Oct/14 1:22 AM
And really not certain, if this applies to anyone on the site,
Sweet Lucy- wine, usually cheap.
23/Oct/14 1:23 AM
If you polly-fox when you should be cleaning your house chances are you'll need to get some Sweet Lucy to entice some friends to come to a whang to help you out.
23/Oct/14 1:30 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Apex: A gorilla’s old girlfriend.
Here's today's factoid:
Owning an electric car in Norway grants you free public parking, free ferry trips, and the right to drive in bus lanes.
23/Oct/14 1:33 AM
Great idea, Serena.
I have been polly-foxing through an entire pot of coffee, might be to become a Sweet Lucy and then throw a whang. The dust bunnies sure know how to whang. I keep trying to wait for the physchoscropions, Kayo mentioned a while back, but I don't think I have any of those.
23/Oct/14 1:39 AM
Mention her name, and she arrives.
Good morning, dear.
23/Oct/14 1:40 AM
, y'all! Headache abated without the prescription migraine meds. This is good.

I've added a few goofy pics to my gallery. This is what happens when a grown-up who hasn't grown up (me) gets a webcam on her new laptop. http://sudoku.com.au/PhotosBig.aspx?PID=15217&UID=62671&Go=R13-8-1990
23/Oct/14 1:59 AM
Kathy, there's a webcam effect you'd love. It's in the gallery.
23/Oct/14 2:01 AM
Great pix, Silvergal.
23/Oct/14 2:31 AM
It's that time.
23/Oct/14 2:32 AM
23/Oct/14 2:32 AM
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