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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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ok back to earth and trying to find my feet again... the world keeps swaying back and forth - must be from all that time at sea...
then again - probably the bolly!!!
thanks all costumers... enormous fun... and you made me think of my best childhood friend we used to pass notes in class that rhymed!!!
Knowing the habits of hobbits, Bilbo, I suspect you have your hand in your pocket. K from Brissie - what is a TFTD? Some type of MG? Is it from KFC or do I need EFTPOS. Lost my PIN at the ATM. OK? KO? ASAP? LMFHO?
Maria from Rhode Island - speak up dear. How are the chooks?
a-one had a ruse, that she could amuse
all her fellow sudoku addictives,
she took a new name and said 'I'm the same'
but know I'm called tweety, hee-hee'
Joanie...can't wait for snowstorms and delays!!
3:18 Not bad
well your majesty, you know what they say..

a tweety by any other name is a-one....
lets try numbers instead
1 1 was a race horse
2 2 was 1 2
1 1 1 a race
2 2 1 1 2
Oh please do not kiss me
Oh please do not kiss
Oh please do not
Oh Please do
Oh Please
Great sudoku!!!! I love it and i'm only ten
Oh brother! Please!
1 1 was a race horse
2 2 was 1 2
1 1 1 1 race
2 2 1 1 2
the best collection ever! i feel like i was at the party too! but too busy kayaking in the sunny fall day to dress up! what wonderful folks you are, great entertainment! must move on - oh, the puzzle?! prefer to print it out. btw did anyone else take a few weeks to figure out that comments are on more than one page and that's why mine didn't show up? ahhh how wonderful to be on board!
2:59 okay 4 me!!!
To all, well done! but no takes at guess at whom is at the cauldron? It is not that hard? Or will I be the last one standing?Here's a clue? I love my world, and my children, I have many? So does this help?
ah dear crone, we share a zone
as to your identity, i have know..
your clues point me to be sure
you are cathy SA, i'll say no more
And naughty wart
Who be he?
I have to know
Cause he's growing on me!
I was dressed up like a dormouse hiding in the pot
But I didn't really party, didn't do a lot,
I wasn't really naughty, I didn't dance til dawn
In fact my contribution was just a great big yawn.
So next gathering I plan on having much more fun
I think it's camels that have two humps and llamas only one!
It sure was fun! I can't remember the last time, I had to TRY and ryhme. I had to go out yesterday take oldest hormone to the dental hosp. for app. and did'nt get back home till very late so I could'nt post until this afternoon been very busy today too?
You had me stumped. I knew you would be here somewhere but I wasn't sure where. Did you have fun ? There's some mighty talented people on here and not just at Sudoku.

KRP - I suspect that you are amusing yourself, but just on the offchance that you aren't TFTD - Thought For The Day
it was the many children that pointed me in the right direction cathy!! well done....
OPPS - Trigger Finger !
Doormouse - was the pot you were hiding in the 'hocolate pot' ? If so, I would guess that you are Ted, you were hiding in Andre - is that enough said ?
So a-one, when was your guess? and dormouse, camels can have both.
Maybe the dormouse is Ted although he has'nt given much away! if it's him at all. And a-one I knew that clue would have pointed most of you in the right direction! I have to go soon as it's my turn to help clean at the little darling's kindy today? like I don't do enough of that already!!!!
Well hopefully I can post back later, as I have not finished all the other puzzles today! and you just have to do them don't you? so it's Byeeee!!!! from me for now.
Cathy your clue was easy peasy...(but why 'the crone'? I don't see you as at all crone-ish)

So - our book of secrets is now nearly complete!

But who are all these late comers popping up when the rest of us have moved on to belly dancing?
For shame! Next time you're at a party More...
I was unusually quiet, I know it should be said,
And I wasn't out with Andre and I really am not Ted
Though I'm normally more flamboyant, it was a change to just observe
Does that though make me, a bolly loving little perv?
i guessed yday when you came on along with the crone, but then obviously i gave up when you said you were rushing away!!!
Hmmm. I'm thinking HH but the timezone is not helping.

Maybe Di?
aha wee one, i think i may say
although you weren't in disguise yesterday
today you have donned a costume to confuse
and the label of dormouse amber michigan you use..
Amber michigan's delightful, but no dormouse would she be,
And it's really not the normal guise for a person such as me.
A tea party and a tea pot are not my usual style,
And I've shared this site from early on, been with you for a while.
5:23 and now it's off to bed for me. Night all.
oh, a neighbour!! well we shall see
you are obviously too smart for me...
if not amber, and certainly not ted,
perhaps its kel from brissie instead?
I'm thinking little dormouse
that you're quite a tricky sort
trying to confuse us
to give yourself some sport

another clue please dormouse
a letter of your name
your initial or your town
will be your claim to fame
CATHY, I don't think of you as a crone, either, that's probably why it was such a good disguise. I spotted you right away when I returned this morning.

AMBER, how was the opening of the season? Is it properly inaugurated? Much wassailing?
aha! little friend
take of the dor use and what's left

I'm fed up with being a dormouse, it's really not much fun
I'm much more into gay times and dancing in the sun.
Nessun dorma's not a dormouse song, but it would be sung nearby
within the sight of the coathanger against a pale blue sky
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