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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a
distinct slow down in overall system performance --

Particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which operated
flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 More...
23/Mar/07 5:31 AM
Good morning to all in Sudokuland.
KB: I guess you still have all your children living at home, as you set very high standards!
I believe your list are ideals. I left home at 18 and discovered that money does not grow on trees and that you have to budget. My first monthly pay check went More...
23/Mar/07 5:39 AM
KB: should have kjept reading instead of weighing in :)
23/Mar/07 5:43 AM
Angie and Nancy have inspired me to figure out how to post a Youtube. On my page you can find out what kind of music I like to listen to.
23/Mar/07 5:51 AM
Good Thursday late Maen, all!

Excellent topic of discussion re: when someone is ready to move out on his/her own.

My 17 yo has been taught how to do laundry (since age 10) and knows how to cook (and follow a recipe) but usually prefers easy microwaveable foods or bowls of cereal More...
23/Mar/07 5:55 AM
1:36 mAen
23/Mar/07 5:59 AM
Aileen from California, there's an answer to your question on my page.
23/Mar/07 6:46 AM
Hey Keith, does that lady on my youtube rock or what!
23/Mar/07 7:16 AM
Hey Keith here's the eagle I painted in a avatar,boy Gath is fast!
23/Mar/07 7:19 AM
Hi Everybody...I'm back and wanted to greet you before I've done anything else. Looking I see several very stately eagles....is everyone cheering for my home football team while I've been away? I must read the comments and do the puzzle to find out whats going on. I'll be back later this evening! Peace to one and all!
23/Mar/07 7:31 AM
Right on! Elsa from Ontario. Our job as parents is to work ourselves out of a job. We still love them and are a loving sounding-board and could give advice, but maybe we should 'take off the apron' if they haven't 'let go of the apron strings' by 20, and let them take responsability for their own choices .
23/Mar/07 8:05 AM
so nice and cool looking - back to hot night last night, and even hotter today.
23/Mar/07 8:12 AM
Bully Express - thank you for your input - much appreciated...where did you say the glove box was?

23/Mar/07 8:13 AM
...also - I had forgotten about the 100,000km warranty - could be the deciding factor.
23/Mar/07 8:14 AM
Nancy, yours makes mine look like he's half way through molting and sick to boot. Maybe I have to put him to bed.
23/Mar/07 8:17 AM
How is the weather in Australia
23/Mar/07 8:17 AM
This guy'll do for a while.
23/Mar/07 8:18 AM
Bully Express.....

Some very interesting comments today concerning Angie's question. A very good read.

Happy Belated Anniversary to Mr and Mrs P for yesterday......Well Done CP...
23/Mar/07 8:30 AM
Good mAen,

Interesting picture - I enjoy seeing picture from around the world. I have my windows open and a cardinal is singing - it's a good day. Hope it is for you too.
23/Mar/07 8:33 AM
It's still yesterday in Glasgow!!!!!!
23/Mar/07 8:37 AM
21.43 and not very warm
23/Mar/07 8:38 AM
great photo
WOW we struggled to get to page 4 all day yesterday and I log on this morning and we are nearly there already.
great effort, nice to see a good discussion going.
23/Mar/07 8:55 AM
OOPPSS sorry Jeb I only just realised it didn't all appear...


Lancelot pondered the predicament. During the day, a beautiful woman to show off to his friends, but at night, in the privacy of his castle, an old witch? Or, would he prefer having a More...
23/Mar/07 9:13 AM
Happy to have the kids leave when they are ready and it varies for all. But think they should move out and take responsibilty and not mooch off their parents at home once they have the financial means to support themselves.
have big problems with adult children living at home, paying nothing More...
23/Mar/07 9:13 AM
I tip my hat to all those parents out there who have survived having an 18 year old son at home. I think I personally need to check myself into the psychiatric ward.
23/Mar/07 9:19 AM
need to qualify my comments
I am a mother of 5 ranging in age from 28 down to 12 and the 3 eldest have successfully moved out and are supporting themselves well. from time to time they have needed help and we are always there to, but young adults need to make their own way in life, make More...
23/Mar/07 9:28 AM
Today I think we are having a last blast of summer with a top temperature predicted to be 35C.
very hot and humid all night and some storms predicted for later in the day.
enjoy your day/night
23/Mar/07 9:29 AM
I don't know if this one has been on before or not... But I really liked it. Sorry if it has

A joke to start your day

A young man goes into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist: 'Hello, could you give me a condom. My girlfriend has invited me for dinner and I think she is More...
23/Mar/07 9:36 AM
23/Mar/07 9:39 AM
Angie, My vote is, it depends on the kid. I move out and went to college at 17. With the exception of one month in college and 13 months after college, I stayed gone. Someone alluded to a chaos theory, and that certainly was the case for me. Son #1 moved out two weeks after high school More...
23/Mar/07 10:12 AM
Mickey - thanks xx
SpadeScorpio - Welcome to ward B. You will find your straightjacket in the corner by the plastic chair. Medication to your left..We will join you for exercise in the courtyard later after our sessions
23/Mar/07 10:17 AM
What colour straightjacket for you Spade Scorpio?
we have quite a range here in the corner.
Does my session follow yours André or am I after Billy?
Looking forward to a walk around the yard with you later, just before taking our medication and bedtime.
23/Mar/07 11:22 AM
Congrats on the daughter! Hope things keep looking up.
23/Mar/07 11:49 AM
The debate discussions are fantastic. I'm sure my daughter will look forward to reading them all.
Just to clarify a small point, this issue is for her school work and by no means am I asking if I should let her leave home. Nup she is still only 16 and there is no way I will allow her to leave yet. Though there have been days I wish she would lol
23/Mar/07 11:57 AM
Well I really enjoyed reading today's comments. There is no need for me to add anything to the conversation since I'd only echo what Rosemary wrote. Its so good to be back for a short while and then I'll be headed for Florida. Hope all have a great day/night. Welcome to all the newbies, and More...
23/Mar/07 12:07 PM
CP and Mr P
sorry missed wishing you a happy 32nd anniversary.
May there be many, many more.

23/Mar/07 12:30 PM
Two nailbiters so far tonight. KU won 61-58. Then I watched the end of the Texas A&M/Memphis game. A real nail biter. Unfortunately, Jamie's Aggies lost by 1.
23/Mar/07 12:43 PM
Happy Anniversary CP and Mr. P! 32 years. Wow.
23/Mar/07 12:50 PM
When my daughter graduated from college she was happy to come home. Why not? Laundry, food, TV, cleaning, garage, lovely neighborhood etc. So we gave her a rent figure for these amenities - She found a cheaper rent downtown. It worked out the best for her in the long run, even living down there More...
23/Mar/07 12:54 PM
Subject: Smart Technology

Recently I bought a new Lexus 350 but I had to return it to the dealer the next day because I couldn't get the radio to work.

The car salesman explained that the radio was voice activated and demonstrated this brilliant feature.

'Nelson,' the More...
23/Mar/07 1:01 PM
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