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Easy Sudoku for 23/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Apr/13 1:56 AM
Thanks for waiting, Kathy! Sent a puzzle answer to you, too!
23/Apr/13 1:56 AM
Hope you counted your dimes and pennies right, shosho.
23/Apr/13 2:02 AM
Miss him terribly.
I have asked my husband to grow fur and learn how to purr, but to no avail!
I have figured that I have been 'catless' only 1/64th of my life.
Nigel AKA 'Roo' lived about 2-3 years longer than the average diabetic cat does after diagnosis. I had him for a long time considering. He was almost 16 years old.
23/Apr/13 2:05 AM
23/Apr/13 2:19 AM
So sorry to hear about your kitties, Karen and Shiela. I know how sad it is to lose our beloved pets.
23/Apr/13 2:27 AM
I had a lovely time with Katitude & Mr. Katitude who, on their whirlwind tour of the States, passed through my neck of the woods yesterday! We started out touring St. Simons, had lunch, then spent the remainder of the day in Savannah. I've posted a few pictures in my gallery.
23/Apr/13 2:30 AM
Karen and Shiela, so sorry about the loss of your kitties. They are special, even when they are a pain.
23/Apr/13 3:30 AM
I need to expound, and this site is more private. I am still trying to find a preceptor for my reentry process. The first one, after seeing what all was involved, backed out. I could understand. He is a solo family practice Dr in a small town. He was looking for help, not more work. The More...
23/Apr/13 3:35 AM
Keep the faith, Sarah Beth. Good things will happen.
23/Apr/13 3:40 AM
For those of you not on Facebook, I have uploaded a photo of the newest members of our family. They fit right in.
23/Apr/13 3:42 AM
hope all is well in your world. Its always a sad time when beloved pets pass, may remebering all the good times with them help ease the pain.
23/Apr/13 3:53 AM
23/Apr/13 4:54 AM
Thank you for your kind words for Busy, my cat. She died the week, when my step-brother and aunt died, so that was really a bad time for me. She, like Shiela's cat, was my companion for 16 years. Yes, I say mine, because she only tolerated the other people here.
23/Apr/13 5:32 AM
I had this silly notion to go to the relief room, before I headed out the door again. What was I thinking. I opened the door, and there was a swarm of bees, right at the entrance. I really did not have to go, so I shut the door. If I had been paying attention, I could have heard the bees before opening the door. Guess, where the flying insect repellent is?
23/Apr/13 5:37 AM
There's no rest for a weary Plum. More ha$$le on the home front. We suddenly find ourselves without a car. We loathe car shopping. Paying for a new used car isn't that easy, either, especially when $o much money has gone into trying to keep it on the road in the past 6 months. We thought we were investing in another 2-3 year's worth. Now I wish I had that money back!
23/Apr/13 5:55 AM
On the plus side, I have new internet being installed on Wednesday. DSL instead of satellite, so there's no usage cap each day to worry about plus we get a landline again so we can hopefully save money by getting a lower priced cell phone package.
23/Apr/13 5:59 AM
The trick will be to find a cell plan that gives us service out here. Nextel and Centennial worked pretty well, but that was then and this is now. It's like we've lost cellular accessibility for our location instead of gaining it since they 'upgraded' the towers!

For all the wasted More...
23/Apr/13 6:08 AM
Sheila and Karen, my heart goes out to both of you for the loss of your cats. 16 is a lot of years in catyears. My previous cat, Charile, lived 16 years before I had to have him put to sleep; he was slowly not eating his way to death. My current cat, I did not ask for, Spicy decided she wanted More...
23/Apr/13 6:38 AM
Might I say that I, know where you are coming from Plum! We have been reduced to a 'stick'(one of those mobile devices) ! Oh how I miss 'broadband'. We only get good reception on the verandah, inside the house is a 'dead spot'. Last week there was a buzz of activity out on the street as the NBN cables were laid, but there has been no work to connect to houses yet!
23/Apr/13 6:43 AM
Anyone with any advice on a reliable make and model of used car? I know nothing. I had a succession of Chrysler minivans until the last one died 6 years ago. We want 35 mpg range, 4 doors and not ridiculously expensive to put tires onto or repairs into. Manual transmission is fine. Must be able to climb a steep driveway in Michigan winter conditions.
23/Apr/13 6:55 AM
NBN is the Fiber Optic cables gradually replacing the old 'copper' network of last century. Aust. is being dragged kicking & screaming into this century. (It costs $$$++++++++++++++++++++++)
23/Apr/13 6:58 AM
Ooh, Grass-hopper. Sounds as if there is cable in your future. Hang in there. We are way too far off the road unless we want to pay several thousand dollars for cable installation. Ridiculous.
23/Apr/13 7:01 AM
That copper's got to be worth some money there, just to reclaim. It's worth so much here, abandoned houses are being stripped of their wiring.
23/Apr/13 7:03 AM
Oddly enough, some people still have the money to install copper roofing, which is okay with me, because Burl get copper jobs from time to time. He's done bay windows, eyebrows, entire roofs, car ports, gutters and downspouts in copper.
23/Apr/13 7:06 AM
Sorry Plum, I am of no use to you at all.
a) NOT a car person.
b) live in sub tropics, (winter is temps below 10*C)
23/Apr/13 7:06 AM
COPPER ROOFING!!!! Just wait a moment while I recover! Copper is so expensive here. People I know make their living just on the copper from old wiring.
The Government is in charge of the cable roll out, so it is probably being wasted.
23/Apr/13 7:11 AM
I sympathize Shiela and Karen. Our 15 year old cat acts much younger than his years (he just caught a mouse today), but he's losing weight and just won't gain any back, even on canned cat food, treats and scraps. I doubt he's long for this world. I can't put a lot of vet money into him. I won't More...
23/Apr/13 7:11 AM
I wish I had time to do the coin poozle. Sounds like fun but I can't concentrate. I have to go to my in-laws' house (to check the used car ads using their internet since mine isn't installed yet), plus there are several cars for sale parked along the highway between here and there.
23/Apr/13 7:14 AM
Yes, copper roofing. Isn't that something? It's gorgeous. Burl had this one estate he used to return to each summer high on a bluff over Lake Michigan. A married couple, both close-to-retirement surgeons from Chicago, were fixing it up as their vacation home and ultimate retirement retreat. More...
23/Apr/13 7:19 AM
Throughout Qld (& I guess other states) there are miles of abandoned rail lines, rusting into oblivion. Steel is recyclable, & sale-able, but the tracks are on Govt. land. Such a waste. People are scrapping all unused metal, but Govt just hasn't got the message.
23/Apr/13 7:19 AM
Picture looks like the start of the Sydney- Hobart yacht race which leaves Sydney on Boxing Day every year. Our Adelaide yacht club has done very well in recent years with two of our boats winning handicap honours. The huge maxis always get line honours
23/Apr/13 7:23 AM
Definitely an action shot. I wonder what they were up to.
23/Apr/13 7:24 AM
We are thinking about down grading our internet access from cable to DSL. Cable is pretty fast around here, DSL is not nearly as fast. The positive trade off is that the DSL should be about 1/3 of the cost of the cable.
23/Apr/13 7:26 AM
16 years ago, we could not get cable or Internet, but the people next door, guessing about a half mile down the road, could. We lived too far out. When we were being connect for landline service, we would have to share a line, think it was called party line.
Eventually we could get dail-up for More...
23/Apr/13 7:28 AM
Our PM actually had the thought that Politicians should drive Australian cars. What a revelation! They have been pouring Millions $ into propping up the industry, & don't buy the produce! (that is not a political statement, as it is equally true for the Opposition!)
23/Apr/13 7:30 AM
My apologies, I got on my & got carries away. I have had my worth now & will go & have a cuppa & calm down.
23/Apr/13 7:34 AM
Thinking seriously of pushing my girls out the door and returning home after dark.
The bee population in the relief room tripled while we were picking up one girl from school, and seems to be spreading thoughout the house.
My brave darlings, were trying to be helpful, by bringing in some wasp More...
23/Apr/13 7:34 AM
Really, Grass-hopper. You really going to leave now?
23/Apr/13 7:37 AM
I had guessed it was the Sydney to Hobart, by the Rolex stickers. It wasn't this years though, as I looked up those numbers & they were not on those colours.
Looks like a bit of excitement though! A whole ocean & they both want the same bit!
23/Apr/13 7:38 AM
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