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Easy Sudoku for 23/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
23/Aug/16 12:00 AM
23/Aug/16 12:03 AM
Good morning Hal, Keith... and goodnight
23/Aug/16 12:07 AM
1:55 A bit slow tonight.
Good night one and all!
23/Aug/16 12:24 AM
Keith and Hal! Nighty night, Bean and Anne!

I am just dropping by to say I will be gone from Sudokuland for a few days. I have the little ones visiting while their parents take a few days to themselves. As I've mentioned before, the kids More...
23/Aug/16 12:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

Not sure what happened - server needed a reboot to get the site back up. Sorry about that!

23/Aug/16 7:05 AM
Ahhhh - a late greeting, but how nice to be able to see these friends - and the puzzle too!
23/Aug/16 7:06 AM
Site's been off line for a while. Nice to see it back.
23/Aug/16 7:06 AM
So nice to have such a devoted administrator - thanks, Gath!
23/Aug/16 7:07 AM
Thx Gath. Guess we were posting at the same time.
23/Aug/16 7:07 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.

That's one of my photos from our 2007 France trip, that was a long day with lots of walking but also lots of photos to remember it by!
23/Aug/16 7:57 AM
Can you imagine the activity involved 2000 years ago when that viaduct was in the process of being erected?!!?
23/Aug/16 8:27 AM
Good morning.
23/Aug/16 8:47 AM
Like everyone else, had trouble getting on site today.
23/Aug/16 8:48 AM
Had a very broken overnight sleep.
23/Aug/16 8:50 AM
I see a nap in my near future.
23/Aug/16 8:51 AM
Have a great day, everyone!
23/Aug/16 8:52 AM
🌞 oh what a nice breeze here - windows open and loving it !
23/Aug/16 9:41 AM
Enjoy your little ones Kathy
23/Aug/16 9:42 AM
With CP asleep ...
23/Aug/16 9:45 AM
I should have easy pickings.
23/Aug/16 9:45 AM
23/Aug/16 9:45 AM
My nights are a series of tossing and turning CP - I wear my Fitbit to track my sleep cycle - but very busy today up to 2805 steps today ! Started my PT and did more walking with crutches - if I don't get toned arms -💪🏼
23/Aug/16 9:46 AM
Keith you must have a sensor!
23/Aug/16 9:47 AM
Was getting ready to panic!!! What no sudoku fix?? Whew! Survived today!
23/Aug/16 10:03 AM
Keith has Lynne monitor the site for him and warn him when it's getting close to 22.

Not true (I think), I made that up.
23/Aug/16 10:58 AM
Mornin' folk.

Just got to trim the new fence and tidy up.
23/Aug/16 11:18 AM
I'll come back later to see if Hal come up with any more porkies!
23/Aug/16 11:20 AM
Better drop a 'has' in there after Hal......Thanks!
23/Aug/16 11:21 AM
Or a 'can', even!
23/Aug/16 11:22 AM
I think I'm better at putting up fences.

C yah!
23/Aug/16 11:22 AM
PORKIES? Who, me?? Why, I'm as honest as they come.
23/Aug/16 12:21 PM
Today was supposed to be a park the hound at the kennel, take the ute to the shop for service day. Simple - except it wasn't.

No problems getting the hound situated, but when I tried to leave the kennel, everything 'went south'.

The ute wouldn't start. I was close to 50 miles from More...
23/Aug/16 12:22 PM
33 - I'll drink to that.
23/Aug/16 12:23 PM
What a revolting development..... DoA!
23/Aug/16 12:33 PM
Porkies - now that was a new one to me...off to my search engine; always something new to learn; that was today's gem!
23/Aug/16 12:35 PM
Joyce, you need an Aussie slang dictionary. There's a good one at www.koalanet.com.au.
23/Aug/16 12:50 PM
But now it's nearing my bedtime... again. Night all.
23/Aug/16 12:51 PM
Afternoon all, great photo Chris.
Thank goodness for the sudoku Facebook page, I was thinking it was my internet but no it was this site. Thanks Gath for fixing it!
23/Aug/16 1:59 PM
Truth is that Lynne never comes to this site. Sometimes I'm lucky to come back at just the right time, but more often not. It's always fun to try, though.
23/Aug/16 2:59 PM
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