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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page 2.
23/Sep/11 2:17 AM
Morning! Karen, I think you're right..over the years I have observed a fox, mountain lion, coyote, deer, peacock, cow, turkey and bear in my backyard. Surely someone has observed an elephant in theirs.
23/Sep/11 2:28 AM
No elephants in our yard, but once we had a monkey on our deck. I took photos, as I knew no one would believe me otherwise.
23/Sep/11 2:31 AM
Are we talking pink elephants here?
23/Sep/11 2:36 AM
With polka dots, Jane.
I am sure we have all seen those.
23/Sep/11 2:44 AM
Greetings--another perfect southern Ontario day.
23/Sep/11 2:50 AM
I woke up Monday morning to a cow in my back yard. Why not an elephant?
23/Sep/11 3:11 AM
I just found out that it is against the law to have a "Happy Hour" in the state of Kansas. Now that is just wrong!
23/Sep/11 3:13 AM
If you cry in your beer, I guess it's ok.
23/Sep/11 3:14 AM
I know we're not supposed to discuss politics on the site, so I won't post the link to Pat Buchanan's latest column which, in my opinion, is right on target. Anyone interested can easily find his website. And if anyone cares to comment, you can leave a message on my page. CU later. Off for a bike ride!
23/Sep/11 3:17 AM
In Honor of Elephant Appreciation Day ____

We, who have taught, or love children who have been taught,
know this is funny!

From the diary of a Pre-School Teacher
My five-year old students are learning to read.
23/Sep/11 3:24 AM
Pink elephants? John Barleycorn must die...
23/Sep/11 3:25 AM
"But the little brown bowl proved the strongest man at last. John Barleycorn lives!"
23/Sep/11 4:44 AM
Good afternoon to all! "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning" or in Ireland and the UK, "Red sky in the morning, shepherds take warning." Which phrase is common in Australia?
23/Sep/11 5:10 AM
23/Sep/11 5:12 AM
John Barleycorn was hacked down by swords and beaten by the miller, but you're right Jim. He lives on (thank goodness).
23/Sep/11 5:14 AM
Why did the elephant walk on the marshmallows?

23/Sep/11 5:15 AM
Yes, Jim. I guess tomorrow shall be Blue Mice day then....
23/Sep/11 5:25 AM
I am trimmed!
I have just spent the last several hours being attacked by mutant crickets. They were everywhere! I am happy to report that I dismembered a few.
23/Sep/11 5:36 AM
In answer to the "Red sky in the morning" query, I have heard the Shepherds version more in Australia, but both are known. I have also, living in a rural community heard "Farmers warning/delight", probably because farmers would hate to be grouped in with the "Shepherds"!
23/Sep/11 6:30 AM
Whew! Cows and calves hayed, grained and watered. Due to the separation and illness, we now have bovines in 4 different places. All 4 needed hay. Three needed grain. Two groups are in areas that don't have automatic waterers, so must be watered several times a day. I did this all by myself, since TM isn't feeling well. It took me 1.5 hours.
23/Sep/11 6:42 AM
What a fantastic photo.
Greg; Red sky in the morning, Shepherd's warning. Red sky at night, Sheppard's delight.
I have been suffering from acute urticaria (hives) for several days. Itchy from head to foot. Today I do not have any itches and feel almost human again.
23/Sep/11 6:50 AM
I tried googling the saying (Red sky in the morning) to see what truth there is in it, and found a meteorology site that says it holds true for "mid-latitudes" where the predominant storm systems come from the west. In the tropics, the predominant systems may come from the east, in which case the reverse would be true. In/near arctic regions, it may not hold true either.
23/Sep/11 6:50 AM
2:08. Hi all.
23/Sep/11 7:08 AM
from the pits of dispair to the heights of delight - I bowled a 93 - a new low for me and then a 203 a new high ! amazing what a snicker bar can do to improved your bowling game.
23/Sep/11 7:08 AM
A snickers is good for pretty much anything, mymare.
Time to head for that room and start dinner. Tacos tonight. OLÉ!
23/Sep/11 7:48 AM
Good morning. Still moving at snail's pace. Have to work this afternoon, so might have another nap before then.
23/Sep/11 7:56 AM
Beautiful pic for todays Easy.
23/Sep/11 8:26 AM

CG I know it as 'Red sky morning sailors warning, Red sky night shepherds delight'. Similar to June.

Wifeys birthday today.

to the missus!
23/Sep/11 8:36 AM

Uh oh! Could be trouble. just pinched HalT's post number.

23/Sep/11 8:38 AM
PeterQ and others. I also goggled the expression 'red sky in the morning.' It is interesting to note it pre-dates the bible, is referenced in the bible, and in many literary works through the ages. Weather people seem to have been around forever!
23/Sep/11 8:59 AM
For Peter's wifey....
23/Sep/11 9:01 AM
Why do elephants paint their toenails red?

So they can hide in strawberry patches.
23/Sep/11 9:05 AM
Who is a famous elephant jazz singer?

Elephants Gerald.
23/Sep/11 9:09 AM
Good maEn, good people. I wonder if that scene looked as spectacular viewed from the human visitor center?
23/Sep/11 9:18 AM
To Linda from Melbourne.
23/Sep/11 9:19 AM
To Peter's
On her
Special day.
23/Sep/11 9:21 AM
I APPRECIATE ELEPHANTS! Every chance I got during school I wrote the report of my choice about elephants. I collected elephant statues and jewelry for quite a long time too. I have ridden an elephant, watched and learned how an elephant's tongue works during a Zoo Day at Fountain Square in More...
23/Sep/11 9:27 AM
to Peter's missus.
Waiting to hear what your bought for her Peter.
23/Sep/11 9:39 AM
Lovely day here. 18.5c at the moment.
Heading for 26c.
23/Sep/11 9:40 AM
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