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Easy Sudoku for 24/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Bill in Texas: the screwing you get ain't worth the screwing you get!
24/Mar/07 7:45 AM
kitty looks like he/she burnt their nose.
welcome back, hope you enjoyed your break away.
I see you have had an array of young hunks through your 'avatars' today.
24/Mar/07 7:47 AM
The best thing that ever happened to us was when son #1 moved into an apartment with 4 of his rowdy friends 2 weeks after graduating high school. He was the only one who didn't smoke and the only one who did clean. He learned the importance of everything I had tried to teach him as a youth.
24/Mar/07 7:49 AM
Libby - my wife complains bitterly about mammograms so I suppose it's not a pleasant experience. Not an issue I have had to deal with....
24/Mar/07 7:57 AM
Rose - yes I enjoyed it, thank you, but it is still nice to be home. Do you like my young men? They are all in their 50's now, but still good looking, well except for Andy Gibb of course (RIP)

The one I have now is David Cassidy, and the other is John Travolta. I am looking for the Duke boys. Then will probably find another fad to post.
24/Mar/07 7:59 AM
Keith - I see that your avatar is a wombat. Did you know that wombats are like blokes...eats roots and leaves.
24/Mar/07 8:00 AM
Hugh - Groooooooooan!
24/Mar/07 8:01 AM
Morning all. At work, so not much time to post. I'll look in and out during the day.
24/Mar/07 8:05 AM
I think I like work weeks like this, work one day then off for the weekend! I could get use to this. Have a good weekend all!
24/Mar/07 8:05 AM
Cathy from Southern Onterio, glad you liked the joke. My sister sent that one to me, and my hubby liked it when I passed it on to him. Not often I get a joke he has not seen :>)
24/Mar/07 8:06 AM
Ian - my condolences to you and your family. The passing of a loved one it is always a difficult time. Take it easy.
24/Mar/07 8:07 AM
If I picked the right one, this is Mr Funny. Hugh?
24/Mar/07 8:07 AM
And on a brighter note - CG, enjoy the anniversary of your birthday....you old fart!!!!
24/Mar/07 8:09 AM
Hi CP! you're at work too!....Oh well! someone has to keep the sealanes open....
24/Mar/07 8:11 AM
About the mammograms. All men should also do self breast/chest exams, because they do get breast cancer. We also give men mammograms!
24/Mar/07 8:28 AM
Have just read the last page of yesterday's comments. I am so sorry to hear of your MIL's passing Ian. The comfort I suppose is that she lived a long life and hopefully a happy one. Also that she wasn't suffering towards the end, and if she was, then she is now free of that and at peace. It is a More...
24/Mar/07 8:35 AM
Wow LK....I was wondering who the second photo was and you say Andy Gibb. I didn't recognise him. I know he was gorgeous and another young life gone too soon to drugs.

John Travolta was not my cup of tea when he was in 'Welcome Back Kotter'. He caught my attention in 'Grease' and think he More...
24/Mar/07 8:49 AM
Speaking of 'The Partridge Family' I never took to Danny. Danny Bonaduce just didn't do it for me. He played a bit of a smart mouth I thought and having seen some docos of his life recently he actually was a bit that way in real life. I absolutely admire how he has handled his life as an adult. He More...
24/Mar/07 8:55 AM
Sarah from the UK
24/Mar/07 8:59 AM
Good maEn,
pretty blue eyes.
24/Mar/07 9:22 AM
Hey everyone, I think I figured out (with Nancy PAs help) how to put my boy's youtube video on my page. Check it out...(he's the little one)
24/Mar/07 9:25 AM
24/Mar/07 10:06 AM
Hope you have a wonderful birthday Sarah xx
24/Mar/07 10:42 AM
Yeah, Hugh, at work keeping Canberra safe.
24/Mar/07 11:25 AM
My wife, Anne, has asked me to thank all of you who expressed condolences and kind thoughts on the passing of her mother. At least Anne was able to spend her Mum's last month with her in England just before the end and they had some wonderful moments together.
Also, we both thank everyone for More...
24/Mar/07 11:26 AM
LK: Hey, I missed you! No one else here understands me ... boo hoo ... Why do all of the teen heartthrobs that you have pictured seem to be ... um ... kinda like ... sissies?? LOL

Geez, DAVE, your teen heartthrob was a (Flying) NUN??? Kinda kinky, don't you think? :)
24/Mar/07 11:30 AM
2:29 Good morning all.
Ian, So sorry to hear about your MIL.
24/Mar/07 11:31 AM
Ian, my sincere condolences to you and your wife
24/Mar/07 11:39 AM
es lindo este juego
24/Mar/07 11:50 AM
Sarh UK
wishing you a very happy birthday
24/Mar/07 11:58 AM
Happy Birthday Sarah from UK
Have a great day
24/Mar/07 12:15 PM
Ian, I'd like to congradulate you and Anne on your wedding anniversary, and also offer my deepest condolences on the passing of your MIL.
24/Mar/07 12:19 PM
LK, thanks for your response...now if only I could figure out what the best for all is...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.....we in Toronto are expecting excellent weather all weekend long....wooooohooooooo
24/Mar/07 12:21 PM
hmmm - today my son will attend another child's birthday party - a pool party!. Then this evening we journey on down to our local Pizza Hut to allow 12 children (10yo and under) to partake of an 'all you can eat' birthday dinner - 4 of which willl be sleeping at my house this evening.
24/Mar/07 12:29 PM
Ian, condolences on the passing of your MIL. A sad time for you and Anne on what should have been a much happier day.

Hugh, yea, but the little blokes are sure cute, even if they are seen by many as pests.

Billy, thank you so much for the Youtube address for the Segivia piece. I posted a shorter one by him for all to enjoy. He is indisputably the father of modern classical guitar.
24/Mar/07 12:32 PM
Thanks for the mammogram joke Hugh. Best laugh I've had for ages!
24/Mar/07 12:37 PM
Billy, comment for you on my page.
24/Mar/07 12:42 PM
24/Mar/07 1:05 PM
the only reason I was able to help Suz with her youtube is because Angie & Rose helped me!Just passing it along...
Y'all got to check out Suz youtube,we have a Mom of a celebrity here!
24/Mar/07 1:36 PM
Sarah UK !
24/Mar/07 1:40 PM
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