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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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What a lovely old place!! Yes, Hotel or B&B, cos of the sign.
And me here so early in the morning - or late at night!!
Off to the rack now!! see you all on the morrow!
good maeN
3:46 - I think that Eileen took that picture.
Looks like a great porch to sit on and pass the time of day.Always liked houses with wrap around porches-entertainment value and relaxation rolled into one.
Speaking of power in the home, I have a K-Tec Champ 3hp blender. It is without guestion the best blender made. Anything frozen just throw it in. No problem. Has the sound of a Porsche GT exhaust. The resulting drinks are testament to its quality.

Beautiful Victorian looks very similiar to the Star(something) home in Port Townsend WA -- town has many national historic bldgs. Miss all the neat sayings etc. from Deb, where are you??
I reduced the above to fit. And improved the writing. Thanks Ian and beehive.
Hey Ed, we havent heard anything from the Lord and Master about the formatting debate. You didn't answer my question re MSN, you just put in your adr. I think it is telling me you have it but are not online.
Beautiful, my dream house, so where am I moving to?
Good Maen, all!
That house is Angel of the Sea b&b in Cape May, NJ. USA. Go to www.capemay.com, click on bed and breakfast.

Good Friday Maen,

What a great picture of Victorian 'Painted Ladies.'

Our Pacific Northwest weather has finally entered Summer Mode and the forecast is for us to nudge toward 100 degrees by the end of the weekend. LOVE IT!

Time to head to my favorite river beach (Sauvie Island) to fly kites.

Have a great weekend, fellow Sudokurians!

...ora et labora...
just played sudoku for the first time last week and i'm lovin it
Welcome crystal,from the netherlands.
hi jeannette.p thank you
Any-one read latest copy of Readers Digest where they sent reporters out into major cities, dropping a folder,shopping and walking behind someone into a biulding to see if door was held open for them. New York city topped the list for courtesy and Sydney is below Paris and London.One Sydney man said he would sue if his not helping was reported.
Hi. Beehive, I know that Baz never drinks. Susan and I were wondering which one of us had a drink too many but neither of us could remember.
In the desert you can remember you name cause their ain't no one to give you no pain. Not excellent English grammer but a good song---with no meaning.
Baz, just kidding
To:Scooter from New Jersey, thanks for the link. Went on a virtual tour and pretended a vacation there. It was like going back in time.Beautiful little getaway vacation area.Who built all the houses in that area? There were so many B&B's listed.
Kristi, thx for the recipe. But how do you get stuff in there after you screw the lids on tight?!
for carli
no but they had something like that in the netherlands with a bag full of money on the ground and the reporter asked what the person would do with that take it to the police or keep it the most would take it to the police
My puzzle is a candle, but I did this one and the house is neat too. Child on a rock--medium, lake---hard
i like the picture of the little kangaroo
who took the picture of the kangaroo
did anyone watch the soccer games yesterday
Winchester Mystery House?
Good Maen everyone....

Been very busy lately so only have had time to check in on the puzzles. We are in the great Northwest United States in Sequim Washington. We went over to Victoria, British Columbia yesterday and went to a great museum and the BC Legistative state house.
I have only posted a couple of times crystal and I think your the first person who replied to me. Amsterdam was number 20 from 35 cities. 52% of people did the polite thing. New York is 80% Sydney number 23 and 47%,Paris and London 57% number 15.
Hello all!
Another beautiful sunny day here in Michigan! Perfect for a road trip downstate to go to a wedding and baby shower (different ladies). Scooby is even going to drive on the way down! Yay!!
Have a great weekend all!
Have a great weekend Amber. Glad you clarified that they were different ladies. LOL
3:25 without using possibilities
well,its 11.15 pm but me waiting for a call from hubby who promised to give one after check in from the airport..thought shall entertain my sudoku friends in the mean time..
apples and oranges shud never be compared ..now look at this..
Doctor Vs. Mechanic
Morris was removing some engine More...
This house looks too new to be a Victoria. No trees at all.
Looks like a house down the shore.

You have to be a jersian to understand that I guess.
Thanks, Scooter.
hi everyone.
Timer 00:05:59

Is the house in Disneyland or just a Nightmare of a house on Elm Street?

Hi Carli, glad you are here. I think everyone gets caught up in the moment of what they are writing and probably just missed what you said. This is a very nice bunch of plonkers on this site. Actually when you think about a group of people that all like to play a numbers game maybe we are all a group of nerds----for those down under, do you have that word?
I think to understand what is going on in this site you have to back up and read all the previous posts, at least for that day and sometimes the previous day. Just a thought.
4:27 not bad nice pic any one know where it is?
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