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Easy Sudoku for 24/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
24/Jul/16 12:00 AM
24/Jul/16 12:12 AM
Good morning Hal and all that follow
It is time for this little vegemite to hit the sack. G'nite all
24/Jul/16 12:13 AM
Hal and Keith! Nighty night, Bean!
24/Jul/16 1:27 AM
I have been looking on line for a new computer desk....just to see what's available. I feel like Goldilocks. They are either too big or too small. Unlike Goldy, I didn't see one ''that's just right''. I am trying to avoid going out in this hideous heat, so, the ''smaller, but, not too small'' desk search will have to wait for cooler weather before I venture out to the stores.
24/Jul/16 1:37 AM
24/Jul/16 1:48 AM
So close . . .
24/Jul/16 1:49 AM
24/Jul/16 1:49 AM
Kathy, I looked for a desk long ago, couldn't find anything just right. Until I went to Ikea and found a small kitchen table with iron wood frame and glass top. Just right size wise. For drawers I found one 2-drawer cabinet that fit underneath and a two shelf printer stand that also fit underneath. I fit in the middle, well, my legs are comfy in the middle!
24/Jul/16 1:53 AM
24/Jul/16 1:54 AM
& Sunny & h-h-hot!
Stay cool wherever you are!
24/Jul/16 2:15 AM
It's Art Fair week around this area. It's always hot, but this year it's been particularly hot. How hot? ....So hot that if you pick up a glass paperweight or a bronze sculpture, it burns your hands! Nothing like a hot deal! Literally!
24/Jul/16 2:18 AM
Renovation schedule was in a bit in a slow down. This week was spent finishing the wood floors. Instead of 3-4 days, it was 5 days. Now I know why they told us to 'take a vacation' during that time! Only hubby decided WE (?) could handle the smell of oil-based polyurethane. Little did he know!
24/Jul/16 2:24 AM
My desks have always been two file cabinets with whatever size top fits where the desk goes. Same two file cabinets for the past zillion years, and currently a kitchen counter on top.
24/Jul/16 2:27 AM
Well, all my favorite movies are on TV today ! I have a group of books - but just not calling me - so surfing my sites and watching TV - my big adventure today - maybe my first shower in about 3 weeks. !!! Sink hair washing and spit baths are only so relaxing - I can just reach my Right foot - but getting that foot in water may just be up there with chocolate
24/Jul/16 3:17 AM
We are hot but storms have watered my plants - so they are blooming - I can see them when I stand by the window- my little window to the outside.
24/Jul/16 3:20 AM
Pretty yellow flowers. A member of the sunflower family?
24/Jul/16 3:21 AM
Oh, P.U. Shiela! I've got a headache just thinking about the fumes.

Still dry and hot here; having a barbecue with friends tonight, if we don't wilt first. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.
24/Jul/16 3:25 AM
I'm back in time.
24/Jul/16 3:40 AM
So, I'm going for it.
24/Jul/16 3:41 AM
24/Jul/16 3:41 AM
24/Jul/16 3:41 AM
Yippee! Keith got his 22!
All's right with the world!
(Sudoku world, anyway!)
24/Jul/16 3:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! The heat continues here as I'm sure it does elsewhere. Possible rain later but I don't think it will cool things down.
24/Jul/16 4:19 AM
Good morning.
24/Jul/16 4:21 AM
Well done, Keith.
24/Jul/16 4:22 AM
Morning, CG.
24/Jul/16 4:23 AM
And everyone else around.
24/Jul/16 4:24 AM
Wet day here, and cold. Still I prefer that to your heat.
24/Jul/16 4:26 AM
I'll send 20F to you and still be happy! It's 93F (33C) here.
24/Jul/16 4:39 AM
Great idea, Sheila! If only it were that easy!
24/Jul/16 6:29 AM
I would mind donating 20 degrees...anything to help the cause.
24/Jul/16 6:33 AM
Good mAen, good people.
24/Jul/16 6:44 AM
I was going to go to the Ann Arbor Art Festival this year but decided not to go out in this heat.
24/Jul/16 6:45 AM
I'm about to head out to run a half marathon, starting in a little under an hour, and it's currently -1.7° with an apparent temp of -4.1°. Please someone tell me I'm still sane!

1:26 for the Sudoku.
24/Jul/16 6:51 AM
So we're at home running a single room air conditioner. Problem is that this morning the electric in the living room went off. None of the receptacles work and we replaced the circuit breaker.

So Burl is thinking there must be a bad receptacle and they are likely wired in a serial More...
24/Jul/16 6:51 AM
Oh, my, Chris! I hope you don't get too chilled in you feet and that you can handle breathing great lungsful of that frigid air!

Yes, as long as you are sane enough to question running in that weather, you're still sane! The choice is yours. Have fun.

It's only a half marathon, right?
24/Jul/16 6:57 AM
I need to run, too. However my 'running' is not as literal as yours. I need to go shopping for a bridal shower gift.
24/Jul/16 6:59 AM
Yes, it's only a half marathon Plum. My next full Marathon isn't until mid-October in Melbourne.
24/Jul/16 7:04 AM
While I'm here...
24/Jul/16 7:04 AM
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