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Easy Sudoku for 24/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I keep reaching for my coffee cup, but fasting blood test for me this morning, so no cup. It's amazing how much of a habit mornings have become.
24/Sep/13 7:22 AM
24/Sep/13 7:22 AM
Sorry Hal. My only excuse is I'm coffee deprived and can't be held responsible!
24/Sep/13 7:23 AM
You win, Sacky.
This time.
24/Sep/13 7:23 AM
Getting the yuck stuff out of the way in one day - dentist appointment is stop number 2.
24/Sep/13 7:25 AM
Where are my manners? Good morning Hal!
24/Sep/13 7:25 AM
Sounds like a fun day, Sacky.
24/Sep/13 7:26 AM
Hold on to that 'good morning', Sacky. We haven't finished yesterday yet.
24/Sep/13 7:28 AM
Hi HalT & Sacky!!
24/Sep/13 8:10 AM
I've got some info here on those net casting spiders that have been jigsaws while I've been away if anyone wants it!!
It's a you-tube about them narrated by David Attenborough (just click off the ad):
24/Sep/13 8:13 AM
Soggy Sacky and Kate.

And whatever time it is there HalT
24/Sep/13 8:17 AM
Another beautiful day in Paradise.
24/Sep/13 8:18 AM

One for the Aussies. Re:Mr Abbott

I was at the store yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan!
(I often see Elvis on the checkout but he was on a break)

I asked Tarzan how he was going and
if he was making any more movies.

He More...
24/Sep/13 8:24 AM
Let's see. According to my watch the last post was about 3 hours ago. Or about 20 or so hours in my future. Now that I've just about figured out the time difference, the semi-annual change to daylight savings time there and change to standard time here will mean that I will have to start over More...
24/Sep/13 11:27 AM
Good morning one and all!

HalT - I was surprised when I was in China that they only have one time zone, not like here in Oz. It meant I was still in West. Oz time until I reached Siberia as even Mongolia went by the same time zone. We then put our watches forward one hour then later put our watches back as we travelled through Siberia and Russia.
24/Sep/13 11:41 AM
Anne, I have two watches. One, a digital, is the one that always stays on our local time. I only have to change it twice a year.
The other, I call it my travel watch, is easy to change from one time zone to an other.

I love both.
24/Sep/13 11:53 AM
I had a separate watch for travelling so that I didn't wear my good watch, but unfortunately on the last day of my trip the band broke. It was only a cheap watch but it came in handy.
24/Sep/13 12:08 PM
Oh, HalT, you are sooooooooo, so special.
24/Sep/13 12:33 PM
Fortunately, both of my watches are cheap ones. I don't pay a lot of money just to know what time it is.
24/Sep/13 12:34 PM
Hi all. Long time since I visited the page. So nice to see my old friends here and others I don't yet know. Mostly I chat on the fb page these days.
24/Sep/13 12:36 PM
I don't-can't wear a watch. Most of the time I really don't care what time it is.
24/Sep/13 2:05 PM
Hi Dino. Hope life is treating you well. Nice to see you here.
24/Sep/13 2:06 PM
It is almost bedtime, really tired tonight for some reason,
24/Sep/13 2:07 PM
Good night people of the world.
24/Sep/13 2:22 PM

And what about your Mickey Mouse watch, Hal? Don't forget that one.
24/Sep/13 2:53 PM

Yeah and we always knew you were cheap.
24/Sep/13 2:54 PM
24/Sep/13 3:37 PM
Have survived three-quarters of my day.
24/Sep/13 3:38 PM
Waiting for my last patient.
24/Sep/13 3:38 PM
Disadvantage to working civilised hours with time for lunch breaks etc.
24/Sep/13 3:39 PM
Wandered over to the main block at lunchtime. Had to visit the loo. Only carrying wallet, so placed it on top of cistern in preference to on floor. Forgot it. Remembered a while later. Retraced ste3ps asked about it at every place I could. No Luck. Gor back to office and got a call from main More...
24/Sep/13 3:45 PM
Not much point saying anything else............3.35pm,last post...
7.25pm Aussie time now....
24/Sep/13 7:25 PM

Some days go by slowly and others way too quickly...todays was one of the later. Out to weekly lunch with a girl friend then hubby and I went out to dinner compliments of younger son for my birthday last month. Great times at both meals, now its time to look at all the walking I need to do to walk it all off!!
24/Sep/13 10:08 PM
CP - so sorry about your stolen cash. But try to look on the bright side - it could have been worse. If your wallet hadn't been found in the trash you might have had to deal with charges on your credit cards and/or replacing them, getting a new driver's license, losing family photos, etc.
24/Sep/13 11:19 PM
Lizzy - two meals out in one day! Lucky you! Did you see my reply to your Personal Message?

The rain is pouring down here in Valrico, & it's expected to continue all day & into tomorrow. My morning tennis match was cancelled & tomorrow's league match might be, too.
24/Sep/13 11:23 PM
24/Sep/13 11:59 PM
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