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Easy Sudoku for 25/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Love your exercise Jane!

Merry Christmas one and all!
25/Dec/07 2:41 AM
Good Mean everyone!

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone here in Sudokuland a very Merry Christmas filled with joy, happiness and special time with the ones you love.
25/Dec/07 2:44 AM
Happy Birthday Chistina
25/Dec/07 2:46 AM
Good morning to all!

Christmas is slowly making its way around the world from the Asia-Pacific region on. I want to wish all who celebrate this day a very Merry Christmas! Cheers, and don't get Santa partying anywhere until he/she is finished all the rounds!
25/Dec/07 2:46 AM
Merry Christmas everyone! Clare and I are looking for Santa. We expect him later tonight, but we thought our Aussie friends might be able to give a report on his travels. Any information would be much apreciated!!!!
25/Dec/07 2:50 AM
Well Jill it is 3am and Santa has been to Melbourne. Just about to get rid of the cookies and milk that he did not finish. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.
25/Dec/07 3:07 AM
Merry Christmas to all Down Under. I broke 2 minutes doing the sudoku - 1:55. Not sure the photo is all that Christmasy though!
25/Dec/07 3:21 AM
Thanks for the update Caza! Clare and I are working on cookies for santa right now. Have a good sleep and
25/Dec/07 3:21 AM
Thanks to Jane, I have had my exercise for the day and feel great! Hard to type while holding the chocolate though.

Merry Christmas, Sudokuland
25/Dec/07 3:31 AM
A Special Merry Christmas to CG - for all the work he does on entertaining us with his You Tube offerings. He manages to bring back fond memories and the crazy times. Thank you & of course
25/Dec/07 3:37 AM

Here is one of the greatest YouTube Christmas videos I have ever seen!


25/Dec/07 3:57 AM
2:24 Merry Christmas
25/Dec/07 3:58 AM
Special Christmas wishes for Gath who has made all this possible!!! Thank you for all you do for us!!!
25/Dec/07 4:12 AM
25/Dec/07 4:19 AM
Oh Jamie, take care of your car matter! No telling when you'll need to go anywhere! Take care of yourself and your family!
25/Dec/07 4:26 AM
25/Dec/07 4:33 AM
CUTE Glenn....real CUTE
25/Dec/07 4:35 AM
shosho - I can't do anything until the offices open on Wednesday. We DO have other cars (three), so I CAN go somewhere if I need to. I just want an excuse to not get out. And, of course, I have been driving it for almost a month with expired license plates!
25/Dec/07 4:40 AM
Jamie, if you can't get your plates renewed in a timely manner, I think there will be a sleigh that might be available tomorrow. Perhaps you could borrow it to get around. Is Gus in good enough shape to pull?
25/Dec/07 4:42 AM
Glenn, a great YouTube presentation.

25/Dec/07 4:46 AM
Eve, thank you, but I believe everyone on the site, yourself included, goes out of their way to entertain everyone else. We all do a fantastic job, and that why this site is so much fun! Cheers!
25/Dec/07 4:52 AM
Kathy - good thought, but only if it can have some wheels added under the runners. We don't exactly have sleigh-type weather down here. It IS cool, but that is it.
Gus said he is willing if needed.
I agree, CG, this site is a wonderful place, even when it isn't a special time of the More...
25/Dec/07 4:59 AM
Hi Greg Merry Christmas. All is now dark and cold and frosty here. 5 hours to go. Too late now for the parcel post. Oh well looks like we will have to have our Christmas a bit late this year. Apparently there are thousands of people whose parcels have not arrived. I feel for those with children - More...
25/Dec/07 5:01 AM
It has finally arrived!
A very Merry Christmas to all the friends I have made through this wonderful site. Thank you Gath.
25/Dec/07 5:22 AM
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
25/Dec/07 5:27 AM
3:01. Merry Chritsmas to all of you on that side of the world. We are getting a fresh dusting of snow right now so we should have a pretty white Christmas tomorrow.
25/Dec/07 5:36 AM
Yes CG:
Christmas moves round the globe as the earth rotates - so it lasts 2 days for cyber-fans. Great! - if the boss would double the holiday!
25/Dec/07 5:36 AM
25/Dec/07 5:37 AM
I feel the same about this site.
It is full of good people.
25/Dec/07 5:37 AM
25/Dec/07 5:46 AM
Christina,May you have a very special birthday.
25/Dec/07 6:16 AM
25/Dec/07 6:18 AM
Merry Christmas to all!
25/Dec/07 6:33 AM
Jamie, a month? You are one lucky guy not to be pulled over!
To all my sudoku friends may you share the luck Jamie has had! And I agree with Rayray and CG and Ian, a lot of decent people with kindness and humour on this site!
25/Dec/07 6:45 AM
Everyone, have a safe Holiday season.
25/Dec/07 6:45 AM
Our snow is melting, yea. Will be heading to Texas on the 26th. Our daughter has to work tomorrow, she is a paramedic. Wish accidents & sickness whould take a holiday but since they don't someone has to work. More...
25/Dec/07 6:50 AM
Good maeN!
And merry Christmas to everybody!
I've started to send greetings on personal pages, but my connection got cut off again. So, I wish everybody wonderful holidays filled with love and joy.

And thank you everybody, who sent me greetings on my More...
25/Dec/07 6:54 AM
There is some sorrow in this festive season. We all lost a great person and entertainer today, the Canadian jazz pianist and trumpet player Oscar Peterson. Rest in peace.
25/Dec/07 7:20 AM
Merry Christmas everybody.
25/Dec/07 7:22 AM
Rayray...that's the problem with retirement....no weekends and no holidays off...poor me....
25/Dec/07 7:32 AM
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