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Easy Sudoku for 25/March/2015


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to Page Two!
25/Mar/15 5:35 AM
Anyway, instructor mentioned to me about ensuring she does hand-over-hand turns. Said normally a student driver picks up non-HOH turns from a parent. I replied, 'That would be both of us - we both drive manual transmissions and are usually shifting with one hand. She has no choice but to learn on a manual.' An 'a-ha' moment for the instructor.
25/Mar/15 5:40 AM
Last night while driving, she tried as often as possible to do HOH, and concluded it can't be done all the time. Bingo.
25/Mar/15 5:40 AM
Not with a manual, anyway. (I'm personally a more relaxed-handed driver. Even the instructor told her 'Do the proper HOH for the test, afterwards, do what's comfortable.')
25/Mar/15 5:49 AM
25/Mar/15 6:24 AM
25/Mar/15 6:57 AM
Lovely sunrise shot. I frequently see sunrises, since I usually can't fall asleep until after the sun comes up. It's not easy being a night owl on a farm.
25/Mar/15 8:10 AM
Whenever I see photos of the Grand Canyon I think of the first early settlers who would have spent months trekking westward with their horses and wagons. Whilst they would probably have been impressed by the sight of the Grand Canyon, I don't think they would have been very happy about the thought of trying to get to the other side.
25/Mar/15 9:48 AM
D or A, I love rules and regulations, but do have a tendency to get around them, legally. Sort of.
25/Mar/15 9:50 AM
Silvergal, since you have been sharing the thrill of learning how to drive, which I personally enjoy your stories. I have been watching my own driving, since I have a child, who is asking to leave the 4-wheelers and drive a truck... not the car. Now, I am told Grandma's house is like Vegas, but I More...
25/Mar/15 9:55 AM
But I have noticed that I am a one handed driver and if my right hand is free, it rests on the gear shift, which is in the middle. I also noticed that when I drive two handed, I push on the steering wheel to straighten out my back.
When the girls are with me, lately, I have started pointing out More...
25/Mar/15 10:01 AM
25/Mar/15 10:52 AM
I learned to drive on both manual and automatic transmission by my dad. I was very hesitant about the manual until the couple of weeks my dad was sent by the government to learn about computer programming back in the 60's. My mom couldn't figure out the manual and the car with the automatic transmission was in the garage. I learned to be a confident driver with the manual and on the freeways!
25/Mar/15 10:55 AM
Well, my arm was twisted until I 'volunteered' to teach a class for parents to help their children. ARGH! Today I learned that my classes are very popular. ARGH! ARGH! Anyway I can back out of this?
25/Mar/15 10:58 AM
Oh, my dear friend, if you would stop hanging outside their doors and tackling them when they are in the hall, will would not be finding all these projects for you to do.

Have you ever tried BINGO?
25/Mar/15 11:19 AM
Well, the first time in a very long time, I get to semi-watch a NCIS show. And the very first scene, is one of my many fears, someone coming in through the garage.
One of the reasons I had to stop watching Criminal Minds, is because it hit too close to home a few times, now NCIS. I am going to be reduced to watching fairy tales, which are no where close to my reality.
25/Mar/15 11:23 AM
25/Mar/15 12:45 PM
Good night all.
25/Mar/15 1:34 PM
So ends another slow day in SudokuLand.
25/Mar/15 11:57 PM
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