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Easy Sudoku for 25/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just about the end, or maybe beginning, of another day.
25/May/17 12:00 AM
25/May/17 12:01 AM
Another busy day, HalT.
25/May/17 12:06 AM
25/May/17 12:20 AM
25/May/17 12:46 AM
Well, looks like it's just me and the guys!
25/May/17 1:35 AM
Sun comes & goes today.
Hope yours is mostly sun!
25/May/17 1:36 AM
(Here it is, Shosho!)
25/May/17 1:36 AM
All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.
25/May/17 1:44 AM
But, D or A... I'm always on the low end!
25/May/17 1:55 AM
25/May/17 2:17 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
25/May/17 2:18 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
25/May/17 2:19 AM
G'day folks - that's a happy Buddha!
25/May/17 2:20 AM
Good Morning, Buddha looks like he's ready to party, Get down and get up again
25/May/17 3:07 AM
Yes, Rage, and it's understandable why Leia likes & wants to photograph Grandma's house.
25/May/17 4:16 AM
Good morning.
25/May/17 4:34 AM
The heater just came on during the sleep cycle,so it must be cold outside.
25/May/17 4:37 AM
And the house must be feeling cold.
25/May/17 4:38 AM
Fun photo,Leia! Grandma's house is always an interesting place to go.
25/May/17 4:44 AM
Yep, current temperature is 0*C, according to weather bureau site.
25/May/17 4:44 AM
25/May/17 4:45 AM
Back to bed for me!
25/May/17 4:45 AM
1:55, a bit on the slow side today. Good morning everyone.
25/May/17 4:48 AM
A young photographer.
25/May/17 4:48 AM
I haven't timed myself in forever. I did today. Now I know why I stopped.
25/May/17 4:49 AM

Running around to different appointments today. I tend to ''cluster'' them so I can get them out of the way all at one time.
Doc put me on a cholesterol med for the first time. I've heard that it can cause some side effects, so I'm not thrilled. He did say, if I experience any at all, I could just stop. We shall see.
25/May/17 6:15 AM
I don't time myself, either, Serena. I can't stand the pressure.
25/May/17 6:16 AM
The last time the little ones were here, I picked up my phone to show a photo to someone....I had pics of the carpet, the leg of the chair, a foot, the cat's tail, etc. on there. It seems someone had tried their hand at photography.
25/May/17 6:20 AM
Morning all, great photo Leia.
So which photo did you get framed, Kathy. 😂😂
25/May/17 6:55 AM
Good mAen, good people. Got myself and Skye signed up to go to camp this summer. I won't be as mobile a chaperone as the camp is used to, but they can make accommodations... I hope!
25/May/17 7:03 AM
My knee has gotten a lot better but it's not healed yet. Still need the brace and/or crutches. I'm able to better flex and extend the joint, so that's good. There is a slight click which may be bad or may go away as I strengthen the joint.
25/May/17 7:07 AM
I've been getting so much less done on a daily basis since I hurt my knee, and what I do takes more time and tires me out more than the level of accomplishment seems to warrant. I have to keep reminding myself that healing takes time and a certain amount of dedication from me to do what's best in More...
25/May/17 7:14 AM
Wombat is kind to put up with my efforts to entertain myself by extending the difficulty and length of his poozles.
25/May/17 7:21 AM
A co and then I must plug this tablet into a charger. I am at 1% !
25/May/17 7:21 AM
*I meant a cp. Autocorrect doesn't speak Sudokulandese.
25/May/17 7:23 AM
Happy Wednesday last day of staycation. Back to the salt mines tomorrow afternoon
25/May/17 8:50 AM
I don't time either, for pretty much the same reason.
25/May/17 10:23 AM
How close are we?
25/May/17 10:24 AM
25/May/17 10:24 AM
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