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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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hey Carol, what's Horseshoes?
LOZA - you were right about France qualifying for the next round of the World Cup, but believe me, my life hasn't changed in any way!! But will have to watch the next match probably - against Spain - to pretend I'm feeling a bit of patriotism for my adopted country!!
I'm not sure if I'm interested. Boy if that's not a cop out. Okay, let me tell you what I am looking for in a partner.

Honesty. To me that means telling the truth, before you are asked. In a relationship, people must be open about their feelings, needs, and desires.

Intelligence. More...
Almost forgot, I prefer cats to dogs, I'm a real good cook, and very handy around the house.
I had to put the adoption on hold until my divorce was finalized. Now I'm just waiting for the deed to my home to be registered so I can get a loan for the adoption.
Fiona, it can be hard, adopting a country I reckon, but if all the people round you are crazily in support, it's easy then to go along with the tide. But France hasn't been doing so well in the football recently - rebuilding phase? - so I expect the locals are being a bit hard on them. Is there a buzz that the team is doing well, or are the locals being negative about them?
At least France and Australia are unlikely to meet - unless it's in the Final! and I don;t think Scotland and France had to play off against each other in your preliminaries, did they fiona?
having said that, the Croats here, and probably the Italians this week, can have it both ways - whoever wins, it's a win-win thing.
kim I presume to get an answer to the census thing you have to posit that the other children are twins, but I see no reason why that HAS to be, so I see too many possible answers!
Loza, horseshoes is a game where you try to toss a 'horseshoe' around a peg staked in the ground 40 feet away for men and 30 feet for women. The horseshoes are not the same as one uses on a horse. They are larger and weigh 2 to 2&1/2lbs.
A ringer scores 3 points and a shoe that lands within 6' More...
hey Carol, thanks - that sounds fun but 30 / 40 feet is a long way! We have a holiday game of quoits trying to get a rope ring on a peg and it's darn near impossible - at only 10 or 12 feet, let alone 30 or 40!
Will many other countries come to the World Champs?
Loza, It's not that hard really. Think of bowling. You use the swing and momentum of the shoe to get it to its destination. You don't take steps like bowling. You swing the shoe up in front, let her come down and back like a pendulum, take a big step as your arm swings to the front again, keep your More...
Oh, forgot to say...
I don't really know how many countries are represented in the World Tournament. I do know there are many pitchers from Canada. I will find that out, though.
I get it Carol - and about the people too, that makes such a difference. I feel that about my sport too (orienteering) and about my job.
Have a great time in Wyoming!
must be morning by now surely Gath?
Maen all ...
I reckon Gath has been watching too much soccer and his inner clock is out of kilter. What do you think guys?
12.09 but I gotta go to bed now.
night all.
09/Jul/11 5:17 AM
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