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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Wish I could remember who all of you are that are posting comments about memory, but I'll look you all up in my memory book, so don't worry.
A different type of quiz from those posted yesterday (if I remeber correctly) for you.

How many do you remember? Start counting:
01. Candy More...
25/Jul/07 7:10 AM

Whoa - what a view


We neverr forget our friends - even from our childhood!

In memory of Corporal Scherer check out this web site: http://www.iwo.com/heroes.htm
25/Jul/07 7:11 AM
Sorry Eve!
25/Jul/07 7:12 AM
Hi CG - of course we can remember songs from our childhood - and family - got some coming - so have a nice time here. Have you gone on the Safari yet? There are some bumpy roads due to construction.
25/Jul/07 7:14 AM
Bummer, Greg ... I remembered every one.
25/Jul/07 7:18 AM
Eve: I did a quick run-through of the Safari, but I will return and post some comments on the photos (or can you do that in the photo gallery). I would suggest thay if you haven't already done so, you offer up this location to Angie for her daughter's project. And for all others, go see the photos on Eve's page. Spectacular shots!
25/Jul/07 7:23 AM
Well Keith, get down and get dirty!
25/Jul/07 7:24 AM
I feel bad for all the families and friends of soldiers that have suffered loss because of the war, and my gratitude goes out to the soldiers for their efforts defending our country. That said, I still believe the war was a mistake and we should find a reasonable exit as soon as possible.
25/Jul/07 7:24 AM
Oh, and Linda. I'll take dirty ones anytime. They all add up! Maybe I can get enough US dollars to afford a bottle of your wine!
25/Jul/07 7:26 AM
Well said Keith. The same goes for our Canadian youth that are ''over there' shedding blood. Mamacita said it best in her post.
25/Jul/07 7:28 AM
Howdy!! This guy was my fav when I was little.
25/Jul/07 7:29 AM
CG - And how many did you remember?
25/Jul/07 7:32 AM
I'd have to say that I'm dirty too Jane.
25/Jul/07 7:38 AM
CG - Sadly,I remember them all. And I still remember the first two phone numbers our family had: 252-M and 67-W. I grew up in a small town in Illinois (Crystal Lake), which didn't have dial service in the late 40s and early 50s, so when we made a phone call, we lifted the receiver and waited for the operator to say 'number, please'.
25/Jul/07 7:41 AM
Keith: What about Buffalo Bob, and the beautiful princess Summerfall Winterspring, and the magical Flub-a-Dub? Whoops. Showing my age I guess.
25/Jul/07 7:42 AM
Keith & Greg - I was one away from being
25/Jul/07 7:43 AM
everyone from Rexburg Idaho. Our has had a breakdown and we are staying at a friend's house while they go off on a cruise. Haven't been on as our wireless connection has been so slow and unreliable. I am trying to catch up.
25/Jul/07 7:45 AM
Eve, I just answered your message that appeared in an inbox when I logged on. How do I send a message to someone elses Inbox?? I looked around my page but could not find a reference.
25/Jul/07 7:47 AM
Hi , just go to their page, and in the upper right hand corner it will say you can send them a message.
25/Jul/07 7:49 AM
Linda, from Minn. It was great meeting you. Rob will be home from Yellowstone soon. Talked to her and she was having a great time. Bought herself a hat and some boots.
25/Jul/07 7:53 AM
I also remember when ice cream cones were 5¢ for a single dip and 10¢ for double dip and Cokes at the drug store were a nickel for the small glass and a dime for the biggie. Candy bars were also a nickel, and when my brother, sister and I went to the Saturday matinee (14¢, later 25¢ when they More...
25/Jul/07 7:55 AM
Hey, thanks Linda. Maybe I can market dirty US dollars to everyone on the site. I am thinking of this message to all members: ''Okay people, send me five (CLEAN) Canadian dollars and I'll send you three dirty US dollars (who cares about the exchange rate?). I will include a free dried Canadian maple leaf with each mailing.''
25/Jul/07 7:55 AM
Run with it Greg!
25/Jul/07 7:58 AM
CG - What, no beavertails?
25/Jul/07 7:58 AM
I'd have to ask for a two dollar (US) throw in for a beavertail Jane. They are gourmet food after all!
25/Jul/07 8:03 AM
Thanks Linda. If I had looked around a little more, I may have seen it. My wife accuses me of being blind sometimes.
25/Jul/07 8:04 AM
Well I thought I was one of the oldest on site, and older than dirt already...but I only remember, 23 out of 25....Keith, CG, Linda....have you been fudging on the age issue? Whisper in my ear...I wont tell anyone.....yeah right....LOL! ...Uhhhh CG...No Thanks...I do care about the exchange rate.....most of the time!!!!
25/Jul/07 8:05 AM
Oh, CG. you got me. Do I feel old at remembering 18 of those items. Yikees! I remember the Mickey Mouse show and the song they ended the program.
In Japan they wash and iron the money for the atm machines. Not that they in to hygienes but that the money was easier on the machines.
25/Jul/07 8:06 AM
CG, funny, funny. We had a party line...I still listen to make sure the line is ''open'' before I dial. I still remember my Aunt's telephone number by picturing my Mom at the phone, asking the operator to connect her (remember that?) to COngress.-.... Our ice cube trays were the aluminum kind More...
25/Jul/07 8:10 AM
Mama, I'm really curious about the two you didn't remember. Which were they? Maybe they were regional. I don't mind saying that on Sept. 17th I'll be 62.
25/Jul/07 8:29 AM

The Washington Post recently published the winning
submissions to its yearly contest in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.

And the winners are:

1. Coffee, n.
The person upon whom one coughs.

2. Flabbergasted , adj.
Appalled by More...
25/Jul/07 8:29 AM
Keith - Surely you won't expect Mamacita to reveal her age, do you?
25/Jul/07 8:41 AM

I am rapt ... only remember 9 of those .... and I accept I am getting old. I have earned that stage of my life.
25/Jul/07 8:49 AM
2.12 Max is rather cute

doesnt sound like you have rested overnight
25/Jul/07 8:53 AM
Rosemary: You're excused, as a lot of these were North American things. Doesn't alter the fact that you've joined the half-century club though (with your feathery friends). You have some catching-up to do for many of us on the site. Mind you, it's always nice to have young blood, young thoughts and special people around to bring us oldsters back to reality. Cheers!
25/Jul/07 9:01 AM
older than dirt?! I'm only 41! I remember about 20 of them, more or less a few of which I just heard tell (or that were commonly in books I read as a kid).
25/Jul/07 9:07 AM
CG I am only 26 and I remember 9 of those listed, have not heard of a few though..... I am getting old then...

Mum, If I can remember nine as well....hmmmmm
25/Jul/07 9:18 AM
taylah was on the parents page yesterday so I went back to show her..... her comment 'how embarassing' I think my little girl is growing up....
25/Jul/07 9:21 AM
R.I.P Corporal Christopher Scherer. My heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with the loss of a son and brother.
A young Townsville (nearest city) man was killed in Baghdad last week. He was a contractor there and bombed on his way to the airport to return home for good.
25/Jul/07 9:23 AM

oh no wonder so many were not recognisable.

I think the age range on here is fantastic and we learn so much by sharing with the different generations.
Age is only a number, how old you feel is up to you.
25/Jul/07 9:23 AM
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