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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Humdinger, n. The sound a grandfather's clock makes before striking.

...And here's today's factoid:
In Germany, a hippie is known as a ''Schicki Micki''.
25/Jul/12 12:00 AM
There was some talk yesterday of Route 66. Here's a Youtube about it (8:45 long).
25/Jul/12 12:02 AM
Maybe I'll need ... it's supposed to be partly sunny.
Would be nice if the 'other part' was RAIN!
25/Jul/12 12:09 AM
It is Anne's son heading for Route 66. Hope he enjoys it. Lynne and I would like to explore what's left of it ourselves.

Pippin ... great dog name. Sweet face.
25/Jul/12 12:10 AM
Maen all!
25/Jul/12 12:16 AM
Good Maen all!
Colo Jim just beat me to it!
25/Jul/12 12:24 AM
1 - 9 love it that way!
Pippin - what a sweetie!
25/Jul/12 12:26 AM
Yes, 1-9 in order is really easy! Cute dog.
25/Jul/12 12:40 AM
Good Morning. Had a look at the puzzles so might now go back to bed.
25/Jul/12 12:50 AM
Back from the dentist... Good for another 6 months.
25/Jul/12 12:54 AM
Have had my shoulder massaged with Arnica Gel and Clove Oil. Don't think I should go out in company for a while
25/Jul/12 12:56 AM
Hello everybody. We appear to be having a nice day today. Overcast and not too hot for a change. Unfortunately, the bursitis is still acting up.
25/Jul/12 12:59 AM
Good to hear that, HalT. I think I'm going to need another root canal in the near future. I envy you.
25/Jul/12 1:01 AM
Pippin looks like he has quite the personality.
25/Jul/12 1:06 AM
Good Morning people of the world.
25/Jul/12 1:10 AM
Doggie picture today took straight 1 to 9
25/Jul/12 1:11 AM
National Tequila Day
Cousin's Day
Amelia Earhart Day
25/Jul/12 1:11 AM
Thank-you so many people for your nice comments about my garden.
Reminds me that there is watering to be done.
The weather has suddenly switched from months of cold heavy rain to baking hot sunshine.
25/Jul/12 1:13 AM
In all the packing I have done for the last two months, the girls have gone in shock, because I took down pictures. For each girl, I have had to answer the same question, 3 times each for each picture, that was in the living room. There were 4 pictures and one mirror in that room. One mirror is too heavy for lifting off the wall.
25/Jul/12 1:14 AM
Getting more excited every day
25/Jul/12 1:17 AM
12 weeks to go
25/Jul/12 1:17 AM
I have learned, I do not like wrapping round items. Wrapping square pictures and mirrors are so much easier. Todays plan is to finish wrapping pictures. Which I will need the bed, because, for some reason, I have huge pictures. I could use the floor, but it is so far down and Thing II is using it.
25/Jul/12 1:17 AM
How many sleeps is that?
25/Jul/12 1:18 AM
Oops, did I do that?
25/Jul/12 1:18 AM
11 weeks on Thursday I fly from London to Singapore
25/Jul/12 1:19 AM
So only 10 weeks till I leave here - it seems a long time now but it will pass before I know it.
25/Jul/12 1:21 AM
Can it count as an almost cp if Karen pops up in the middle a couple of times
25/Jul/12 1:21 AM
10 weeks, does go by fast, GannieMo. You do sound a little excited, that is a good feeling.
25/Jul/12 1:23 AM
Sorry, I am procrastinating and this is where I come to do that.
25/Jul/12 1:24 AM
Rayray, I did enjoy your plant. Inspires me to plant something, if we ever get moved.
25/Jul/12 1:26 AM
Thought CP, might have gone back to work or on another trip, but it turned out she was having body work done.
Happy to hear you are in the recovery part and hope you start moving again.
25/Jul/12 1:27 AM
Wonder if Jerry's crew ever showed up?
25/Jul/12 1:28 AM
Might as well take his number, then move on.
25/Jul/12 1:28 AM
Hi all. I must see if CP would like a little treat to aid her recovery.
25/Jul/12 1:31 AM
Happy Tuesday!
25/Jul/12 2:11 AM
25/Jul/12 2:13 AM
Hello good people around the world....Have a great day/night. Peace.
Feel better soon C.P.
25/Jul/12 2:13 AM
Need some explaining.
I have been cleaning out and rearranging the standup freezer. You know a cold appliance. Why am I sweating?
25/Jul/12 2:39 AM
What a treat, to have such a sweet face looking at you, when you complete the puzzle. Way to go Pippin.
25/Jul/12 2:40 AM
Seems, I have not cleaned out or rearranged that appliance since before Thing II was born. I am sure, I at least rearranged that appliance at least once, since then, but with what I found, guess not.
25/Jul/12 2:41 AM
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