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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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all - another beautiful day. Looking forward to tonight's concert at Britt:


This U-tube is beauifully choreographed with paintings of Winslow Homer, Claude Monet, Renoir, Sargent, and Van Gogh & Judy's spectacular voice - to a song so fitting to many of us. Hope you enjoy it.
25/Aug/08 12:00 AM
Good everyone. Cloudy, hot and humid in Miami - otherwise a beautiful day....
25/Aug/08 12:02 AM
Good morning from Sydney. Good to be home again.
25/Aug/08 12:03 AM
Maen all!
25/Aug/08 12:04 AM
Welcome back June! Jet lagged?
25/Aug/08 12:04 AM
Good Maen, Eve, Nal, June & Kate! Hope you're all having a good day/evening!

I'll be biking to the beach shortly to assess the storm damage. I've heard the erosion has been dreadful.
25/Aug/08 12:08 AM
There is a famous Blue Bird Cafe in Utah. If I remember correctly in Ogden.
25/Aug/08 12:09 AM
Time to get ready for Church. Will only be home a couple of hours today between Church & Britt & company coming tomorrow.

25/Aug/08 12:10 AM
Eve, thanks for pointing out the video. I took the time to view it -- very pretty. I'm off to church, too.
25/Aug/08 12:12 AM
2:36 Good evening all. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
25/Aug/08 12:13 AM
Fun puzzle today.
25/Aug/08 12:19 AM
Now if I can just double it.
25/Aug/08 12:20 AM
Hmmm. I see a rival....
25/Aug/08 12:23 AM
25/Aug/08 12:30 AM
on your marks
get set
25/Aug/08 12:36 AM
Good morning everyone!
I have got to get to bed earlier if I am to make the 5 AM rise and shine call!!!
25/Aug/08 12:37 AM
25/Aug/08 12:37 AM
Tip toe thru the tulips
25/Aug/08 12:38 AM
Ahhhh, the race is on!
25/Aug/08 12:38 AM
Wait a minute, Rola, even with my sleepy head, isn't the flag suppose to be waved after the "On your mark. . . ?"
25/Aug/08 12:38 AM
pant, pant,
25/Aug/08 12:38 AM
After the time change, shosho, 5 am will be changeover here.
25/Aug/08 12:38 AM
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
good question Shosho
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
It is going to be a matter of LUCK today, not skill I do believe.
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world. We had thunderstorms last night and woke up to heavy fog this morning. The sun is trying to come out now. Maybe it will be a nice day......
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
A race? A race? Where? Ok Am I headed the right direction?
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM

Keith won
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
Oh, the glory.
25/Aug/08 12:39 AM
...always the bridesmaid... I bow to your superior skill and cunning Keith!
25/Aug/08 12:40 AM
Keith, lets not talk time change just yet! I was sad to notice that it is now dark at 8 pm,
25/Aug/08 12:40 AM
Before I get some shuteye, does anyone wonder what first timers must think of us? 'night all...sigh
25/Aug/08 12:41 AM
Hey, Keith, you made it!
25/Aug/08 12:42 AM
goodnight from me as well

25/Aug/08 12:42 AM
Susan, they must be thinking what a fun bunch we are. Even the smallest thing will set us off into the realm of insanity!
25/Aug/08 12:43 AM
Tropical Storm Fay brought us rain all day yesterday and over night. today we are between the bands of circulating rainfall, and it is not raining at the moment. YEAH, but I know more is to come. this fickle FAY is supposed to turn back north east tomorrow and come at us again! I do think she has More...
25/Aug/08 12:44 AM
Nighty night my Ausssie friends!
25/Aug/08 12:44 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Mariana!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
25/Aug/08 12:45 AM
Wait a minute, didn't we celebrate your birthday earlier this year? Better tell Gath about it!
25/Aug/08 12:46 AM
You know, the more smilies you have the more fun you have searching for the one you want to use? Oh my aching head to sleepy to operate correctly and accurately!
25/Aug/08 12:48 AM
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