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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Have another drink. LOL
I'm just going to check the chatroom - brb
Hi everyone, 5.42 slow brained today!!!!
No - Gath's not going to let us have it back until Rosemary's gone to bed.
Australia comprises a land area of about 7,692,030 square kilometres. A land mass that is almost as great as that of the United States of America (excluding Alaska), about 50% greater than Europe (excluding the former USSR) and 32 times greater than the United Kingdom. We will meet on Coroker Downs Nudist Beach, South Australia.
2.52 Hi all. Finally back after having my harddrive wiped after a nasty virus. It's good to be back.
It's so dark on this beach. I think I've gone too far. Hope I find my way back to you Col and any others. I have to say I have seen a few sights but not sure in this dim light just what or who they are?
well I am going to bed so you can salvage the chatroom will see you all later
thank you for a fun night of frivolity
O.K. Jaz as officially the only person in Australia to know all the words to the natinal anthem you will have to lead the singing... hope you have a nice voice
Good night Rose
Hello. Back from my vacation.
Enjoyed a lots of sunset like today pic.
goodnight jaz wherever you are
col, fiona, paul, deb, maggie and of course Bo Derek
and also anyone else who has arrived on site this morning
Will just take a nap under this tree and in the morning light will try to find my way back to the party....ho hum...nite all...
Be careful, I have erected some tents to provide some shade for people who feel that the exposure is too great (sun exposure that is) at certain times of the day. We also have a large supply of zinc cream to be used on the more ummmmmmm sensitive areas of the body should people elect to only wear a mask
Rose, try yahoo
Goodnight - see you at the party.
3:18 - A P.B.! This day keeps getting better! Happy Republic Day to all Indians! Bo - do be careful, black eyes are not very becoming!
4:53 Staying under 5 with no help still feels good. I am learning so much from all of you. Did not know it was Australia Day, but have a great one.
Do you have a yahoo address Rose
I do hope we're going to see you at the party !
I am off to bed now - I will see you all at the party - but will you see me ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?
OK Maggie but I am still out here, I just hope you can hear me. I am working on providing the information that want but so far nothing will make them happy. I might have to get creative soon.
My time was 3:35. Pic is sunrise/sunset at the edge of the water, with some sort of fishing craft in nearshore water.
Happy Australia Day to ALL of you down under!
Thank you Jaz for the words to the National Anthem- with me thinking for the first few lines what a great poet *you* are! We More...
Time was 4 and change; had to check for errors! Best wishes to folks down under for Australia Day!
I'm new, but was proud of 4:14 today. I'm usually over 7. I love the Australian national Anthem! Nice words...
ok not to bad
Sounds like the Nudist Beach Jim from Jupiter did you see Bo sleeping on the sand? Didnt you know I wrote it Jim, me and Little Johnnie Howard. (we're mates) xx
Happy Australia Day ! To Sweta Happy Republic day and congratulations for the MAEN !
Nice to know that we share - besides our love for the game , our own words too! :)
Just popped in before bed. Jaz, stop drinking martian juice and go to bed. You're obviously very very tired.
Slow today, 3:28.
To everyone in Austrailia, enjoy your special day.
Now I know what the word means.....
good maen everyone.

Foggy and then rain here. (more :-( rain )
Though for the day (from a fortune cookie): Today will be yesterday tomorrow.

Good reason not to procrastinate!
We're expecting temperatures of somewhere between 40 and 45 degrees celsius today. This is NOT good news for the State that I live in as we are currently being devastated by bushfires. (could someone please translate those temperatures in to farenheit for me )
Goodnight. Jaz - go to bed !

republic day greetings to all the Indians on line
They dont have beds up here, Has Gath been in yet?
40 - 45 celsius = 104 - 113 fahrenheit. Boy, that's hot.
and greetings for all the aussies too for their special day.
Wow - there sure is a lot of chatter already for it still being early! Happy Aussie Day to you in the 'Land Down Under'
Sam Stosur (and Lisa Raymond!) did it for Australia on Australia day. They won their doubles game 6-2, 6-4.
Happy Australia Day to all the aussies. Have a jol.
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