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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Happy Australia Day all. This is a great site and I look forward to hanging out here off and on. Party on!
was the swagman's name Andy?
Well done butterfly_72au. You did that as though you just fluttered by. G
thankyou G from D
Most welcome. Is '72' significant?
Jim and Warren, are you guys going to the Beach party....I don't want to be the only male.......or do I?

Happy Australia day to our friends down under. See you on the beach when the sun comes up.

Sweta...MAEN is still your word in my dictionary. M-W must be mistaken.
You are all invited to a beach BBQ/Party in South Australia. It is on a Nudist Beach.

this was in yesterdays archives page 6, more info there.
enticing eric is my name
strolling beaches is my game
i like nudist beaches best
then i dont have to wear a vest
flex my pecs and tense my six pack
dont worry none cos i will BE back!!
I have spent so much time this morning catching up, I have to go do some work. I don't have any days off anymore since I am retired.
Suzanne, glad I left early. I think I still have my brains but my time this morning sure didn't prove it. That chatroom does strange things to folks.
72 is the year I was born
Come one, come all to the Australia Day do
We're all on the beach
There's bolly and hocolate and a barbeque
All within your reach
My virtual body lies out in the sun
Boy that sure is hot!
Come on, sudokuers, and join in the fun
Find yourselves a spot
To put out your More...
There's plenty for all, for me and for you
It'll be just neat!
Thought so. Daughter born Sept same year
A toast is always in order as it is always 5 o'clock somewhere.
3:00 So, happy Australia Day to those who celebrate it - what do you do to celebrate? Barbeques and fireworks like our 4th of July?
I don't think anyone would want to see me at a nudist beach!
Chatroom blew up again!
Think the chatroom has exploded again oh dear!!
it is working now
to anne fro albany
If that young guy's name is Ricky, tell him I'm going to whip his butt if we get to play each other. He will probably give me a hiding as I'm a bit long in the tooth and still not too fit after my kidney transplant last August.
Regards Greg.
10:28 - but I made two errors that took the extra time to find. Good MAEN to all.
Back again--just catching up on the celebration/nude beach/strategically applied ointment ... my, aren't we a fit and attractive group? Thanks for the invitation, Col, but I think some of the men could have dressed more festively for the occasion--a bow tie, at least?
oy, sick kid today, whiney whiney whiney. Deliver me.....
2:15. my fastest yet!
3:37. Taking a break from cleaning. Oh how I would looooove to be on that boat!!!!
Hi all Happy Australia Day and India Day!
to Kathy/FL : Do you think Amélie Mauresmo will play in the final?
to Bill, TX: toast? bread toast at 5 o'clock? Here it is 8 pm so I choose a toast in champagne! cheers!
I did this pretty quickly for me. Happy birthday to you. Mom
I'm on a beach, my bikini is neat,
In a far foreign land,stretched out on the sand,
It's very hot here, do get me a beer
But why am I here? With the Ozzies so dear?
In the middle of january, I'm in a quandary!
It seems it's their day to party and play,
So Happy Day to you all,let's get on with the ball!
Happy Australia day
forgot to start the clock!!! Daaaaah
Hi, Andre. I also have an explanation--slightly different from Warren's--but am not sure you're really after an answer... for me, the funny thing is imagining all these sudokoists out there pinching their noses and trying to hum! (tomorrow, perhaps a tftd about hopping???)
Billabong: A waterhole.
Billy: A can or small kettle used to boil water for tea.
Coolabah tree: A type of native tree in Aust
Jumbuck: A sheep. There are 20 times as many sheep as there are people in Australia.
Matilda: Although there are several schools of thought, Matilda as More...
Later this more commonly referred to the great army coats or blankets that soldiers rolled into a swag and tossed over their shoulders while marching.
Squatter: At one time, squatters claimed (seized) land for themselves in addition to land that they had been granted. Eventually through the More...
bedroll and/or belongings in.
Tucker bag: A knapsack or bag for storing food in the bush.

im at the party where are you?
looks like theres only one or two
of us down here on the sand
not as many as id planned
theres beach babe and the glory boy
bet he could bring someone some joy
there's bo and itsy bitsy teeny weeny
come and join dont be a meany!!
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