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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Did you read todays comments G'day? There are plenty of good wishes coming our way.
The wind did do a big turn around, and it poured with rain, unfortunatly the rain smelt like smoke and now I smell like smoke cause I was caught outside in the rain.
itsy bitsy teeny weeny
I am at the party eveny
then you must guess who I be
cos tell you who I am NOT ME!!!

Gath knows I didn't blow the chatroom up cos I am a good girl! LOL
from all around the world has come good wishes for our Australia Day
thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the good wished everyone
and someone else should read all the posts before he mouths off as the UGLY AUSTRALIAN!!!!!
What an odd comment! There are plenty of Americans on this site and I'm sure I saw on earlier pages that they wished us a happy Australia Day. Somebody's got a bee in their bonnet!
Well look around, now look around,
Come see the wondrous sight I've found,
virtual revellers from here to there,
Some on a towel, some on a chair.
The biggest ffridge I've ever seen,
filled with bolly and tubs of ice cream.
you did it again!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn't have mentioned it!!
I think the chatroom's crashed again!
wasn't it about the same time yesterday?
Well that explains what happened and why I couldn't type
oh no not again
dont tell col
no Rose, I think it may have been the very mention of col's name...

it must be maintenance time for the chatroom
Gotta go - bedtime for kids Back later.

yes PJ just the mention of her name send the chatroom in to never ever land
got to go and get out of the dressing gown and into the shower! Will try again later - Rosemary are you sure your cheque to Gath didn't bounce?
there is a strange shape moving under the sea
a shadow of a shape not usually can we see
maybe it is a mermaid frollicking with glee
as long as its not a shark that swims beneath the sea
can someone please bring a drink
from that fridge upon the beach
as I sit upon my perch and think
while ogling all those who be
swimming out in the cool refreshing sea
What a way to spend the day
soaking up the sun
A game of cricket, a swim in the sea
and then a little run.
I'm tired now and need to rest
I think I'll sit down here
Under this umbrella and have
a drink of beer.
How relaxing, what a life,
how much better can it be?
Living in Australia,
a land that's girt by sea.
no my credit was good fiona
gath help us!

Finally arrived at the Party
The welcome you gave me was hearty
The boys on Mars are a little loose
Got quiet a taste for that Martian Juice
The Girls on Venus you would like
But a lot of time spent on their Exercise bikes
Beaches More...
Steve after drinking a potion
Claimed he could swim cross the ocean
He was less than half over
Then got mighty sober
And said this was not a good notion
well Bo a lovely day you have had
safely on my beach
the bouncing whilst your cricket was played
has redden my little cheeks (face girls face)
what a delight to watch you all
Bo,itsy bitsy, lucky girl
and all your friends that be
frollicking with glee
full of bolly, hocolate, ice cream too
and also an aussie Barbie cue
enticing eric is nice to see
that you have pecs as big as me
will you play ball while ladies ogle
across the net we will togle
see the girls all dressed up or not
i like the itsy bitsy eh what!
ladies dressed in little today
come on boys theres much to play
Hi jaz pleased you landed cos the chatroom exploded again at the mere mention of cols name lol
such delights for all to see
hidden under the real me
sand that sways and courts your skin
pick me up and let me in
i will fill you with pleasure and more
if you will let me on this shore
let me sift between your fingers and toes
feel my iron pull you in like a rose
caressing your skin and warmed so much
the magnetite has a tender touch
Do I know you Ariel from beneath the churning swell?
Do you sit upon my rock and brush your shining locks?
Do you share your towel and brolley?
And more importantly, the ice cream and bolly?
If a yes you deem to answer, I will be your friend forever.
in a big deep voice -
well the blokes are up
and off to play across the net
to show off for the girls
back and forth glory boy and eric they do furl
the ball from one side to the other
watch out girls if the try a smother
for I will come to help
just wave your hands
or give an aussie yelp
Hi Everyone,

I have updated the chat room, so you shouldn't get the 'website is broken' message any more. It has a new url - sudokuchat.net if you have it bookmarked.

thanks gath
and honest I did not break it col did
I’m feeling drained
And rather low
I feel used and I think It shows
The sun has gone now I can go
Back in to the bag
That is my woe

But I fear not, for I do know
That I will get another show
As soon as the sun does shine
I will come back in to mine
And you should know, I grumble not
For this is a sunscreen’s lot.
Hi Everyone,

Nice verses!

If you want to check out what I have been up to, go along to kakuro.cc . Nowhere near finished, but you get the idea where it is going.


PS - Thanks Rosemary, now I know! Happy Australia day.
I am Ariel, and I sing sweetly,
While Sebastien and Flounder swim nearby me.
Treasures I collect from the world above,
Dreaming witsfully of a man I love.
He tempts me now from the sandy shore,
With hocolate, bolly and ice cream galore.
But if there's one thing in life this gal can't resist,
It's joing the gang to dance the twist!

I haven't even been here. Oh, you're good you gals from Wang. She goes in, with her dynamite and blows the bleeding thing up and has the cheek to blame ME. Right - this is WAR !
woooshhhhh woooshhhh Hello. I am so pleased to see my beach being used for such a splendid party. Now that the Australian night time has arrived, please don't think I'm rude if I softly caress your bare legs or......... I will quietly watch your frollicking - but beware I can become a gale if you are bad.
striations on crystal faces i shimmer on the sand
waiting for the special one on this Australian sand
please pour the bolly upon my skin
sample delights hidden within
crystals and chocolate give unto me
sun shining down on this magnet to see
i watch as you play upon me its true
waiting and waiting for a man that is you
gritty sand in my hair
gritty sand darn everywhere
in my fore and in my rear
tween my toes
and up my nose
stuck to my sp 30 plus
no wonder i'm kicking up a fuss
soft sea breeze please help me out
your cool soft caress
in my state of undress
will all the sand blow out!
Lucky lady, please hold still whilst I softly blow the offending particles from your body. woosh woosh - there, how is that ? I think I gently removed all traces from most places.
glory boy, throw me the ball
ill join in your freeforall
id rather its just you and me
tysons muscling in i see
even his big muscly arms
cant compete with glory boys charms
go eat your heart out poor old bo
its glory boy i want to know!!
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