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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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I'm on a roll!
26/Feb/12 11:48 AM
I think I'd better go lie down for awhile. The pain meds are making me giddy!
26/Feb/12 11:49 AM
At the time, Kathy, it was huge news and opinion was extremely divided. For several years, actually. There was the inquest, the trial and conviction, the 2nd inquest, the third inquest after the jacket was found, and now the 4th inquest.
26/Feb/12 11:56 AM
This last is to change the cause of death on the death certificate as mentioned earlier.
26/Feb/12 11:57 AM
It did not help that Lindy and Michael were 7th Day Adventists - enough to cast doubt on them to start with.
26/Feb/12 11:58 AM
The name Azaria was found to mean "he whom God has helped".
26/Feb/12 12:01 PM
Lindy sewed clothes for the baby and one was a black dress. This was definitely viewed as extremely odd.
26/Feb/12 12:02 PM
There was a lot of blood.
26/Feb/12 12:03 PM
In the trial, Lindy was accused of slitting the baby's throat.
26/Feb/12 12:03 PM
There was what was called blood spray in the passenger foot well of the car.
26/Feb/12 12:04 PM
This was shown to be an insulating material used in car-making.
26/Feb/12 12:05 PM
Don't know why my brain has retained so much information. Maybe it is because of my belief that Lindy didn't do it. As G-H has shown, opinion is still divided.
26/Feb/12 12:06 PM
Kathy - Lindy Chamberlain and her ex-husband are back resurrecting it all over again at present. Let sleeping dogs lie, or should I say, let the poor baby rest in peace.
I'm afraid that I'm one of those who didn't believe her story and never will.
26/Feb/12 12:16 PM
Good morning one and all!
26/Feb/12 12:16 PM
Not to change the subject, but I thought you all would like to know, Man might be getting a clue, that I do not care to purchase his mother's house.
He took his mother today to look at another house and sent me pictures to see if I was interested. The house is a whole 8 miles away from his More...
26/Feb/12 12:18 PM
Sorry, I should have read all the posts before commenting about the latest happenings.
26/Feb/12 12:18 PM
CP - boy, you do have great recall for ths details, especially considering that all that happened over 30 years ago!
Did you ever see the Meryl Streep movie? It seems like they did a good job of including lots of the details. Wikipedia said black dresses for children were More...
26/Feb/12 12:21 PM

Anne I am 100% with you. She did it or is covering up for whoever did. We will never never know. Was over it years ago and it is just dragging it out all over again. Did you see how cold and distant she was on the TV yesterday at the latest hearing? Guilty as sin. Still sad for the baby.
26/Feb/12 12:22 PM
I'm sorry, but to have a non-Australian playing an Australian role with a terrible accent put me off of watching it, but it's one movie I wouldn't have watched anyway.
Mr Cee - I remember there was talk of one of the boys being involved, but who knows. They certainly covered it up well and it's on their conscience.
26/Feb/12 12:27 PM
If I remember rightly, the baby had some health issue too.
26/Feb/12 12:28 PM
Karen, let me get this straight - Man took his MOTHER to see the house & THEN asked if you'd be interested?

Sarah Beth- wasn't that a thrilling basketball game!! I was so happy that KU won, but very disappointed that my Michigan Wolverines were soundly beaten by Missouri tonight.
26/Feb/12 12:29 PM
I remember it started off as a tiny two inch x column well into the paper in the West Australian or Sunday Times, and within days it was front page news and remained so for a long time afterwards.
26/Feb/12 12:31 PM
I'll get off my soap box now. I tripped getting off!
26/Feb/12 12:32 PM

Yep Anne rotten to the core and totally agree on the movie thing as well. Haven't seen it and won't be either.
26/Feb/12 12:33 PM

Me too.
26/Feb/12 12:34 PM
Anne & Mr Cee - thanks for your opinions. It's interesting that this latest hearing is going on right at the time we watched the movie. Anne, I agree it seemed strange that they picked an American actress to play an Australian woman. I would like to see what the real Lindy looks like. Guess More...
26/Feb/12 12:46 PM
G-H I presume the problem bridge is the one on the Bris side of town. They redesigned the Northern side a number of years ago but it doesn't look to me like it would be much better in the 'big wet'. We have never been through there when there has been a lot of water.
26/Feb/12 12:47 PM
I didn't realise that they were having another inquest. I always felt that there was a lot more to the story... and it seemed pretty dodgy to me. I suspect she did it or as suggested is covering up for someone. I couldn't have been on a jury and said so 'beyond reasonable doubt' and that was More...
26/Feb/12 12:55 PM
Kathy - I believe that Lindy Chamberlain married an American and has been living there for many years now.
26/Feb/12 12:58 PM
Unfortunately,her personality and attidtude did not help their cause.
Sometime ago I bought her Autobiography (at a garage sale) to read her side of the story. I didn't get very far into the book and it has been months since I read that little bit. Maybe one day I will continue with it....
26/Feb/12 1:00 PM
Having a lazy day today....lacking energy after my 26km walk yesterday. I had thought about folding up some washing and another thought was to do some light gardening. They were very brief thoughts.. I think I have Fiona's 'couch syndrome'
26/Feb/12 1:04 PM
Meg - you sound like me. I can't motivate myself at the moment but I did go for a walk this morning before breakfast, nothing like your 26km walk though. Probably about 3kms.
26/Feb/12 1:11 PM
Yes it is the bridge on the East (Bris) side of town. When the other was fixed we were to get a bypass so the heavy traffic wouldn't be coming through our little town. Seeing some of those huge trucks running the gauntlet, doing 2 x 90 deg turns, in the main shopping area, amongst normal traffic is scary. 6 years later, still waiting.
26/Feb/12 1:13 PM
Wow, the site got busy in the last few hours. I have to admit that I had no idea about the Chamberlain case. But it sounds a lot like a local situation we have here in South Carolina now. Missing child, flakey mother, and no answers.
26/Feb/12 1:14 PM
But... no dingos.
26/Feb/12 1:16 PM
Yes, Kathy you read that correctly. Man took his mother to see a house, that they had discussed previously, and made an appointment and went to see together, before I even heard about a different house.

Oops, I think I am letting my opinion come through.
26/Feb/12 1:26 PM
Count me in on the booking Jane!
Strange how the Chamberlain case did not make it across the pond, you do become secular in your own communtity, that is why I love this site, broadens my horizons.
26/Feb/12 1:27 PM
Let's see if I can get a thrill now.
26/Feb/12 1:29 PM
Perhaps things have moved and changed a lot in the past 30 odd years with the internet, etc, Broni. Today it might make it to the news in other countries.
26/Feb/12 1:29 PM
I need a thrill and a bottle would not hurt either, been chasing dust bunnies all day.
26/Feb/12 1:29 PM
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