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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Mar/17 12:01 AM
26/Mar/17 1:16 AM
Are they all out celebrating Hal or just asleep?
26/Mar/17 1:24 AM
back to you Hal!!! And you too Wombat!
26/Mar/17 1:55 AM
Good morning. A colourful photo.
26/Mar/17 2:04 AM
I'm here, too. everyone!
I've been working on Wombat's poozle.
26/Mar/17 2:13 AM
The clock I have over the kitchen window has passed on to it's greater reward. It's not the battery, I climbed up on the counter to change it just a few weeks ago. This chore involves a ladder and pretty good balance. At any rate, the thing stopped so I climbed up, brought it down, reset it, and More...
26/Mar/17 2:42 AM
What a wonderfully clever comment - 'hump of camels' - really!  Not only that, a colorful hump-clump as well!

Sorry, Jeb - I have not solved my probs... this required to be copied & pasted!
26/Mar/17 2:53 AM
26/Mar/17 3:04 AM
Last weekend, I was busy with older son's two boys and this weekend, I'll be busy with younger son's boy and daughter! Wow!
26/Mar/17 3:05 AM
Good Maen all

I'm not usually here this early in the day, but I like the wee small hours when clear thinking is required.

I have just started a new 'Questions about this Site' thread, titled 'Problems caused by animated ads below the game grid'. I think the problem (and More...
26/Mar/17 3:13 AM
This hump of camels seems to be having a group conversation.
26/Mar/17 3:35 AM
Good morning.
26/Mar/17 3:40 AM
Welcome to the Aussie Insomniacs group, Saltie.
26/Mar/17 3:41 AM
Hip pain woke me up.
26/Mar/17 3:42 AM
So I'm trying a cure that might get me eback to sleep...
26/Mar/17 3:43 AM
Paracetamol (acetominophen) and a cup of tea. Tea fixes everything!
26/Mar/17 3:45 AM
I've never had that particular problem(s), Saltie, but, when I joined the site many years ago, the ads drove me nuts. Becoming a Supporting Member solved the problem. I don't get ads at all, flashing or otherwise. It's worth it to me to pay the fee. I have it set up so it comes out of my Paypal account automatically when it's due. Easy peasy.
26/Mar/17 3:51 AM
Good morning everybody.
26/Mar/17 3:53 AM
I agree, Kathy. No ads makes this a much more pleasant site.
26/Mar/17 3:54 AM
26/Mar/17 3:55 AM
26/Mar/17 3:55 AM
I just noticed Joyce IS a Supporting Member, so, I guess it's not the ads causing her problem, anyway.
26/Mar/17 3:58 AM
Hello everybody. Back to night time activities. CP can I be a member of the Aussie Insomniacs group? I've just sat for 2hrs waiting to watch MotoGP qualifying to have it cancelled because of wet track
26/Mar/17 5:14 AM
1:42. Good morning everyone.
26/Mar/17 5:32 AM
Time to get a move on - the last long run before the Canberra marathon in two weeks - 35km today.
26/Mar/17 5:37 AM
Good mAen, good people. I am now at the height of the cold. This is the point at which, if I'm not careful, I tend to slip into the dreaded March bronchitis. A couple times that's led to broken ribs from coughing and once to a bought of pleurisy that left me with scar tissue adhesions that were More...
26/Mar/17 6:09 AM
My girls have been amazing. Skye served me a light breakfast in bed. Now I'm enjoying a small lunch by the computer. I have to ask them to help me disinfect the house and do the laundry - including my sheets - so that Burl doesn't come down with this crud once he's back from his trip. He's More...
26/Mar/17 6:15 AM
Wombat - your poozles are such a delight. You are like a tourguide to the wonders of words. I never would have guessed that there was so much variety as you parade for your solvers. Thank you.
26/Mar/17 6:22 AM
Chris - 35 km today.
No big deal, huh?
26/Mar/17 6:24 AM
Morning all, isn't it lovely the camels got dressed up for the meeting. 😀
26/Mar/17 6:44 AM
I had better go find Wombat's poozle to print it for later today. We have our great grandie Cailin's 5th birthday party this morning. The party is being held at a gym, something new for us.
26/Mar/17 6:57 AM
Sending wishes your way, Plum!
Sounds like you're doing exactly what you should be doing......nothing. I'm happy to hear your girls are taking good care of you!
26/Mar/17 7:43 AM
And, I agree about Wombat's poozles. They are the highlight of my day/night/middle of the night.
I add my thanks, too, Wombat.
26/Mar/17 7:45 AM
After those very kind comments, I feel safe in admitting to a mistake - the M....Q clue should have been FRENCH RESISTANCE MOVEMENT INSTEAD OF ENGLISH NOBLE. Several people have already worked it out. How did it happen? See below.
26/Mar/17 9:33 AM
I knew there were several M....Q words available including MAQUETTE and MAQUIS/MARQUIS. I thought MAQUETTE was a bit too unusual, so I settled on MAQUIS/MARQUIS, but I thought I would check on the spelling, so I repaired to my trusty spell checker. Sure enough MAQUIS appeared, but I didn't check More...
26/Mar/17 9:50 AM
The Maquis appear in many stories of WWII, and you can always tell they are French because they are wearing berets.
26/Mar/17 9:52 AM
Bad luck for the Brumbies Peter. The CT reports that Australian Rugby teams have only won 3 of the last 33 matches against NZ teams. I hope the Cats can give you a bit more joy. Ricciardo hasn't qualified too well.
26/Mar/17 9:55 AM
I'd leave you BOTP as some consolation, but someone else would purloin it.
26/Mar/17 9:57 AM
So here goes BOTP and a CP to boot.
26/Mar/17 9:57 AM
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