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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Goodnight everyone!
26/Mar/19 12:14 AM
Beautiful flowers indeed
26/Mar/19 12:14 AM
Morning. Leaving to visit my daughter & family in Oregon.
26/Mar/19 12:19 AM
26/Mar/19 12:21 AM
1:48. 'Morning, all!
26/Mar/19 12:22 AM
Safe travels, Keith!
I had to laugh at the ''hand'' comments from yesterday. We have some pretty sharp-eyed people in Sudokuland.

I am off to play cards and have lunch.
Have a good day, everyone!
26/Mar/19 12:36 AM
Good Maen, good people. Odds down, evens up.

Mmm. I can imagine the fragrance. I wish we knew that Wendy knows how much we appreciate her photos.
26/Mar/19 12:39 AM
Just in time for Shosho's fave number!
26/Mar/19 1:26 AM
Sunshine makes all the difference!
26/Mar/19 1:27 AM
26/Mar/19 1:45 AM
26/Mar/19 1:50 AM
Wendy for the lovely photo of the Jasmine. I can just imagine the fragrance.
26/Mar/19 5:38 AM
Good mAen
Quiet, every one on spring break ?
26/Mar/19 7:59 AM
Our musical play series's final show is August Rush, going in may to see- so had to watch the movie today to prepare
26/Mar/19 8:01 AM
26/Mar/19 9:59 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!
26/Mar/19 9:59 AM
Trying to type with a heavily gauzed finger is a challenging project! This morning as I was carrying Nemmy, my 20 year old cat (that's almost 100 years in human age) she had a seizure in which she goes rigid and empties her bladder. This time she bit very deeply into my finger and wouldn't, couldn't let go and I'm yelping, ow ow ow!
26/Mar/19 10:02 AM
It was only when the seizure ended could she open her mouth and release my finger which now bleeding profusely. When she came out of her seizure, she was so apologetic but now I'm in a lot of pain and rushed to the bathroom to clean up and to stop the bleeding. Ouch! My students all asked what More...
26/Mar/19 10:06 AM
Might as well get my CP!!!
26/Mar/19 10:07 AM
Good morning all.

The cyclone has finally passed my daughter's place after 3/4 days. It was a very big, slow moving one and very strong. There will be flooding after all the torrential rain and winds as they showed on T.V. last night at Port Hedland, not far away.
26/Mar/19 10:21 AM
Plum, Wendy knows her photos have been on lately. I contacted her and let her know.
26/Mar/19 10:22 AM
26/Mar/19 10:25 AM
shosho, cat bites can be seriously infectious. At the first sign of swelling head for the ER. My vet who is a cat specialist told me he doesn't delay getting treatment if he gets bit. He says that a large majority of cats have bacteria in their mouths that can cause an infection, that if left More...
26/Mar/19 12:07 PM
Hello, all - I've returned from several warm, sunny days in San Antonio - Ahhh, what a treat!
Now I've returned to frigid western NY weather... at least the snow pack is gone!
26/Mar/19 1:13 PM
Just finished catching-up on missed posts after doing Wombat's poozle … just in time, I might add - well, suppose I need to submit it now - bye bye
26/Mar/19 1:17 PM
Thanks, Anne, for passing on to Wendy how much we are enjoying her pictures - not only the wide variety of subjects she's photographed, but also the many different places she has included in her submissions.
26/Mar/19 1:34 PM
Relieved to know the cyclone's damaging winds near your daughter's, Anne, has ceased with only the aftermath left to tolerate; suppose you'll have tales to tell when you return after visiting next weekend...
26/Mar/19 1:49 PM
Thanks for the variations of California Eggs Benedict recipe suggestions - any meal with poached eggs is a winner for me!
26/Mar/19 1:58 PM
Hmmm - guess I've had my allotted comments, but one more: Denny, hope your Cribbage Tourney was successful; can the organizers also be winners, if so - were you??
26/Mar/19 2:01 PM
26/Mar/19 2:04 PM
Wombat - I will be on the road for 8 hours tomorrow and plan to do your puzzle during some of that long stretch. I won't peek if you want to post answers for everyone else. Today was just too hectic getting ready for the trip.
26/Mar/19 3:03 PM
Thanks for the notification Plum. I will post my answers - if someone cheats who are they cheating? I'm sure you don't.
This week we have had eight responses so far. They are: Sarah, Peter, Judy, Chris, Kathy, Snowbird, Tyranids and Joyce.

Bo More...
26/Mar/19 4:13 PM
Well here we are at beer o'clock. The bar is open, I'm going to have a Hahn Light. Name your p[oison, I've got the tab.
26/Mar/19 4:16 PM
1:41. Good evening everyone.
26/Mar/19 6:30 PM
Evening all,better late than never.
Love the smell of Jasmine.
We are now at our friends place at Manangatang,Vic.
Haven't stopped chatting since we got here about 12:45pm.
26/Mar/19 9:08 PM
Poor old Bill was asked when he had last spoken to his wife, Amelia.
He replied that he hadn't spoken to her in almost six months.
Why's that?
Well, he said that he didn't want to interrupt!
26/Mar/19 9:48 PM
Amelia, if your traveling down through Swan Hill wave as you go by bye

Goodnight everyone!
26/Mar/19 11:46 PM
Thanks Wombat cheers
26/Mar/19 11:47 PM
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