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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2007


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Submitted by: Gath

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speaking of lunch, time for mine......
see ya later Becky.....
26/Apr/07 2:17 PM
Rosemary, we have two desktops at home and I still can't get near either of them. I'm thinking about buying a laptop for me and not allowing anyone else near it.
26/Apr/07 2:24 PM
Had a rare chance of late to get back on this evening. My son has some games that won't play on Windows XP so he has an XP desktop and a 98SE desktop. My wife has a desktop and a laptop. I have 2 XP desktops, just built a Vista Desktop, and a laptop. Eight computers for 3 people. I'm a computer More...
26/Apr/07 2:58 PM
With that it's 12:05 AM, my alarm is set for 5:10 AM. Good nite.
26/Apr/07 3:00 PM
Rosemary, Just one desktop here and its almost 5 years old. It was getting real slow so now I have finally gone to DSL to speed things up...sure hope its better.
26/Apr/07 3:25 PM
Rosemary - one XP for wife, one iMac for me and an iBook for both of us when we are travelling.
26/Apr/07 4:12 PM
Hey Frommy, you there?
26/Apr/07 4:19 PM
I wonder if the site will go belly up again today? Not even an explanation or apology from Gath. He didn't even try to blame his tame monkeys.
26/Apr/07 4:32 PM
Mama-oh you'll love DSL ,I cant go back to dialup now ,its so much faster,no waiting when your looking up items if/when your shopping!
my husband say's what ta are you buying now!
26/Apr/07 4:38 PM
A Nebraska farmer got in his pickup and drove to a neighboring farm and knocked at the farmhouse door. A young boy about 9 opened the door.
'Is yer Dad home?' the farmer asked.
'No sir, he ain't,' the boy replied 'He went into town.'
'Well,' said the farmer, 'is yer Mom here?'
'No, sir, More...
26/Apr/07 5:29 PM
Although I believe that everybody have the right to live their own lives the way they want to, I find it distasteful to show a photo of an act which the majority do not subscribe to!
26/Apr/07 5:41 PM
is the word 'everybody' singular or plural? I always find it hard to remember!!
26/Apr/07 5:42 PM
Hello Rosemary - I just have a desktop at home and that takes up tooooo much of my time.
26/Apr/07 6:01 PM
Abdullah, everybody means just that, everyone, all
so yes it is plural.I don't think that pic is quite what you think, but I would query why Gath sees fit to show it and yet wipes quite innocuous comments because 'somebody' singular unknown, is offended by it.
26/Apr/07 6:08 PM
I would have to agree with you Abdullah and Doris. Two men in an unnatural act shown on this family site. What next? A ménage à trois? A couple of lesbians? Shame Gath, shame.
26/Apr/07 6:17 PM
so doris, would you say 'everybody are?' I don't think so.
26/Apr/07 6:26 PM
hey frommy. Stat u mate?
26/Apr/07 6:28 PM
Doris, .. wow!! .. I didn't know about the early censorship episodes! First time I notice it here! Anyway, I am glad that I expressed my opinion! Thanks for your comment, but I still think the illustration 'in the photo' is clear to all of us and therefore it is improper to the normal 'majority' I More...
26/Apr/07 7:00 PM
Sorry about the use of lesbians Abdullah, but I didn't want to say dykes on here as that probably would have upset people even more. As we can't refer to those two men as h.o.m.o.s.e.x.u.a.l.s I suppose we should call them poofters.
I didn't know ménage à trois was distasteful to anybody. Certainly not to the host of the site or he would not allow it to be written.
26/Apr/07 7:20 PM
You could hear a pin drop.
26/Apr/07 7:40 PM
Come on everybody gather round, who is going to be first or are you all going to just stand there?
26/Apr/07 7:57 PM
I think we are p*ssing into the wind Doris.
26/Apr/07 8:06 PM
Bob, I only meant the words you used toward Gath!
Doris, you are hilarious! :)
26/Apr/07 8:21 PM
I just dont understand WHY you need to do this.
It is childish. A lot of us enjoy your chats and we have had some fun and games in the last few days but you let yourself down badly and you do little to foster any goodwill at all. You make me question why I would even entertain chatting More...
26/Apr/07 8:21 PM
I have not reported anything as abusive as everyone deserves to see what you are doing.
26/Apr/07 8:22 PM
Gee Rose. I really cant see anything offensive in any of that. By the way, there is more than one person there if you are thinking that it was all by the same person.
By way of an aside, can you think of ANY possible reason why the word for two female lovers is found acceptable, whereas the male equivalent is deemed to be 'dirty' and has been banned?
26/Apr/07 8:35 PM
And I dont spend ANY time in the naughty corner.
26/Apr/07 8:35 PM
Don't worry Rose. Some idiot will report it so your good intentions will have been in vain. Then your comment will stand out and look really silly referring to nothing.
26/Apr/07 8:39 PM
I'm going out shortly and I will bet you a real ten dollars that this is all gone by the time I get home again in a few hours, (unless of course gathy is away).
Wow, one more for a CP for me. Hooley dooley.
26/Apr/07 8:42 PM
Hi everyone , I see we are having a bit of contraversary on here today. We are expecting some rain at last don't know how long it will last but will keep the fingers crossed.
26/Apr/07 9:49 PM
Amelia - we are forcast for 'rain' tomorrow..followed by 'heavy rain' and then for Saturday 'thunderstorms and rain getting heavy'

As long as it's water falling from the sky I say GREAT
26/Apr/07 9:51 PM
We are forecast for 4 days of rain and storms too so lets hope the clouds still have some left when they reach us.
the last lot they predicted like this disappeared before it got here.
26/Apr/07 10:18 PM
Rosemary - Why is one of your comments directed at Greg? Is that the real name of . From . or someone else or am I just confused by more missing comments?
26/Apr/07 10:23 PM
your first guess was correct and he is more than one of those aliases also.
26/Apr/07 10:25 PM
well Beehive the poster rather the post is deleted here by the owner of this site on certain principle..trust you well understand that..if you cant abide by the decisions made here,dont take a dive ,just mind your own beewax!
26/Apr/07 10:37 PM
Jimmy and others. Just want to clarify that the Greg being referred to is NOT me, it is someone in Australia.
26/Apr/07 10:47 PM
certainly not referring to you at all.
definitely not your style
26/Apr/07 10:51 PM
Col & Rosemary we will all be hoping the rain stays around for a while. Cheers
26/Apr/07 10:54 PM
I think I can almost certainly say that the above comment is not from Canuk Greg and I would be very surprised if it was.
26/Apr/07 10:54 PM
hello Anne..how are things with you?long time no chat?did you receive my mail??
26/Apr/07 11:03 PM
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