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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
26/Apr/15 12:00 AM
26/Apr/15 12:01 AM
1:41. Good night all.
26/Apr/15 12:03 AM
Not sunny today.
But it's the weekend!
26/Apr/15 12:04 AM
Good morning to all! At least it's not a flying dog today. I'm glad that rhino isn't flying!
26/Apr/15 12:12 AM
Your two-day behead/curtail puzzle for those who would like to try it follows.

1. This is the claw of a bird of prey –> this could be either an international unit of mass or a unit of liquid
2. This item in humans is the largest organ of the integumentary system –> a group of More...
26/Apr/15 12:15 AM
26/Apr/15 12:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Apr/15 1:19 AM
Dedicate to our friend.
26/Apr/15 1:20 AM
Sunny and humid here. Looking out the window one would think the windows should be open, but step outside it is instant breath taker and hot.
26/Apr/15 1:25 AM
Getting ready for our second water birthday party, and then another one tomorrow. They it is possible we will not make tomorrows party, because we cannot find the invitation.

Really need to find that invitation, since it is a non-relative and it is M's table buddy from school. Man remembers More...
26/Apr/15 1:30 AM
And something I find very sad, is that there are too many children, that do not have their parents name. If I thought having 3 last names in my family growing up, it is really confusing now.
26/Apr/15 1:31 AM
Since I am not the main room mom, I do not have access to email or phone numbers. But even if I were, I would hate for someone to call to get someone else's information and I would have to tell them no.
26/Apr/15 1:35 AM
The plan is to call last weeks b-day mom, and see if she happens to still have her invitation.

This invitation we are hunting for only came home on Tuesday, very short notice, so surprising it is not right on top over everything.
26/Apr/15 1:39 AM
, y'all! Drizzly and mild here in the mountains, but not enough to dampen a 3-mile run this morning.
26/Apr/15 2:47 AM
Thanks for supplying us with a weekend poozle, Greg!
26/Apr/15 2:48 AM
Greg has me absolutely stumped on several of the clues!
26/Apr/15 2:52 AM
And i have my smilies back! Thanks, Gath!
26/Apr/15 2:57 AM
And a repeat post from yesterday!
26/Apr/15 3:04 AM
Justin Time.
26/Apr/15 3:19 AM
A good friend.
26/Apr/15 3:19 AM
26/Apr/15 3:19 AM
On Greg's puzzle, #9 can also be spelled Gumby ... seems to be two spellings ...
26/Apr/15 3:19 AM
Almost aced you out, Keith!
26/Apr/15 3:20 AM
Hubby and I went there the first year it opened.
26/Apr/15 3:33 AM
Sorry Judy, but that's incorrect. One wrong for you already!
26/Apr/15 3:45 AM

1) SE
2) SEA

In the today we have Keith, Judy, Halt, Sarah, and Canuk Greg. Today's winners get . Why? Mostly because I really want one.
26/Apr/15 3:46 AM
I will admit that there could be alternate spellings, but that's not applicable in this puzzle, especially for those who give hints!
26/Apr/15 3:48 AM
Yep, Greg's got a few head-scratchers in there!
26/Apr/15 4:03 AM
Good morning.
26/Apr/15 5:57 AM
couldn't sleep any longer so got up about 30 minutes ago.
26/Apr/15 5:59 AM
Looks like I beat the resy of the Aussies up.
26/Apr/15 6:00 AM
Beat them out of bed I mean, not beat them up physically.
26/Apr/15 6:01 AM
I'm off to get some breakfast.
26/Apr/15 6:02 AM
Whatever you say, CP.
26/Apr/15 6:11 AM
Sorting through, sorting out, packing, taking a break. Measuring so I know what fits in the car. The rest goes to storage!
26/Apr/15 7:01 AM
Morning all, nice rhino pic.
26/Apr/15 7:49 AM
CP, I had to get up early as we are minding Bridei today, now that he is playing I can play too. lol
26/Apr/15 7:51 AM
Anyone going to race?
26/Apr/15 7:52 AM
26/Apr/15 7:52 AM
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