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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Hmmmm...wonder if I can start out the new day.
26/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
26/Jun/09 12:00 AM
just missed! Hi, Chris!
26/Jun/09 12:00 AM
...and Hi to you, too, John!
26/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Everybody. A fast start here this morning.
26/Jun/09 12:01 AM
Good morning all! Looks like the heat is on...up to 88F today with lots of humidity! Have a great one!
26/Jun/09 12:01 AM
28 days 'til Fionafest 2009!
26/Jun/09 12:01 AM
Heidi - glad to see you're breaking in your new snorkeling gear!
26/Jun/09 12:02 AM
A cool picture for a hot day.
26/Jun/09 12:02 AM
2:16, it looks like this glacier used to be quite a bit bigger.
26/Jun/09 12:03 AM
Keep cool, Stella! Fortunately, our 100+ degree temps are gone. But 90s are still too hot for this time of year in these parts! Usually, we don't go over 90 until mid to late-July.
26/Jun/09 12:04 AM
Hi Jane!
26/Jun/09 12:04 AM
2.21 Breathtaking

26/Jun/09 12:04 AM
Hello, everyone!
Hot & humid today. Already 83F (28C) at 10AM... NOW, can I turn on my air condiitioner???
(That's sweat, not tears!)
26/Jun/09 12:06 AM
6 months from today we might shoveling SNOW!!
26/Jun/09 12:15 AM
Just looked at the forecast... says it's as hot right now as predicted for the whole day! Maybe I won't need to trek up to that glacier after all!
26/Jun/09 12:15 AM
Too true! That's a very good reminder, John!
26/Jun/09 12:16 AM
Lucky you, Shiela. It's supposed to go up another 15 ℉ here.
26/Jun/09 12:17 AM
frozen popcorn on a stick ....mmmmmm
26/Jun/09 12:17 AM
Yes, that is an offering at the Taste of Chicago this year....
26/Jun/09 12:18 AM
26/Jun/09 12:18 AM
Who's in hiding for the race?
26/Jun/09 12:18 AM
26/Jun/09 12:18 AM
mymare was sneaky.
26/Jun/09 12:19 AM
Warning: don't read the following joke if you're offended by stories relating to aging, hemorrhoids or false teeth:

Getting old is so hard at times. Yesterday, I got Preparation H mixed up with Poli-Grip. So now I talk like an a$$hole………but at least my gums don’t itch.
26/Jun/09 12:19 AM
Congrats, mymare! Is it "Taste of Chicago" time already? I really need to get back there for the next one. It's been too long....
26/Jun/09 12:21 AM
runn,, it's coming.....
26/Jun/09 12:24 AM
They are gearing up for the taste - starting next week and during 4th of July - paper has all the listings for the food table. Popcorn ball on a stick that is frozen, mmm I don't know, I tend to head for the ribs.....corn on the cob.....
26/Jun/09 12:26 AM
mymare - Chicago ribs are great! And so is the corn. I remember some wonderful bratwurst, too, from years back.
26/Jun/09 12:29 AM
Hot and sticky here, too, so the glacier picture is appreciated--magnificent!
26/Jun/09 12:30 AM
Wow! Just saw Hewitt take out 5th seed del Potro at Wimbledon in straight sets! Great playing! (I still predict Murray will win the title, however.)
26/Jun/09 12:48 AM
Looks like it's going to rain soon, so I'm off for a quick bike ride.
26/Jun/09 12:49 AM
Pedal fast, Jane!
26/Jun/09 12:52 AM
Supposed to get into the 90's here today, too.
26/Jun/09 1:40 AM
Evening everyone
26/Jun/09 2:00 AM
Jane, thanks for reminding me about Wimby. I haven't been watching it. Been busy with relatives visiting.
26/Jun/09 2:09 AM
2:09 Maen! Gorgeous place, and I've actually been there! (twice!!!)
26/Jun/09 2:12 AM
Maen, All. A bit quiet in SudokuLand today. We Yanks are probably slowed by this oppressive heat. It's pretty bad when it's hot enough to play in the sprinkler before breakfast!
26/Jun/09 2:18 AM
Good Morning to everyone! Yes, that is a gorgeous place!

Happy Birthday, Dad!
26/Jun/09 2:20 AM
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