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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2014


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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Jun/14 2:13 AM
It's not snowing again in Vermont.
26/Jun/14 2:42 AM
Somewhere, it's snowing or raining. Somewhere, it's not.
26/Jun/14 2:55 AM
Another 'misplaced' parents page picture.
26/Jun/14 3:09 AM
26/Jun/14 3:09 AM
Karen is probably busy trying to detach a cat from her toe.
26/Jun/14 3:10 AM
Here it's not snowing. Somewhere it is. Does that mean it's snowing where you are, DoA? Or not?
26/Jun/14 3:15 AM
Anne - That's for me to know, and you to find out. Laughin' at you....................
26/Jun/14 3:59 AM
It's raining here.
26/Jun/14 4:01 AM
No offense, intended, Anne. Just have to 'stir the pot' on occasion and keep it on a low simmer.
26/Jun/14 4:02 AM
26/Jun/14 4:30 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
26/Jun/14 6:42 AM
The is sizzling here today. After last nights storm we have 1000% humidity or at least it feels like it.
26/Jun/14 6:56 AM
My first venture out since the surgery. It was over rated we went grocery shopping.
26/Jun/14 6:59 AM
Good morning everyone. Jane has invited me to go exploring with her ! I'm very excited as we had such a good time together on our Uluru adventure. It would be terrific to catch up with sudokists who live in the area where we'll be travelling. I leave Launceston, Tasmania at 6:00 and arrive in Jacksonville, Florida at 21:25 on September 30. It's going to be a very long day!
26/Jun/14 7:20 AM
Good morning.
26/Jun/14 7:31 AM
No offense taken, DoA. I knew you were kidding, as was I.
26/Jun/14 8:37 AM
It rained a little here today. But no flurries to speak of.
26/Jun/14 8:37 AM
It feels cold enough for a little sprinkling of snow on our little mountain today.
26/Jun/14 8:41 AM
It was near 90F here today. Snow was not called for in the forecast. But you never know.
26/Jun/14 8:49 AM
Cold and very windy here.
26/Jun/14 8:59 AM
Shouldn'y be surprised if there is snow on the hills.
26/Jun/14 9:00 AM
Perfect day for hot chocolate and reading a book in bed.
26/Jun/14 9:01 AM
But I have to go to work later.
26/Jun/14 9:01 AM
And before that, pack to go to Sydney tomorrow for the weekend.
26/Jun/14 9:02 AM
What a busy life you live, CP.
26/Jun/14 10:41 AM

Jane, I wouldn't recommend driving in New York (or any other American city) with Sacky as a passenger. You'll give her a heart attack sitting in the 'drivers seat' with no controls to play with.
26/Jun/14 10:57 AM
Oh, she'll get used to it, Peter! Kathy and I did when you were driving us through the mountains! Of course, come to think of it, we were sitting in the backseat, and backseat driving is pretty universal!
26/Jun/14 11:47 AM
I felt exactly that way while I was visiting in Australia.
26/Jun/14 11:48 AM
A little early but my bed is calling
26/Jun/14 12:22 PM
Driving on the opposite side of the road can be a little more than scary. Had enough of that in Ireland, so we took the train in Scotland.
26/Jun/14 12:25 PM
26/Jun/14 12:26 PM
Driving on the wrong side of the road certainly does take some getting used to!
26/Jun/14 2:21 PM
Theater tickets are discounted at the booth at TKTS at Duffy Square on Broadway and 7th.
TKTS - Discount Broadway Tickets Booth - NYTix.com

TKTS Booth is the discount broadway Ticket Stand in Times Square that sells bargain tickets More...
26/Jun/14 3:24 PM
Reasonable hotel rates in Manhattan for non-flea bag places are possible at Hilton Garden Inns, for example, but the rooms are teeny tiny with no space for human body parts between bed and dresser/TV. I suggest staying in Brooklyn or, as Serena suggested, out of the city entirely. The advantage More...
26/Jun/14 3:41 PM
Thanks, Sarah. Some good ideas.
26/Jun/14 4:11 PM
Ask me for other New York advice. I was raised to be a New Yorker, even though I was born and bred in DC.
26/Jun/14 4:13 PM
Evening everyone. Classic baby pic today.
26/Jun/14 5:53 PM
Sacky, sounds like a great trip ahead for you.
26/Jun/14 5:54 PM
26/Jun/14 5:54 PM
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