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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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TOPP after a CP..off to do those things.
26/Jul/11 1:54 AM
Congratulations, Sarah Beth. Things woke up in fine form this morning, so dealing with that.

No, I will not be doing the deed for Your Highness, I said no, so therefore the responsibility is for the Things and Man.
Thing I, just informed me that Her Highness is not in her bowl. Don't blame her. Must go investigate.
26/Jul/11 1:59 AM
Crap, crap, crap.
I did not want to do this. This is why I said no. Your Highness was floating at the top, upside down. As I was consoling my devestated girl, she starts moving again, so I get a clean container and temper the water and put her Highness in there. We were too late. She swam a lap More...
26/Jul/11 2:15 AM
That darn fish, is going to turn into lunch. Just walked through the FPA, and that darn thing is swimming again. Must be a cat fish, instead of a gold fish. So we should have 8 more lives to go through. Keep your fingers crossed that Your Highness survives, I cannot deal with that horrible sound Thing I makes, again. It is one of those noises that breaks your heart.
26/Jul/11 2:23 AM
Very early
26/Jul/11 2:25 AM
I wish Skittles would work with my g/f. She's been in a blue funk over the hummer's demise all day. perhaps I'll try overdosing her with CHOCOLATE! (Why does that word always get capitalized?)
26/Jul/11 2:26 AM
Karen, here's a cut about goldfish from Aquariacentral.com:
A two-inch Goldfish requires, at the very least, five gallons of water. When provided with less space its growth will be stunted and its life span shortened. In a favorable environment, however, a Goldfish will live for as long as 15 More...
26/Jul/11 2:44 AM
Because it deserves capitalization, Captain.

Karen, after being through the "fish thing" many times when my kids were young, I learned the hard way that the water needs to be de-chlorinated. You can buy de-chlorinating stuff, or you can let water sit for 24 hours before putting More...
26/Jul/11 2:51 AM
Right you are, Kayo! At one point, we had a 10 gallon tank for two of the little critters. I did everything recommended for their health and happiness. This, unfortunately, did not insure their survival. Every few weeks we would troop up to the pet store and pick out another pair. The owner More...
26/Jul/11 3:02 AM
Thank you for your support.
Kayo, this little bity, itsy, weeny fish requires that much room! I thought the oversized martini glass was huge, for only this big fish.

I have two plans, one, make a suggestion that Grandma's fish would love a friend. Or, two, take stock out in gold fish and find a steady supplier.
26/Jul/11 3:07 AM
Oh, I see you did my plan B, Kathy.

I must be thankful, that the fair did not have hampsters. Hampsters and I have a past and the hampsters won.
26/Jul/11 3:10 AM
Captain J, it is a law, that CHOCOLATE, must be said in a honorable way.

There is a M&M commercial on right now, and I wish had about a ton of them.
26/Jul/11 3:12 AM
Happy Monday!
We took my mom to a very nice family wedding yesterday--had a great time reconnecting with cousins, nieces and nephews!
26/Jul/11 4:04 AM
The goldfish that kids win at fairs are what are called "feeder" goldfish. They're poor quality goldfish that are used to feed bigger pet fish like Oscars. They sell for less than 5 cents apiece and are not long lived. IF you take More...
26/Jul/11 4:14 AM
Oh man. It must not be a good week for animals. Sad pet tale warning!

In the peace of yesterday afternoon, I hear a neighbor yell "Molly" in a panicked tone. Knowing most of the pets we're surrounded by, I did not recall that name so went to the deck to look. I More...
26/Jul/11 4:14 AM
Just a reminder. I said no, repeatedly as my family was heading off to the fair game. I did not want a fish, especially a fair fish.

I said no. The man at the carousal is the only person that heard me and he just laughed and shook his head.
26/Jul/11 4:22 AM
Did they hold up the other end of the bargain? I seem to remember you said no about going to the fair, and man said yes as long as they agreed to go to bed without any fuss....
26/Jul/11 4:25 AM
Of course, there was no fuss. We stayed at the fair till 11, the ride home is 10 minutes, the girls were gone before we got half way home.
26/Jul/11 4:27 AM

My thanks to those who helped me to successfully contact Gath - especially Canuk Greg and Grasshopper.
26/Jul/11 4:36 AM
Karen, what does your avatar say?
26/Jul/11 4:37 AM
Aileen, I'm glad you had a good time. I am one of those people who enjoys family events.
26/Jul/11 4:39 AM
Chocolate must always be capitalized and said in a hushed whisper.
26/Jul/11 4:39 AM
I don't think I really want to go and watch whales in a small boat.
One flip of a whale tail and I would be sea-sick.
26/Jul/11 4:43 AM
I thought it was just a stitch, Sarah Beth.
26/Jul/11 4:47 AM
looks like 'Plushies' Sarah Beth. Time to change my solar dryer...strong breeze today is doing the job in half the time...
26/Jul/11 4:48 AM
There is a storm rolling in, I'd better shut down the computer.

If you have some time, try today's poozle. Remember, I am am easy grader. (unlike some I could mention)
26/Jul/11 5:08 AM
Is it really, still just Monday!
26/Jul/11 5:12 AM
Well after getting the good news that my maculas were both healthy, the drive home was extraordinarily blindingly bright! Every time we hit full sunshine, suddenly the glare was painful and all I could make out was bright, couldn't see any object. Came home with a headache. I've had my eye More...
26/Jul/11 5:27 AM
26/Jul/11 5:33 AM
Is it Friday yet?
26/Jul/11 6:54 AM
Rayray, glad you were able to contact Gath. Now can someone help me to do that? I tried the Contact Us at the top of the page. Is there a better way?
26/Jul/11 7:44 AM
Gath has a member's page; gallery etc., just like we do.
I finally successfully used the message link there to contact him.
At first I had problems finding his page as the 'members' button at the top did not work properly.
Eventually it worked.
Other than that you would need to find a recent posting of Gath's and use the link to it - "Check out my page".
26/Jul/11 7:52 AM
Good morning.
26/Jul/11 8:24 AM
Although I was up working all night, there was no spare minute to come and chat here.
26/Jul/11 8:25 AM
So I will soon be heading to bed.
26/Jul/11 8:25 AM
Karen, I have a really good fish bowl here, very wide and open.
26/Jul/11 8:26 AM
No I do not want you to send the fish to me. I'd be happy to send the bowl to you, although I fear it may arrive in an assembly required condition - with no blueprint/plans!
26/Jul/11 8:28 AM
We're getting close to the bottom.
26/Jul/11 8:29 AM
Where is Karen lurking?
26/Jul/11 8:29 AM
Can I do it?
26/Jul/11 8:29 AM
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