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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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There has been one deranged individual on this site today using eveyones name except his own for his own sick enjoyment we are better to ignore.
3:02 are you warming up for sat?
G'day, I totally agreed with Col calling you up on the tone of your comments about Americans & poetry writers, etc. Maybe it was your sense of humor, as you say, but it came across as criticism. Speaking as an American who has visited your wonderful country I can honestly say I DO care about what More...
to anne from albany
Yes unfortunatly for me he does. I will still try and whip him tho. I suppose you know we will be playing at Centenial Park for the tournament. Be nice to say hello.
PS Give Ricky my regards.
time 3:44 getting better. Good MAEN all. Cold and sunny in Philly Brrr. Keep warm or for those of you who live in paridise, keep cool.
3:11 today. First time under 4 minutes
To col and G'day:
Come on guys, don't get all soppy. I love the banter and I have read all of your posts G'day and I thought some were borderline and some humourous (maybe some can't see that tho).
To col:
Read the first posts for the last few days to see what I was 'ranting?' about a few days ago. Inane comments.
Drat...so close and yet still can't break 3min. Well here is hoping all have a great MAEN!
It is now beginning to appear that an imposter has been among us for some time. Jaz, I know how you feel as this has happened to me, too. I think you will know who I am. Maybe he/she has been confused by the roles different people play at our virtual parties & can't figure out the difference More...
Hi All! The Sudoku bug has just bitten me! New to this but very cool!
Let's talk about something else. How about tennis!!! My secret is out - you all know now that I am a tennis fanatic. I never even made it to the beach party yesterday because I played tennis twice (morning & evening) & then spent four 1/2 hours watching the women's semi finals on TV. More...
Anyone an 'Emily the Strange' fan?
Does your wife always work Days? Suzanne & I hope she can come with you to our Sudokuists Annonymous meeting on Feb. 21. Maybe I will bring my husband, too. He likes fast cars like you do & has a 1971 Corvette recently painted bright red. Maybe you'll see him on the road someday although he doesn't drive it very often. Where do you get all your dogs? Who is your vet?
3:44 about my 10th day, finally broke 4 minutes!
Hello all and good MAEN! Ed sure hope your wife can come to the meeting, if not Kathy and I promise to be good! She has nothing to fear in us..you'll probably even get to meet my kids.
Here's an idea about the imposters: Jaz,Eric,and whomever: sign up and join the site, and then your name will More...
Good MAEN everyone, sorry to see all the hard feelings caused earlier. This is a fun and friendly site. Quting from an American song from the 70's, 'Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?' Check back later, about 15 minutes of work to do.
If your travel schedule allows you might be interested in allowing time to visit the Tampa Museum of Science & Industry (near Busch Gardens) to see the 'Bodies, the Exhibition' there. It is somewhat controversial because it consists of fully preserved & posed cadavers. My husband taught high More...
plan to stop there before we meet up with you on 2/21. Ed, have you seen it yet?
We know not everybody has time to read all the comments every day so just to let you know: Suzanne is planning a visit to Tampa & we think it will be fun to meet in person for a change instead of just online! Anyone in the Tampa area (or other cities?) is invited to join us on Feb. 21 at the More...
I think this is a super idea Kathy and Suzanne. Have a great time!
Kathy, The museum sounds wonderful, I think I would enjoy it more than my kids. I don't think we'll have time to visit there, it's tight enough already, unless we go on the way back to Pt. Charlotte on the 22nd. Thanks for the tip! So it's looking as if the eve of the 21st is our meeting at either Fridays or the Mexican joint followed by drinks by the pool?
Sounds good to me. I've got it on my calendar.
We should also remind everyoe in Minnesota and even Western Wisconsin to mark their calendars for June when Suzanne will be in Minneapolis for the Midwest meeting of SA!
Where's the ubiquitous cat?
I don't know guys, life is too short to be spending it worrying what others say. Words without speach inflection can easily be misinterpreted. We all have flaws. Who am I to judge the words or actions of another. I have enough trouble keeping my own thoughts straight.
Since I was so busy all day yesterday I didn't have time for comments. Wanted to tell you I LOVE the 'My Country' poem by Dorothea Mackellar. You should have that framed & posted at your motel - very meaningful to anyone who has been lucky enough to visit YOUR country!! I am sorry I never said More...
1.09 Looks wet and chilly, still it's better than here at the moment. Forecast snow for tonight .
Good point Warren. That has to get you nominated to the 'good guys' list! Will you root for the Pittsburg Steelers even though you live in Philly?
OK LK, Here's the call out for the 'First Annual Midwest U.S. Sudokuholics Anonymous Meeting', it takes place the weekend of June 30-July 2 in Minneapolis, MN. Details to follow. Hey, how come I am the common denominator in these meetings????
I'm originally from Ohio, born & raised in Cleveland. What does the 'bleck' mean?? Thank you for explaining the quick method of C. to F. temperature conversions. I learned it when we were in Aus. but quickly forgot it after I got home. Now I have written it down for future reference. I also More...
Because you are the only one lucky enough to be traveling to different places, I'm stuck here for eternity I think!
1:55 my best time ever !!!
For a few days now I haven't been able to get the marinelife.org site to pull up on my computer. It starts off with the pictures & music & then I get a message that reads 'The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator.' Are there problems that you know of?
Boy, I am much too gabby today. My tutoring student had to cancel our session this morning so I've spent all my time on the computer instead. Better get busy now & go do all the things I didn't get done yesterday. Good MAEN everybody!
Forgot to say I wish Samantha Stosur well in both her doubles matches today. She'll have a busy day with the women's doubles final at 3:00 P.M. & the mixed doubles at 6:30 P.M. A great tournament for her this year!! Wonder how many $'s she will earn? Both she & Gigi Fernandez will be happy. I wonder if coaches get a salary plus percentage of prize money?
see 7.15 today i'm getting better each day and if i will live long enough i will beat you all, ha...ha...ad to look up the word ubiquitous from jaffy manaus never heard of it, but now i know good maen to all of you
I have just read the postings on pages 1 and 2 how silly some folks are to post in psuedo names if you join sudoku (top corner click join) then your name is written and has supporting member next to it, hence only one supporting member is called for example Yvette from Rossendale England any imposter would not be a suppoeting member! does that make sense??
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