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Easy Sudoku for 27/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page two.
27/Dec/12 2:58 AM
Kayo.... best Daffynition yet!!!
27/Dec/12 2:58 AM
One of my most favorite memories is waking up in my Aunt Susie's farm. She and her husband grew the famous Sunkist oranges. Uncle would get up super early and pick the ripest oranges right off the trees. I grabbed the best job of squeezing the oranges for juice.
27/Dec/12 3:08 AM
With a juicer of course! I'd squeeze a huge pitcherful for breakfast and with the largest glass I could find, I'd squeeze one for me!!!
27/Dec/12 3:10 AM
Good morning to all! Yummy! Fresh oranges. But now I'd like to know if anyone can tell me an English word that rhymes with ORANGE?
27/Dec/12 3:30 AM
Only another orange, Greg.
27/Dec/12 3:33 AM
I would like to thank all those who left Christmas messages on my personal page. The nice thing about getting messages there is that they stay there, they don't disappear at change-over. Each one creates a memory of good people, fun, sometimes sadness; always there to go back and read and remember. More...
27/Dec/12 3:37 AM

''sporange, a very rare alternative form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant).''

Close as I could get, anyway.
27/Dec/12 3:42 AM
Oh, pardon me. How rude.


We are experiencing ''sleet and frozen rain'' at the moment. I thought they were the same thing, but, apparently not, at least according to those very knowing and all wise weather guessers on More...
27/Dec/12 3:49 AM
But, I digress.

The answer to yesterday's (and day before) poozle: divided or split loyalties

Time to get back to basics!
Winners, Grass-hopper, HalT, Greg, lonewoof, and Heidi (who said ''broken vows'', which I like!)
all receive the Coveted Bat Crown for their efforts!
27/Dec/12 4:05 AM
Huh? That's what I thought, too, Kathy!!!
27/Dec/12 4:05 AM
Okay, Kathy, I looked it up. Sleet is rain that freezes while it's in the air. Freezing or frozen rain is rain that freezes AFTER it hits the ground or anything that is close to the ground, like trees, roofs, cars, etc!
27/Dec/12 4:13 AM
There was no answer from you in my inbox, Shosho.
Here have a cookie....
27/Dec/12 4:13 AM
LOL! I thought you were saying you answered the poozle rebus and didn't get credit! Give me back the cookie.
27/Dec/12 4:14 AM
And for today......

My 5, 8, 4, 9, 1 is an adhesive.
My 9, 6, 2 can be a cowboy's nickname.
My 4, 3, 5 is the basis of maple syrup.
My 7, 10 is a 'drop of golden sun'.
My whole is to irritate.

Answers to the ''No, it isn't Hal'' inbox, please.

27/Dec/12 4:16 AM
y'all. I hope Santa brought everyone here whatever they desired.
G'majackie, good luck on your upcoming surgery.
Kathy, shosho was very close to a correct answer to the sleet v. freezing rain question. A more precise explanation - if you're interested - can be found here: More...
27/Dec/12 4:19 AM
The things you learn because of someone on this site!!! . Some very useful like this one, and some, well, who needs to know about some flatfooted flies?
27/Dec/12 4:33 AM
I like gingerbread cookies!!!
27/Dec/12 4:37 AM
Now I shall get ready for the Japanese New Year Day feast. We're such terrible addicted punsters that our some of our foods for that day are based on the food words that sound like good luck. So we eat them to get the good luck.
27/Dec/12 4:40 AM
Can you give examples of food words that sound like good luck, Shosho? What do you prepare that fit that category? My table would be bare. I can't think of anything!
27/Dec/12 5:28 AM
Morning all,I miss my orange trees I had at Robinvale.
Good luck for tomorrow, GrmaJackie.
Kathy, what about -wood duck.
27/Dec/12 5:42 AM
Kathy, prepare a chuck roast.
27/Dec/12 5:49 AM
or roasted mukluks?
27/Dec/12 5:54 AM
Sorry about that. I stopped by to change my avatar but had to jump in... Hope everyone is enjoying the post-Christmas lull!
27/Dec/12 5:57 AM
Afternoon all,
Many of the comments today have left me drooling...I have never tasted an orange fresh from the trees...bananas, apples, berries freshly picked, even pineapple...but never an orange...must do so next time I;m in Florida.
Good luck tomorrow gma Jackie...wishing you a quick More...
27/Dec/12 6:07 AM
Hello everyone!
27/Dec/12 6:30 AM
Special hello to Jane & Mama!
27/Dec/12 6:31 AM
We had can orange tree in the yard when I was growing up. I took them for granted. After I moved, it took a long time before I could convince myself to pay what the stores were asking.
27/Dec/12 6:33 AM
Hope everyone had a joyously fun time, over this special period!
We did - friends staying with us Up-the-River for 2 days, then traveling to my daughter's place for a scorchingly hot couple of days (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day). We survived the heat & managed to have a great time despite it! More...
27/Dec/12 6:40 AM
Hello Serena - yes, there's nothing like an orange fresh from the tree!!
27/Dec/12 6:45 AM
Morning Kate.
27/Dec/12 6:49 AM
Dropped off at the River on the way back from daughter's place (on Boxing Day) for a sleep over & catch up with River friends, then back home yesterday. Husband left again this morning at 5.15am for his Tasmanian ''holiday'' with 2 mates. 3 days walking in the north east - the Bay of Fires walk, More...
27/Dec/12 6:50 AM
Where does your daughter live ,Kate ? We had a lovely cool day even had a shower of rain just after lunch then a big storm after everyone had gone.
27/Dec/12 6:52 AM
Hello Amelia!
Saw the Medowie Rd sign on the way to & from my Daughter's (at Wauk Ivory)! Hope you saw my waves & caught my kisses!!!
27/Dec/12 6:53 AM
You have been busy ,Kate.
27/Dec/12 6:54 AM
I sure did,Kate.lol
27/Dec/12 6:55 AM
We must have got the rain after it left you, on Christmas night! It rained most of the way down the highway on Boxing Day & continued on the river! Yesterday was overcast most of the day!
27/Dec/12 6:57 AM
We've actually finally had a conversation!!!!
27/Dec/12 6:57 AM
Off the catch up with the jigsaws, sudokus & chat that I've missed. See you all later!
27/Dec/12 6:59 AM
27/Dec/12 7:00 AM
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