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Easy Sudoku for 27/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all!
27/Dec/13 12:01 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Old people's minds are like mighty fortresses. Nothing can get in.
27/Dec/13 12:01 AM
I can imagine a bit of surprise if that sleigh started moving.
27/Dec/13 12:30 AM

1. angel -> Ngel
2. candy -> Andy
3. holly -> Olly
4. inn -> NN
5. manger -> anger
6. rings -> ings
7. Saint -> aint
8. star -> tar
9. train -> rain

Bonus: Christmas

In the More...
27/Dec/13 12:34 AM
Christmas Logic

Ole Santa's pack held thirty toys
Made by his elfin crew;
And though none made the same amount,
Each elf made more than two.
The elf named Cher made one more Christmas toy
Than the elf who dressed in reds,
But Cher made one less Christmas toy
Than the More...
27/Dec/13 12:36 AM
Happy Boxing Day (...this side)!
or - I'm not sure. The sun peeked out for a second...
What's one of the best things about Christmas celibrations?
Grandchildren's faces!
27/Dec/13 1:13 AM
Question: Did the cat get there on his own or did he get 'help'?
27/Dec/13 1:36 AM
Getting all of Shosho's lucky 8's this year must have helped... I'm going to the Rose Bowl & parade! Yippee! Thanks, Shosho, for sharing!
27/Dec/13 1:40 AM
Merry Xmas to all my friends
27/Dec/13 1:40 AM
My eight year old grandson had an especially lucky Christmas morning...
He had a visit from Santa AND the Tooth Fairy on the same day!
27/Dec/13 1:51 AM
27/Dec/13 1:59 AM
a beautiful & cold morning
27/Dec/13 2:23 AM
Time for Harry's PT
27/Dec/13 2:23 AM
Still at the coast, but heading back home this morning. Beautiful place to spend Christmas.
27/Dec/13 2:56 AM
27/Dec/13 4:03 AM
My pleasure, Shiela!!!
Here's some more flying your way!
27/Dec/13 4:04 AM
Morning all,that cat is being taken for a ride.
Couldn't sleep so I thought I would tire my mind with some sudoku.
27/Dec/13 4:30 AM
This cute little guy looks very happy in this spot. Looks like he's thinking of making it his own special place.
27/Dec/13 4:30 AM
Bean, we had snow on the ground yesterday but it wasn't actively snowing. There was new snow when I woke up and it is coming down pretty good now.
27/Dec/13 4:40 AM
Don't think '...mighty fortresses...' is an old folks exclusive! Run into closed minds at all ages.
27/Dec/13 5:04 AM
I just KNEW there had to be an answer, Peter. Yeah, I'm happy, now.
27/Dec/13 5:15 AM
27/Dec/13 5:16 AM
Any word from Ian on how Anne is doing?
27/Dec/13 5:16 AM
was out just when the Sun was rising - nice and crisp out - shoveling snow - thankful it was power and lite - saw what I thought was a hawk fly over but some type of heron.
27/Dec/13 5:23 AM
okay, I just posted that nice little bit but what actually happened - was I was called down stairs due to a malfunction of the sewer line - I guess if you are running the washer and then the shower starts up - well, let's just say the blockage is no more ---

never happened before, but seems strange that my brother in law is visiting and He's a plumber ????
somethings up
27/Dec/13 5:25 AM
Good mor....afternoon people of the world.
27/Dec/13 5:25 AM
Many thanks to all the friends for their lovelt Christmas greeings.Wishing all of you very happy times.
27/Dec/13 5:33 AM
What a wonderful, exhausting day yesterday was. Wish I had time to regroup, but no time for the weary. Or to be weary.
Our fun filled day was shared with MIL, Pappoo and Mr. and Mrs. C (the people we are not supposed to associate with). Within the hour of the girls opening all their goodies, Man More...
27/Dec/13 5:33 AM
Seems the thousands of miles between my sister and me, has not stopped our thinking alike. The girls have double, of the exact same smelly and bath stuff. That is alright, they do have a tendency to stink.

27/Dec/13 5:37 AM
BTW, Bean, for a white Christmas, Texas is not the place to come, sorry. We had a chilly, bright, green day. It was beautiful.
Now, my sister is in Idaho, she had deep snow, or what I consider deep, cold and still falling snow. There are pictures on my page on the other site, if you want to see.
27/Dec/13 5:40 AM
Now, for my new toy. Around 12 o'clock last night, I finally got to take it out of the box. But it is not a good idea to have an exhausting day and try to read small print, late at night. So, this morning, I was able to put my new toy in front of me, and that is where it has had to sit, because More...
27/Dec/13 5:45 AM
Oh, since I got my new toy, a child has asked if she could have my old toy, or better, get one herself.
She did have a diplomatic approach, she told me, since, I am still on my old toy, could she have my new toy. So, I asked her if I could have her favorite new toy, too. She went off to play with her toys.
27/Dec/13 5:47 AM
27/Dec/13 6:03 AM
Nice to see everyone here has enjoyed their Christmas. Nice to see Jano and Wagdy posting.
My daughter has been having visits from some deer over the Christmas period (escaped from a deer farm). Makes a change from kangaroos and wombats!
27/Dec/13 6:23 AM
Time to put the Christmas holly away, and start thinking about a Happy New Year. 2013 was OK for me personally, but I hope 2014 can be a better year for the country in general.
27/Dec/13 6:34 AM
I got a pair of 'old man' slippers. You know, the kind with the warm fuzzy stuff inside.
27/Dec/13 7:29 AM
Hubby got a pair of those, too, Hal.
27/Dec/13 7:37 AM
The dreaded ''new car search'' is going on here. That is how I've spent the day so far. I was thinking of the Honda CRV until the neighbor's kid showed up with a Toyota Venza. I have a Camry now and the Venza is pretty comparable in size. The Honda is smaller and is only available with a V4, the More...
27/Dec/13 7:47 AM
I'm totally partied out. Looking at the small number of comments posted so far today, it looks like I'm not the only one.
27/Dec/13 7:56 AM
Am I in time?
27/Dec/13 7:57 AM
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