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Easy Sudoku for 27/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Baz my dear i know you will find these poems stirring in your heart!!!!!!
Or maybe this is more your scene.....
There once was a girl from Dundee
Who ate garden worms for her tea
They wiggled and poked
So much that she choked
And then died in immense agony

Night night God bless to all xxxxxx
First time posting today. don't understand the Baz thing. Seems to be making fun of my comments or am I over sensitive. Just have an opinion and the motto is kids first. Is that too heavy or what. What is this site about. I just found the site cos I love soduke
The first one Elisabeth Barrett Browning? I havn't heard the other one but they are lovely, even if Baz wont admit it.
Mike it the time delay no no no no you are not made fun off. I really appreciate you passion surrounding young people. Because of the time delay you find other postings in between postings to you, please dont be offended, come back to this site, i love to hear from like minded folks xxxxxxx
I really do need to go to to bed now Im up in the morn doing what im employed to do!!!!!
Mike, That's a good question..what's this site about? It's about anything and everything. Just read for a few days and you will understand. And Baz??? Don't take anything he says personally. Once you get to know him, you too will fall under his charming spell.
best time for the sunday.
Mike, I almost agree completely. You are not insulting and hope you are not insulted. My beef is that single men are placed at the bottom. A single female is not considered as much of a 'risk'. I do believe children are best with two people who love them, but only having one who loves can be mearly More...
Sorry to blow off steam, but single fathers are treated like dirt. Single mothers have all sorts of government aid and social aid, but single fathers...
Hi Mike..Welcome to the sudoku site. I know it must seem a little strange to you. Usually new people do the puzzle and then read the comments for quite a while before commenting. When a subject somes up that you feel you can comment on then we do. Good on you for commenting and I know we have all More...
hear other people's points of view on subjects. Also to hear how other people's lives are lived and have been lived. I, personally, have found answers to problems on this site by simply putting out there a concern or an opinion. This truly is a swonderful place and please keep with us..oh and Baz is really a wonderful person!!
To Warren.....I wish you all the best in your quest to become a Dad. I feel just by reading your comments that you would be a dedicated and loving father. There are single mothers and fathers out there. Families of all different kinds. Just love the ones you are with and know that (in most cases) parents do the best they can with what they know in raising their children
Welcome Mike! Really enjoying your angle on things. It's funny all the apologies because as far as I can tell it looks like everyone is on the same page...Warren: I came in the middle of the chat about you adopting and how hard it is. I have several lesbian friends that also had trouble with US More...
sometimes it has been disastrous and others very wonderful but I dont believe that there are many out there that deliberately do the worst for their kids. I'm not saying that they aren't out there, we all know they are, but on the whole I feel most do the best they can with the abilities they have been taught through their own parents and society. Does any of that make sense?
Hi everyone! good to hear hubby doing ok deb, and baz we really do love you warts and all♥
2:17 and what a cute picture--looks sort of like our dog :)
oh ps......i think the dog is lying on his bone and that is the end of it sticking out....he is just keeping it in a safe place....lol
hello yall
jash is dumb
i hate u
Josh smells
my name is harry
hello ppl
hello jimbob wat up
ur gay
whos gay
josh is fat
poooooooooooooooooooo is yam
Deanis has the biggest penis
dean wishes!!
Mike, YOU ARE JUST FINE, BETTER THAN FINE. The fact that you care that much is as good as it gets. Don't you ever thing of changing. As you visit the site more you will become more familiar with the people who comment.
Baz is a good person, rawhide on the outside, peanut butter and jelly on More...
Mike, See what I mean we have all kind of a**holes on the site.

You make it a better site. Keep in touch with us.
Kathy, It's 10:18. If you are you now what it's OK.
Hi! I have done quite a bit of research. Seems the Chinese only allow 8% of their adoptions to go to singles and most agencies are booked for the next two years. Vietnam has just opened up so I need to look there. India and Eastern Europe are beyond what I can afford ($30,000+). South America has More...
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