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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Is it soup yet?
27/May/11 12:00 AM
27/May/11 12:00 AM
Good morning to all.
27/May/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. Wow, Jeanine. That was fast!
27/May/11 12:00 AM
27/May/11 12:01 AM
Good Maen all!
27/May/11 12:02 AM
Morning all.
27/May/11 12:06 AM
Good Maen a little late
27/May/11 12:10 AM
Stuck again, John?
27/May/11 12:10 AM
I don't believe it! The sun just came out!
27/May/11 12:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/May/11 12:11 AM
National Backyard Games Day.
27/May/11 12:12 AM
See you later... have to take advantage, you know!
...While the sun shines!
27/May/11 12:12 AM
Car ferry? I've enjoyed riding the one between Washington (Seattle) and Vancouver Island.
27/May/11 12:14 AM
Now THAT'S the "Spirit"!
27/May/11 12:23 AM
and may everyone enjoy a happy new day. I am wondering how long this ride takes and where the port of call might be?
27/May/11 12:30 AM
I am also checking on Heidi. Middle Tennesse is still on the map and now I am wondering how our farmer friend in KY. fared through the last blast of tornado weather.
27/May/11 12:32 AM
We had high winds last night but very little rain. That is certainly fine with me as we are water logged here. Hubby can't mow until the ground drys.
27/May/11 12:34 AM
Good Maen, all!
27/May/11 12:35 AM
We had planned a trip over the weekend but will stay home now. We were going to West Virigina but a cousin called yesterday and said we would be following the rain on up to W.V. We have a cabin in a very isolated area and I imagine we would be unable to get into the area... and if we did?
27/May/11 12:36 AM
Sending good thoughts to the folks in tornado alley.
27/May/11 12:36 AM
We're almost there...
27/May/11 12:36 AM
27/May/11 12:36 AM
Jane ... well played.
27/May/11 12:37 AM
Sorry, Keith...
27/May/11 12:37 AM
This photo sent me googling. Tasmania is 150 miles from the mainland. It appears all ferry traffic is performed by just two 'Spirit of Tasmania' ferries? Is that correct? All other public transportation is apparently by air?
27/May/11 12:37 AM
Hope everyone is all right after all the terrible storms. Although I certainly don't want any violent weather, we could sure use some rain.
27/May/11 12:38 AM
We may not be able to get out for several days. I will be glad to stay home. I don't care to have cabin fever. There is a festival in our little town this weekend. I will be singing with the Civil War Singers Sunday afternoon.
there is always something to do here, you just have to look for it and apply yourself.
27/May/11 12:40 AM
Hello everyone else. I am not going to start over again for a CP. Must move on. We are going shopping today in Paris (TN.)
27/May/11 12:42 AM
Make hay, Shiela.
27/May/11 12:55 AM
Send all unwanted rain to Florida.
We could use some.
27/May/11 12:56 AM
What's the official required minimum for a CP?
27/May/11 12:57 AM
And how do some of you know when you are close to making it "bump" to a new page?
27/May/11 12:57 AM
I was here before the changeover and planned to join the "rush" - then remembered I am tutoring this afternoon, had given the student four final exams to take (she is hoping to get credit for Algebra and Geometry, and the school trusts me enough to verify her eligibility!?), and I didn't have keys for the exams. So I had to stop playing and "take" the exams. Now my brain hurts.
27/May/11 12:58 AM
Here is Florida is another day of the Casey Anthony trial. Young woman accused of killing her 2 year old daughter.
27/May/11 12:59 AM
Sorry Jeanine - looks like I messed up your first (?) CP - it required 5 consecutive posts. The page changes every 40 posts, and the total number is at the top of the page. We should be getting close to a change now.
27/May/11 12:59 AM
RequireS, not requireD.
27/May/11 1:00 AM
If I hurry, I might CP and start page 2?
27/May/11 1:00 AM
27/May/11 1:00 AM
Then I need to go.
27/May/11 1:00 AM
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