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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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To cut a long story short, yes we have a working computer at home, but at home there is never much time to sit at it....thats why you only see me here from change over and for the next 5 hours or so (work permitting!!)
27/Jul/14 5:14 AM
Page two.
27/Jul/14 5:14 AM
Karen isnt going to be talking to me any more.........sorry
27/Jul/14 5:15 AM
Really, Lizzy!
Did you just not know, what mission I was on?

Good topper.
27/Jul/14 5:15 AM
Oh, dear, I talk to anyone, in here.
Never fear.
I do know, that you have made a few people snicker, which is always a good thing.
27/Jul/14 5:17 AM
I should of waited, especially with you in the throes of giving up smoking......
27/Jul/14 5:18 AM
BTW, you really should never make a long story, short.
Or, at least, I don't.
27/Jul/14 5:19 AM
Hehehe. I have only been mean a few times, so far.
27/Jul/14 5:20 AM
Ugh. I spent the morning with my family and they still want my attention.
Must go away, I know, you are heart broken, but remember I shall return.
Besides, they are cuter.
27/Jul/14 5:23 AM
Oh, one more, I think.
Keith, darling, how did I do? Are we jump started, yet?
After these people leave, we could try for that 2000 posts.
27/Jul/14 5:24 AM
Greg has 2 perfect responses??? It was hard! I agonized! I researched! I guessed!
27/Jul/14 5:39 AM
Way to go, Kathy.
Are you OK, now?
27/Jul/14 5:41 AM
I know, I said, I was going to do that family thing, but I have also said, I have my priorities.

Lizzy, I received, 3 PMs, two were blank and the Part 2, I responded to. Was there something in the others, or was the third time, the charm?

I will check back later, a darling, has More...
27/Jul/14 5:44 AM

Third time lucky!
27/Jul/14 5:56 AM
Happy Saturday!
CG's puzzle easy?!
So far, I've only got 3 answers (without consulting my pal, Google), and am glad it is a 2-day challenge...
27/Jul/14 6:10 AM
Way to go! 2000 seems a bit out of reach, even for you, Karen ... but I do have a 222 smilie.
27/Jul/14 7:15 AM
I have a 111 smilie. That seems more likely.
27/Jul/14 7:17 AM
Little girl and I were taking turns pushing a train around the track. For some reason my turn was almost 1 lap and hers was about 20.
27/Jul/14 7:19 AM
I remember Andre saying that she wanted to make a 2222 comment and we all helped her get there.
27/Jul/14 7:32 AM
Karen, understand a little one joining you in bed. Last night Laura slept with me and kept saying she could not get to sleep. It kept me awake so that when she did sleep I was wide awake!. Laura is a real night owl!
27/Jul/14 7:34 AM
Sunny this morning, but rather cool. Should be a nice sunny day.
27/Jul/14 7:35 AM
OK. Serena, you get us to 111, then Karen can lead us to 222. André ... oh André ... come back and get us to 2222.
27/Jul/14 7:55 AM
y'all! Yesterday, I started to make a page run, until Silverguy noted the time - about 30 minutes before we had to leave to go somewhere... and I hadn't even showered yet! This is a 'scarce' weekend for me, so I'm just doing a quick check in. Miss the chit-chat!
27/Jul/14 8:13 AM
I'm pretty sure that my life isn't interesting enough to get us to 111 even if I started from when I was born and gave a detailed history.
27/Jul/14 8:17 AM
Aw, June, I am certain, because, I do, loved every little squirm and would not change a thing. Really, who needs sleep?
There has been discussion, to get a bigger bed, that to boot, our lovies out. Other discussions, have been, about when the girls are in their 30's, it might be time, for them to be in their own beds, but all of doubt, that will ever happen.
27/Jul/14 9:19 AM
Keith, I am up for the challenge, now that I am well rested. There was a thought, since, my family is out risking their lives, and enjoying themselves, I would go coupon shopping, but two things are preventing me.
27/Jul/14 9:22 AM
One, just looking out the window, looks hot and the thought of getting into my no AC vehicle, hotter.
27/Jul/14 9:23 AM
Two, at this time of day, the bakery will not have my favorite item, and it is not worth going to the grocery store, it I cannot be rewarded, at the last stop, in the store.
27/Jul/14 9:24 AM
And Serena, I bet you have some tales, to tell. Not only about your life, but some mega Mommy Tales.
27/Jul/14 9:26 AM
I remembered the 2222, but not for whom.
Didn't we write a story, that night? It has been a while, since we wrote a story.
27/Jul/14 9:28 AM
Well, Serena doesn't seem up for it, and André has been MIA for the longest ... seems like wishful thinking to me.
27/Jul/14 9:30 AM
But, on the other hand, it looks like you've already started.
27/Jul/14 9:32 AM
I am always, up for chat, whether it is with someone, or just myself. I have no problems, either way.
I am sure, the voices, would love to jump in too.
27/Jul/14 9:33 AM
I do remember the 2222 day, but can't remember why I wasn't a part of it. Maybe it was nothing more than me dropping in my usual early morning comments and going about my day and missing all the fun.
27/Jul/14 9:34 AM
Though, if the family returns, my conversation is limited, until bedtime.
27/Jul/14 9:35 AM
Hurting my, worn out, brain cell, I think, you were here, but out traveling the world. But, whatever you do, please, do not quote my brain cell.
27/Jul/14 9:37 AM
Kind of, sort of, in a way, I kind of want my family to come home. I am hungry and do not want to go into that room, again. I had to prepare my own, lunchfast, today. It was supposed to be an omelet, but it did not look like any omelet, I have ever seen.
27/Jul/14 9:39 AM
Voices? Is that voices I'm hearing, or is it Karen?
27/Jul/14 9:39 AM
Good morning everyone. I placed a pic of a juvenile Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle on my page. I did some research and found it keeps its light plumage until about 10 years of age. The adults are much darker. I'll try to put an adult pic on tonight.
27/Jul/14 9:40 AM
What would really be nice, if they came bursting through the door, and say, 'C'mon, Mom, we are going out to eat.' Oh, I like that idea.
27/Jul/14 9:40 AM
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