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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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27/Jul/14 10:13 AM
At least I got that in before going. Now I really am going to bed.
27/Jul/14 10:14 AM
OK, I need food. I am going to take a break and help my darling, with her cause.
27/Jul/14 10:14 AM
Cannot believe, I was not paying attention.
You go, girl.
27/Jul/14 10:20 AM
Man, does not want to eat. Think I will surprise, my girl and take her out on a date, to her favorite place. Cracker Barrel.
27/Jul/14 10:21 AM
Good Morning. About to embark on a fairly sedate bike ride with Mr P and his sister. Wish me luck!
27/Jul/14 10:27 AM
We have a new shop at the shopping centre. Everything is $2.80. Laura bought herself a skipping rope and is skipping inside as it is too cold outside.
27/Jul/14 10:29 AM
Laura had saved some money from the holidays and she had a lovely time in that shop. Bought four items.
27/Jul/14 10:30 AM
Good luck with the bike ride CP. Stay upright. There are some nice bike tracks around Canberra.
27/Jul/14 10:32 AM
I must go into Karen's unmentionable room and do some clearing away. Back later.
27/Jul/14 10:33 AM
I, hereby, put a hex, on Karen's, comma key.
27/Jul/14 10:38 AM
It may be used only once in each sentence she types.
27/Jul/14 10:40 AM
You're going to hurt your proofreading muscle, Hal. Give it a rest.
27/Jul/14 10:56 AM
Karen & Keith have been busy today.
27/Jul/14 12:40 PM
Looks like everyone left hours ago.
27/Jul/14 12:41 PM
I have been lazy today my has had a lot of use today.
27/Jul/14 12:44 PM
Have almost finished one book, I think I hear it calling my name.
27/Jul/14 12:46 PM
27/Jul/14 12:48 PM
Me too, Sue. The news and then...
27/Jul/14 1:02 PM
What a lovely evening. My, girl, was, surprised, when, we, pulled, into, Cracker, Barrel, though, we, ate, at, Olive, Garden.
I am not a big fan, of OG, but I could eat my weight, in their salad. I know, it is only a bag salad, with some extras added, and their dressing, but I cannot get enough of the stuff.
27/Jul/14 1:26 PM
My meal, is in the to-go bag, so I could, take advantage, of all you can eat salad. I may have gone over board, though, could not order a third salad. Oh, I am sure, I could have, but I didn't and now, that I have had a break, from eating, I want more.
27/Jul/14 1:28 PM
Should have ordered, that third bowl, and put it in my to-go bag.
27/Jul/14 1:29 PM
CP, I worry about you and your bike ride. I do hope, you are careful.
27/Jul/14 1:31 PM
HalT, my common key is just fine. An instructor, graded a paper, of mine one time, and he corrected it in red. I thought someone had been murdered on my paper, it was filled with red commons. I hated that paper, now, I am comma happy and he never used that red marker again, on my paper.
27/Jul/14 1:35 PM
June, you are so brave. Bammaw, takes the girls to the dollar store, here. She always says, she goes in with money, and comes out broke. I believe her, because her son is the same way, but does not take his lovelies, to the dollar store.
27/Jul/14 1:37 PM
Would you believe, my child has been chattering, since we left around 7-ish. It is now 10:30. She is still going and she is my shy child.
27/Jul/14 1:40 PM
She must take after her father, because, he has not stopped talking, since we got home, either. Both of them are just jibber jabbering away.
27/Jul/14 1:44 PM
Only 75 to go.
27/Jul/14 1:47 PM
Oh, please, do not let me do the whole 75, myself.
27/Jul/14 2:09 PM
I can do it.
No, problem.
27/Jul/14 2:10 PM
Afternoon all,a happy photo today.
I remember well the Andre 2222 comments session, CynB and myself spent most of the day to keep it going then we had to wait for Andre to return from shopping so she could put in the last comment.
we were even doing nursery rhymes to keep it going.lol
27/Jul/14 2:12 PM
Ok Karen I'll give you a hand. hehehe!
27/Jul/14 2:13 PM
Happy 80th Birthday to Huahinian from Thailand with many more to come.
27/Jul/14 2:15 PM
I have been trying to sort out some photos to show on my page of our holiday, it may take a few days but I will get there.
27/Jul/14 2:17 PM
How about a CP to help.
27/Jul/14 2:18 PM
69 to go.
Thanks, Amelia.
27/Jul/14 2:19 PM
Will be back shortly the clothesline is calling me.
27/Jul/14 2:20 PM
Back from the bike ride.
27/Jul/14 2:20 PM
Stayed upright at all times.
27/Jul/14 2:21 PM
It is a totally gorgeous day.
27/Jul/14 2:22 PM
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