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Easy Sudoku for 27/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. A late start to the Sudoku day.
27/Sep/17 12:14 AM
Hi, Mickey.
27/Sep/17 12:22 AM
all, and Mickey.
27/Sep/17 12:35 AM
27/Sep/17 1:04 AM
Were we late, or the site?
27/Sep/17 1:05 AM
I posted at 10:14 my time, so the site time is correct and the human factor had a sluggish start.
27/Sep/17 1:22 AM
Time for you, shosho. I can't guarantee we will continue at a snail's pace. (BTW if you've done the Medium you know what I just did there.)
27/Sep/17 1:25 AM
all. Back at you Mickey! Yesterday was a record for heat here. I'm not complaining though. Summer finally arrived here, even if it is fall.
27/Sep/17 3:09 AM
Hi Mickey. You are one cute Pekinese.
27/Sep/17 4:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Mickey is a good looking companion.
27/Sep/17 5:47 AM
Snowbird, you are correct about the 'record setting day,' but today is another carbon copy of yesterday so we'll have to wait and see which actually has the record. Bottom Line: IT'S HOT!
27/Sep/17 5:50 AM
Beautiful dog
Hi Mickey
27/Sep/17 5:58 AM
Morning all, Mickey would be a sweet pet.
27/Sep/17 6:04 AM
Got some spring cleaning done yesterday, more on the list today. Bye !
27/Sep/17 6:13 AM
Amelia - you reminded me of my first thought when I saw Mickey's pic ... that he (or she) looks like a little mop dog on a tile floor.
27/Sep/17 6:36 AM
I wonder if we'll even make 22 today? I may check back later. In the meantime I have to drive to an interview and take notes for an article.
27/Sep/17 6:38 AM
A late G'day to Plum, Hal, shosho, Sarah, Snowbird, Greg, Vao88, and Amelia; it's HOT here too, Greg!
27/Sep/17 8:29 AM
We just had 3 90+degree days, but it is winding down toward more seasonal temps (haha - whatever seasonal might mean) in a couple days!
27/Sep/17 8:32 AM
Wide open for the '22' scramble..........!
27/Sep/17 8:32 AM
Well there I wuz, jus' amblin' along........
27/Sep/17 10:12 AM
Sorting out an ECCO poozle, when lo and behold I spied this here opening.......
27/Sep/17 10:13 AM
Twaaaaak! - got it!

And with and ECCO poozle all about cake.- Cake Lady this is yours to nail!

B--- -- --- (4 2 3) - Madeira's oldest dessert.
--------- (9) – An Aussie favourite named after the Governor of Queensland 1896 – 1901.
------------ (12) - A marzipan based cake from More...
27/Sep/17 10:15 AM
maEn. Long time, not here! I am still in Trinidad, my licence is now unrestricted, and I started my first unrestricted job yesterday. Who said life doesn't begin at 60???
27/Sep/17 11:34 AM
Here are the answers to Monday's ECCO Poozle. It was a difficult one but four people got there. Judy, Sarah, Joyce and June should be very pleased with their efforts.
10 TREE BORER More...
27/Sep/17 12:07 PM
Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Sarah Beth!!!
27/Sep/17 2:07 PM
1:37. Good evening everyone.
27/Sep/17 8:47 PM
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