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Easy Sudoku for 27/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Sep/19 12:00 AM
27/Sep/19 12:21 AM
Another sector of California checking in ...
27/Sep/19 12:28 AM
California day?
27/Sep/19 12:43 AM
2:01. Good Morning Denny, shosho, Judy and everyone from one more (albeit part time) Californian.
27/Sep/19 12:52 AM
Me too, except Tom jumped in from way up north.
27/Sep/19 1:53 AM
Aileen ... Keith ... Come out, come out, wherever you are! We need you!
27/Sep/19 1:55 AM
Speak of the Devil ....
27/Sep/19 1:55 AM
Either we Californians have active minds and are trying to rescue our brain cells ... or none of us has a life!
27/Sep/19 1:58 AM
Here I am, Judy!
27/Sep/19 2:38 AM
27/Sep/19 3:04 AM
Hi, Aileen! We are California Strong!
27/Sep/19 4:01 AM
27/Sep/19 4:30 AM
Here comes the Bride!
27/Sep/19 4:38 AM
Morning all,a beautiful place for wedding photos.
27/Sep/19 4:53 AM
Nice wedding place. Lovely photo
27/Sep/19 5:20 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone.
27/Sep/19 6:26 AM
1:57 Good morning all.
27/Sep/19 9:57 AM
More posts than yesterday already, but short of Kieth's 22, and beer o'clock at 33. Let's get together for our favourite tipple at 33.
27/Sep/19 11:15 AM
I'm with you Wombat. It's a dry arguement around here!
27/Sep/19 11:58 AM
Waiting patiently for Keith to show up.
27/Sep/19 11:59 AM
There, I've waited patiently long enough!
27/Sep/19 12:01 PM
Let's go Wombat, let's go (handclap)(handclap).
Let's go Wombat, let's go (handclap)(Handclap).
27/Sep/19 12:04 PM
We should all be drinking green beer as the Raiders The Mighty Green Machine) are playing off in the preliminary final of the National Rugby league tonight here in Canberra. The game is a sellout, Go the Raiders.
27/Sep/19 3:02 PM
Then tomorrow is the Grand Final of the Australian Football League (AFL) or Aussie Rules. Greater Western Sydney, which has a strong relationship with Canberra is playing Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, so interstate rivalries come into play. It is at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but there will be plenty of GWS supporters.
27/Sep/19 3:08 PM
The Australian football codes are strongly associated with the beer producers who provide financial support, but all cigarette sponsorship and advertising is banned. A fairly new sponsor and advertiser is the gambling industry. Why do those companies who peddle noxious services always come to the fore?
27/Sep/19 3:14 PM
We are getting fairly close to 33, but we still need some more support. Come on all you imbibers it is time to have a go.
27/Sep/19 3:17 PM
I'll just do a final one to get a CP.
27/Sep/19 3:19 PM
27/Sep/19 11:59 PM
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