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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Jan/14 3:16 PM
The proverbial - Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
28/Jan/14 3:17 PM
Well, I don't have an umbrella but figure Shosho's smiling chipmunk takes care of all that!

Sacky - I enjoyed viewing and reading about your different animals!
28/Jan/14 3:31 PM
HalT - Good luck with your surgery. Just make sure the doctors don't 'disembowel' you! I hope you bounce back right away. But let Barbara spoil you for a little while.
28/Jan/14 4:05 PM

Getting pretty smoky around here........there are fires about.
28/Jan/14 6:19 PM
Same here Peter, fires in the next town...I hate this weather...
28/Jan/14 6:29 PM
1:30, just beat the 7:25 Doug!
28/Jan/14 6:39 PM

Been years since I visited the Dandenongs, Gail. From memory it is not a place I'd choose to see a bushfire out. I hope you are safe in Cockatoo.
28/Jan/14 6:54 PM

Don't think you did, Chris. By Doug's calculations you took 18:39..........Gettin' slower.
28/Jan/14 6:56 PM
Evening all.
28/Jan/14 7:58 PM
1:43 Good evening one and all!
28/Jan/14 8:45 PM
Good evening Anne and anyone else who's around.
28/Jan/14 8:53 PM

For those that don't know about Australian history, here is a condensed version:

Australians originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters and gatherers.
They lived on kangaroos on the plains during the summer and would then go to the More...
28/Jan/14 9:22 PM


A Tasmanian will simply laugh, and be so convinced of the absolute truth of history, that it will be forwarded immediately to other true believers and to more Mainlanders - just to pi$$ them off.

And there you have it.
28/Jan/14 9:25 PM

RIP Pete Seeger.
28/Jan/14 9:28 PM
Love it Peter! Send it to Christopher Pyne. He can incorporate in his new History curriculum.
28/Jan/14 9:35 PM
He was 94, Peter. Time for a rest I reckon!
28/Jan/14 9:37 PM
28/Jan/14 10:09 PM

28/Jan/14 10:18 PM
And that comment was for Peter in case anyone wondered.
28/Jan/14 10:20 PM
Which comment Mr Cee?
His Tassie joke or that Pete Seeger has found out where all the flowers have gone?
28/Jan/14 10:25 PM
Much the sane really
28/Jan/14 10:31 PM
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