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Easy Sudoku for 28/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
28/Nov/09 12:00 AM
28/Nov/09 12:01 AM
Hello and goodbye I'm off to try and find a new kitchen table and chairs
28/Nov/09 12:11 AM
2:41 Good evening all. That's definitely not me but it may be Eric!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Mo, there's a photo of Margaret River on the jigsaws.
28/Nov/09 12:19 AM
A beautiful "me" indeed!
Good Maen all!
Happy shopping Mo...and any others heading out into the stores today (last place on earth you'd find me!)
28/Nov/09 12:24 AM
How about coming for coffee, Vici? I NEVER go out on Black Friday either!
28/Nov/09 12:28 AM
Vici, I would be glad to join you and Shiela for coffee. After spending 25 years working on black Friday, I don't shop in the stores today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the people I missed yesterday.
28/Nov/09 1:23 AM
good morning eveyone.
28/Nov/09 1:23 AM
12 days of christmas to start the season off on my page. great a cappella group singing it
28/Nov/09 1:24 AM
my mistake. it's carol of the bells
28/Nov/09 1:25 AM
i must have switched it again. my bad
28/Nov/09 1:26 AM
LOL - by mistake I posted my joke on Medium today. Reckon I must want to prove I'm not easy... (hmm, too late for that)
28/Nov/09 1:42 AM
HI all! Well, well, well - yesterday's riddle brought in so many different answers It was hysterical! In all 28 people replied - Kathy you sure will have a tough time beating that one!! All 28 did not however get the correct answers, some even trying twice and STILL getting it wrong!! Let's just More...
28/Nov/09 1:49 AM
Really enjoyed the 'bell-singer' clip.
The high singing quality reminds me of a good, small, Welsh, male-voice choir.
I have never heard the carol before and it is high-class.
28/Nov/09 1:51 AM
The answer I was looking for was 5, not 600, not 3145, not 56, not 365, and not 325!! Mr Reid only actually invited 5 people, it was the other people who invited everyone else.
28/Nov/09 1:51 AM
must be the day for mistakes huh Daplap?? lol
28/Nov/09 1:52 AM
Well Fiona!
What was the correct answer?
28/Nov/09 1:52 AM
OK Fiona - Crossed in the post (or whatever).
28/Nov/09 1:53 AM
Rayray you should hear them sing the 12 days of christmas. they're really good
28/Nov/09 1:53 AM
I think that was a trick question, Fiona, and you needed to be blotto to do it right first time.
28/Nov/09 1:54 AM
In case Kathy isn't back today, here's another one to keep you busy over the weekend - answers either to Kathy's inbox - I think she's back sometime today or tomorrow, or mine, and I'll get back to you on Monday.
Each of the following song titles starts with the letter W. Can you decode them? More...
28/Nov/09 1:55 AM
I shall try to track that group down on You-Tube. They resemble the 'Swingle Singers'.
28/Nov/09 1:55 AM
Of course it was a trick question Rayray - and it didn't half work!
28/Nov/09 1:55 AM
Steve - Swingle Singers
28/Nov/09 1:59 AM
I'll take a gander at it Rayray. It sounds like a good looksee
28/Nov/09 2:01 AM
This is one of my favourites:
28/Nov/09 2:04 AM
Rayray, they sound great. I liked the 1812 overture they did.
28/Nov/09 2:11 AM
Evening Everyone..
28/Nov/09 2:12 AM
Fiona, Fiona, by telling each group how many they could invite, he WAS inviting them. The word Overall drives that home. The way it's worded, 5 is not the right answer.
28/Nov/09 2:30 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! I am excited to be celebrating 8 years of motherhood today. My darling daughter is even more excited to be celebrating her birthday. Angela!
28/Nov/09 2:31 AM
Keith. I agree about the word 'overall'.
In doubt of ambiguity that removes all ambiguity and 325 is the correct answer !!!!
But it was a fun puzzle anyway Fiona; whatever the answer was!
28/Nov/09 2:38 AM
Hey Shiela and other Michiganers, any of the white stuff up there? We had a nice white blanket of it this morning, but it is begining to melt.
28/Nov/09 2:47 AM
28/Nov/09 4:01 AM
Jill - to us non-skiers, "nice white stuff" is an oxymoron. Melt is good, though.
28/Nov/09 4:11 AM
Jill... Snow? We luckily didn't have snow in SE Michigan. I did see snow on top of a car when I went to exercise, but it must have come from north of here. I heard there was snow seen in the middle of the state.
28/Nov/09 4:33 AM
Rayray, 325
28/Nov/09 4:36 AM
No no no, boys. Mr. Reid himself only gave invitations to the first 5. Those five invited others, with his permission. Look at the original riddle. The last sentence asks :How many people did Mr. Reid invite? Then you look back at the riddle, and it says "Mr. Reid invited 5 people." You're trying to make it too hard.
28/Nov/09 4:38 AM
Fiona, I don't like to be picky but is there something I have said that has made you leave my name off the list of entrants to yesterday's teaser, let alone one of the correct ones?
28/Nov/09 4:43 AM
Sorry Heidi!
Keith and I have bilaterally and democratically decided that the correct answer was 325.
(Poor Fiona - it was such a good puzzle too!!!)
28/Nov/09 4:48 AM
Men are such bad losers!
28/Nov/09 4:50 AM
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