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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone!
28/Dec/08 12:09 AM
On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me calling birds
3French hens
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree
28/Dec/08 12:10 AM
9 minutes in for the first post has to be an all time record? Hi Shiela
28/Dec/08 12:10 AM
O K correction time... 4 calling birds, 3 french hens.... the rest is alright.
Excuse..... drinking Bucks Fizz again, snow is melting and have Chicken Stoup on the go for a late lunch.
28/Dec/08 12:13 AM
Stoup? Is that a French delicacy?
28/Dec/08 12:15 AM
Hello, GannieMo!
for the 4 Calling Birds on this foggy, foggy morn! Snow is melting. Will warm up to the upper 50's F today.
28/Dec/08 12:19 AM
Looks like PeeWee had a bit too much eggnog!
28/Dec/08 12:21 AM
Stoup is my combination somewhere between a soup and a stew. Very warming and filling on a cold day like today. I leave the meat (whatever it may be) in fairly large pieces and the same with the carrots and onions. Then add some smaller veg...left overs or what is in the freezer, season to taste, add a big hunk of bread and enjoy.
28/Dec/08 12:23 AM
2:28, all.
28/Dec/08 12:28 AM
Sounds wonderful, GannieMo! Just right for a winter's day! That's the way I usually make soup! Now I have a name!!!
28/Dec/08 12:29 AM
Whew! Hello Chris!
For awhile, I thought that GannieMo & I were the only ones around!
28/Dec/08 12:30 AM
Hi Shiela, just popped in to do a couple of puzzles before turning everything off. The dogs have been fed, the rest of the family is asleep, I've finished my book and I've done the easy, medium and hard puzzles. Looks like there's nothing more to keep me awake so I'm off to bed now.
28/Dec/08 12:47 AM
Good Maen all!
This week on Easy has been a real cat-o-rama - I'm loving it, but I'm thinking Jim has had his fill!
28/Dec/08 12:53 AM
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. GannieMo, your chicken stoup sounds wonderful. I am going to have to make it someday.
28/Dec/08 12:55 AM
Morning Chris, GMo and Shiela...hope you and everyone else who stops in had, are having or will have great days. My daughters are up for the weekend - lots planned. Later gators!
28/Dec/08 12:55 AM
Oops! Hi Tami - see you on the other page!
28/Dec/08 12:55 AM
to all
28/Dec/08 1:03 AM
2.13 Nighnight Peewee. I'm off to bed too.

28/Dec/08 1:06 AM
Gail was up late
I've eaten my stoup, time to put feet up and read book,
28/Dec/08 1:11 AM
I treated myself to a book on vintage costume jewellery, which I collect (and sell, sometimes) so the read will be a mixture of learning and enjoyment.
28/Dec/08 1:12 AM
"That" number is getting close
28/Dec/08 1:13 AM
Can I do it?
28/Dec/08 1:13 AM
Better go read now I took the number, I only win it when there is no-one else around
28/Dec/08 1:14 AM
Yhe snow is starting to melt here yoo. It's up to 39 degrees already this morning.
28/Dec/08 1:16 AM
Congrats, GannieMo!
Ate breakfast & look what happens!
28/Dec/08 1:18 AM
Hope you enjoyed your breakfast Shiela. I kept thinking she's just waiting in the wings.....
One hour and 13 minutes to get to '22', Is this a record?
28/Dec/08 1:20 AM
Off to get my 10 paintings from the framers. Can't wait to see how they turned out!
As Vici says, 'Later gators'...
28/Dec/08 1:22 AM
'Cazablanka from Melbourne' got married on December 13TH!!!
Congratulations, Cazablanka!
28/Dec/08 1:34 AM
Good Morning Worldly people

I think all gifts have been assembled, still no batteries though.
Now, should I look for the living room floor this year or next? hummm...decisions, decisions. Not a good thing to start the new year doing a dirty deed, but then again it is the end of the year too. Oh, there is always tomorrow.
28/Dec/08 1:54 AM
Good Maen to everyone!

Cute Picture!

I can't believe the fog here today. When we have it heavy here in the woods it is really bad!!!

28/Dec/08 2:07 AM
Oh Karen! I remember those days well! You buy lots and lots of batteries!
28/Dec/08 2:09 AM
Congratulations Carol (Cazablanka)!!!
Such wonderful happy news!
28/Dec/08 2:09 AM
Oh Debby--I can blame this on MIL (said with an evil grin or a satisfied one). We do keep a supply of double and triple A batteries, but this one calls for D size which I do have 3 but we need 4.
Darn the girl wants breakfast--I fed her yesterday. Gee this is a really bad habit of hers.
28/Dec/08 2:22 AM
good morning to all. A foggy morning here.
28/Dec/08 2:29 AM
Cazablanka - Congratulations!!
28/Dec/08 2:29 AM
everyone! Made it on the first page! getting this awful habit of waking very very late! Cat's complaining! Birds' are having a fit!
28/Dec/08 2:36 AM
Casablanka!!!! May life be a bliss. May your new family (hubby is very brand new) be wonderful. And may life give you loverly memories to cherish!
28/Dec/08 2:38 AM
Had to use my new avatar for the new year. It means good luck to everyone!
28/Dec/08 2:40 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Anni!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

28/Dec/08 2:40 AM
Shall I go for it?
28/Dec/08 2:41 AM
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