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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Dec/13 5:57 AM
Happy Friday with 2 days off!
28/Dec/13 6:13 AM
Morning all, we also have a black cat with golden eyes.
Shiela,such sad news about your friends hubby.
28/Dec/13 6:13 AM
28/Dec/13 6:59 AM
Hi everyone.
We are very close to turn off 2013 to start new year 2014.Let us wish something we hope to get it in this new year.
28/Dec/13 7:22 AM
all. Back home in SC.
28/Dec/13 8:44 AM
Lurking and puzzling.I didn't think too much and chocolate belonged in the same sentence but at least I can no longer be tempted.
28/Dec/13 9:22 AM
Oh joy of joys Mrs Brown is on. Goodnight all
28/Dec/13 9:23 AM
Good morning everyone. I've just managed to smoke the house out, roasting capsicums to remove the skins.. Never done that before and don't know if I'll bother again. We'll just gave to wait until lunch to see if its worth it.
28/Dec/13 10:06 AM
well, home for the night - tired and just looking to have a relaxing evening. my limit of problems has been reached - if any concerns please take a number and I'll call/deal with you in the light of day.
28/Dec/13 10:08 AM
I shopped yesterday and I now have enough Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year and some over!
I will probably go to the movies today and see 'Philomena' with Judi Dench.
28/Dec/13 10:19 AM
2:00. Good morning everyone.
28/Dec/13 10:54 AM
That would be my choice of movie, too, June.
28/Dec/13 11:30 AM
May get to see it next week.
28/Dec/13 11:31 AM
Currently at our friends' on the Gold Coast , and feeling very tired. Think it's a good day for a nap or two.
28/Dec/13 11:34 AM
Love and sympathy to your friend, Shiela - and some for you too.
28/Dec/13 11:35 AM
I'm off to do some washing and tidying.
28/Dec/13 11:37 AM
Had a wonderful day with some old Navy friends. They called this morning, wanting to come over, they had not been here since we moved.
28/Dec/13 2:49 PM
Going to try reading, reading earlier and fell a sleep.
28/Dec/13 2:54 PM

Wild Oats is just coming up the Derwent.
28/Dec/13 6:39 PM
I think it will win, Peter. Can you see it from your place?
28/Dec/13 6:51 PM
Greg is home & his poor swollen eye seems to be improving minute by minute. Thankyou to all who sent good wishes, they seem to have done the trick.(with a little help from the Doctors.)
28/Dec/13 8:03 PM
It was my Grand-daughter, Freya's 1st birthday today. Time seems to have flown.
28/Dec/13 8:07 PM
That's wonderful Grass-hopper and a great relief for you too.
28/Dec/13 8:08 PM
28/Dec/13 8:12 PM
Pretty little kitty...........
28/Dec/13 8:48 PM
Just a quick update, Anne is recovering slowly but surely. She still cannot breathe without an oxygen mask but some of her sparkle is beginning to return. She should be home towards the end of next week.
Thank you for your messages of love and support.
28/Dec/13 9:39 PM
Thanks for the update Ian. Please give Anne our love.
28/Dec/13 10:09 PM
Hey Peter, great game by the Hurricanes to knock off Queensland. Spectacular by Hilfy. 2 hits to win it.

That will mean absolutely nothing to the topsiders (yanks).
28/Dec/13 10:28 PM

Mate, I wasn't that confident after a few wickets fell, but a good win, and they chased down a record score to boot.

They play their next game at home so as it's just down the road, might go along.

What is it they say about fast bowlers.........'Not very bright but they can lift heavy fings'.
28/Dec/13 10:38 PM
I'll mention to my mate Hilfy that you said that.
28/Dec/13 11:09 PM

'night all.
28/Dec/13 11:12 PM
Ian so pleased to hear Anne is on the mend. I haven't been here for a few days and had to go searching back to find out what had happened. Please pass on good wishes to Anne from both of us xxxx
28/Dec/13 11:14 PM
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