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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page two.
28/Mar/12 2:45 AM
Did you do it, Karen?
28/Mar/12 2:49 AM
Yes you did. I have been asked to get out and get something done today! I told him that I did not need to be ordered about to get something done!
28/Mar/12 2:50 AM
If he keeps this up, I will drive to Texas to help Karen with her dust bunnies!
28/Mar/12 2:52 AM
Karen.... That sounds almost like a Monty Python plot. Run away! Run away!
28/Mar/12 3:02 AM
Well, my 10 minute break has turned into about an hour. Man keeps interrupting me with phone calls. Hard to believe he still calls as much, knowing the fine for talking on the phone while the truck is moving starts around $2500 and the company gets fined, which leads to termination. Now, a child More...
28/Mar/12 3:13 AM
Sarah Beth.... instead, drive here. We're on a farm tour a week from today, and because of fighting this spinal infection, I'm not even close to ready. I need .
28/Mar/12 3:25 AM
Hey, Heidi, she said she was coming here!

Is the infection from the shots you got, was it last week? That does not sound good.
28/Mar/12 3:33 AM
OK, the show is over, time to do the dishes. I wonder if he has been in that room today? Is it safe to clean in there?
28/Mar/12 3:59 AM
Yes, Karen. I think we got it early, but It's still not fun.
28/Mar/12 4:38 AM
Hi Fiona,


has a different etymology from the other words related to THAT WORD. It may be useful if you explained the difference to your daughter.
28/Mar/12 4:59 AM
28/Mar/12 5:30 AM
Been thinking about posting since 0015.
28/Mar/12 5:30 AM
But couldn't get a pooter.
28/Mar/12 5:31 AM
Have stolen this one off the doctor while he went to do something.
28/Mar/12 5:31 AM
Better give it back to him. Catch you later.
28/Mar/12 5:32 AM
28/Mar/12 5:32 AM
28/Mar/12 5:49 AM
Decorah eagles have one confirmed hatch. Can't see much when dad stands up. Kind of a little blob of wet feathers. It's a moving little blob, though!
28/Mar/12 6:03 AM
My thoughts this afternoon arw with the people of southern Jefferson county, Colorado (just south of where I used to live). A prescribed burn got out of control. So far, 16 homes have been burned, and two are reported dead. There were a lot of dead pines in the area that are going up like matchsticks.
28/Mar/12 6:03 AM
2.43 beats the city trafic
28/Mar/12 6:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! Where is the A&J bicycle built for two?
28/Mar/12 6:21 AM
Are there any updates on Ouima?
28/Mar/12 6:22 AM
CP, check your email account.
28/Mar/12 6:22 AM
The first baby hatched
on the Decorah site. I just missed it as I have been having sinus problems. Oh well... two to go.
28/Mar/12 6:33 AM
Yes I still do the puzzles. I'm just lurking
28/Mar/12 6:34 AM
1:45. Hi everyone.
28/Mar/12 7:16 AM
I just got back from the one-year - and final - checkup of my back surgery. All is well, but I have a *lifelong* restriction on not lifting more than thirty pounds. I guss I need to look for a very tiny g/f.

The answer to the poozle I posted yesterday More...
28/Mar/12 7:47 AM
Just goes to show that some of us think outside the (sudoku) square!
28/Mar/12 8:19 AM
I'm guessing CP is being inundated with e-mails. That's what she gets for making that long trip and crossing the U.S. and into Canada. Sarah and I snagged her toward the end of April!
28/Mar/12 8:22 AM
I just checked the Sudoku Friends page on FB. There has been no new update on Ouima. Last update stated that she was to have trach surgery tomorrow.
Her family asks that we keep her and them in our thoughts and prayers.
I sent a card to her house. I am assuming someone can get it to her. If you would like her address send me a PM.
28/Mar/12 8:35 AM
I'm sorry for the weather change in the Mid-west - I washed the bed linens on Sunday and put the winter items away - see Iliacs in bloom - 1 month early - must of teased my mind into thinking it was Spring. I was not able to 'ride" away today on my bike -
28/Mar/12 9:17 AM
off to lead a pool class tonight - all the other instructors are on Spring break -- thus - I'm the fill in help !
28/Mar/12 9:18 AM
everybody ..
28/Mar/12 10:22 AM

*** Does anyone hear crickets chirping? ***
28/Mar/12 10:58 AM
Where is everyone? I checked in an hour ago and we were at 74. Now it's 75.
28/Mar/12 12:04 PM
Gonna let me take a new page this easy?
28/Mar/12 12:05 PM
Apparently so.
28/Mar/12 12:05 PM
Well, who am I to argue.
28/Mar/12 12:06 PM
Good bye page 2.
28/Mar/12 12:06 PM
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