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Easy Sudoku for 28/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Well done Ian from Boston. That is possibly the best explanation of the term and especially relating to this site, and the tenderness of some posters. I don't agree with you often, but do this time!
Ian - thank you again for explanation, I just hope everyone takes the time to read your post.

CP - for this unit in CPeeing you have achieved a High Distinction,congratulations. However, you have not passed the compulsory unit of chatroom participation.
ooops - I am a silly billy....missed the word 'your' on my previous post
Begorrah Rose! And here I was tinkin' perhaps it may have been a picture of your good self. Of course I was referrin' to the one on the right, maybe when you were but a wee one.
Ian, Thank you the well said explanation and for caring enough to research it.
good try!!!!
well done
hopefully that is now fully explained and understood.
Thanks, Ian
bert, I saw Idlewild and would give it like 3.5 out of 5. Now keep in mind I am big on Outcast.

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man was better 4 out 5 at least. Again I am a big, big fan of Leonard Cohen. I saw him at the Walnut Street Theater in Phila. Barb and I were in the 4th row. When he came out we felt we were intruding in his space. A remarkable concert by a genius.
2:04..Good maeN to all!! 7:10pm Sunday here
Hey Ian! Does that maen us Aussies can now refer to you guys as seppos again without anyone crackin' a sad over it? Now that everything is all luvvie duvvie again of course.
Ian, the history you share is excellent. Having this knowledge helps to remove the sting of the buzz; however it does not excuse the bite of the slang/word play when spoken or written with ill will. Despite its honorable use in the WWII context, I still find use of the word unnecessary and More...
GannieMo From South West France
You made us very proud! Pass the wine \_/?
Great to have you back mate.
GannieMo, Way to go. I'm having a glass now to celebrate.
Ed, thanks for the Idlewood rating. Wow. I hear you. I am neither a huge fan of Outkast nor Leonard Cohen, but I do love Terrence Howard. I thought he was exceptional in 'Crash,' and of course, his performance in 'Hustle and Flow' won him the Oscar nomination. He keeps it real. I LOVE him! Again, thanks. I will get out to see this latest film soon.
Good music coming out Tuesday. Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes, Old Crow Medicane Show, The Roots, The Warerboys, Gov. Mule, (ya) andPete yorn to name a few. I missed Paris Hilton.
bert, I would like to know your musical tastes.
Friday Aug. 25 there was a concert in St. Pete. Florida. I was not able to go since Barbs sister was in town. This was the lineup. X (original band), Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins with his classic, End of Silence-era band. and if that's not enough Riverboat Gamblers whose album, To The Confusion of Our Enemies, is simple untouchable.
Hello, is it just me, or has Gath got something against us fat people? Or is he just playing with the site again?
Bands that are coming:

Sunday Aug 27 James Gang
Thur Aug 31 Queensryche I'm taking Kathy to that one. She's a BIG fan.
Sept. 6 Jeff Beck
Oct 14 Pixies frontman Frank Black
Randy Newman (no date) and Dec 15 Tony Bennett
beehive, I think Randy Newman does
Got me there Ed. I have no idea what you are talking about.
Hey, its back. Normal sized puzzle.
Ahhhhh. I see what he has done. Woo hoo! Now we can play the piccy as a sliding puzzle as well as a jigsaw. Is there no end to your creativity Gath?
Ed, I love music that hits the soul, e.g., jazz, Motown, rhythm and blues... gospel. Every now and then, I appreciate hip hop and can even completely chill with a touch of classical.

Music runs through your veins, doesn't it? What/who are some of your very favorites?
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the stuffing up of the playing puzzle - I was just adding the 'Play as a Sliding Puzzle' link, and it caused some problems for Firefox users.

Also, as bert said, slang is one thing - but when it is spoken with ill-will - it is something else entirely.

ED & BERT - When you two talk music it's like you're speaking a foreign language to me. I have no idea who the people or the groups you mention are! Music is probably the subject I know least about.
ED - Are you all ready for Hurricane Elberto? Looks like he's headed straight for Tampa.
Holiday over - boss just rang and asked me to work this afternoon. Said i will, specially as it comes with extra money (got to pay off the holiday cocktail bill!!). Still got 2 days of posts to catch up.
lol she did but shes bak on
hi pink do u maen u like pink the singer or the couler pink
CELIA FROM TORONTO - Does your mother live near the coast? Does she have a safe place to go if Ernesto does stay on track to the Tampa Bay area? We have three empty bedrooms so if she needs to evacuate, she is welcome to come here (we are far inland). I could even go pick her up if you'd like me More...
beehive, Randy Newman is one of America's great songwriters, filmcomposers and caustic wits. I mentioned he was coming to Tampa than you ask the fat people question. He did a song on fat people.
To Baz, Deb, Susan, Meg and all the other Queenslanders.

I’m curious to know what issue you think is most important in the upcoming Qld State elections. I know that as we all live so far apart that different issues come into play for different areas.
For me the biggest single issue More...
Kathy, Bring it on. If any ones family needs help we have space also.
I would like to suggest a location if we ever have a serious get together. The island of Ibiza. Any age, any sex, hippies most welcome.
Had a little too much wine for dinner, I think!! Make that Tropical Storm Ernesto, not Hurrican Elberto - sorry! Youngest daughter Kyley brought her new boyfriend over for dinner tonight. He seems to be a nice young man. Likes to joke & tease, just like all our family does! Yesterday Rob & I More...
You've got me on that one, ED. Where is the island of Ibiza???
hm look behind u
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