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Easy Sudoku for 28/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Sep/15 12:00 AM
WOW - Hal - good work on both day's sites! & a Good morning to all.
28/Sep/15 12:17 AM
Hal and Joyce and all fellow puzzlers that follow, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
28/Sep/15 12:26 AM
I thought about going for the page change. Then I said to myself, 'Self, the Aggies won! What else do you want?' So, I'm opting for the next best thing.
28/Sep/15 1:02 AM
It happened again. I posted the above yesterday.
28/Sep/15 1:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Sep/15 1:28 AM
Thanks to Rhona checking up on me, I did not realize it has been a small time since I have checked in here.

Thanks Rhona for checking on me and sorry it took almost a week to respond to your PM.
28/Sep/15 1:30 AM
must be catching up with you Hal
28/Sep/15 1:30 AM
I dropped in to make a Public Health reminder.
Last night/this morning I was reminded of the dangers of sneezing. Weather change is going on here, so I am doing my fair share of sneezing. Not only does the sudden blow stop your heart, it also does bodily damage. My sister is known to sneeze and having to go to the doctor to be able to move her neck, several times a year.
28/Sep/15 1:34 AM
Oh, to our whirlwind friend.
28/Sep/15 1:34 AM
Anyway, as I was making my way to my pillows last night, I had a little sneeze. Just a little one, did not even require a tissue. But it did make me loose my balance and I staggered just a little. Did not think anything of it. Until this morning. I required assistance in order to get out of bed, More...
28/Sep/15 1:40 AM
So please, dear friends, beware of the sneeze. I would hate for anyone to really hurt themselves.

CG and CP, you two be really careful. Hate to add to your body aches at the moment.
28/Sep/15 1:41 AM
Has anyone heard from Heidi?
28/Sep/15 1:43 AM
Do any of you believe in karma? I never thought much of it until recently.
As some of you know, this Summer, my stepfather informed us we are no longer family and dumped us. Though I felt bad for my younger siblings, who called him dad, the people most effected were my kids. That includes my More...
28/Sep/15 1:49 AM
Seems the low life cannot sell any of the houses, three of them, without me. For the past week, he has filled my voice box up, with messages demanding that I get in touch with him. Our family lawyer, has informed me what he wants, so I have not returned any phone calls. I that way.
My first More...
28/Sep/15 1:56 AM
28/Sep/15 1:58 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
28/Sep/15 1:58 AM
Karen, I would give the low life a cryptic note, stating since he wants nothing to do with you that you are honoring his wishes!
28/Sep/15 2:01 AM
In my favorite news, the girls are keeping me busy. I swear, since the last week of August, the girls have outgrown all their new school clothes and shoes. I have heard children grow fast, but this is faster than fast. Then add that the school decided it was a great idea to have two fundraisers at More...
28/Sep/15 2:01 AM
Shosho, being they type of person I am, I do have a letter informing him of the 7 people he did hurt. I do not have his new address, so I sent it in to the newspaper. Though I used no names, the editor told me, it was not a public interest and could not print it. My personal thought, if child More...
28/Sep/15 2:05 AM
Oh, another issue.
Go refill my empty cup or really fill up this page and get that number?
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
28/Sep/15 2:07 AM
Problem solved.
Now to figure out how to get out of this chair gracefully.
And painlessly.
28/Sep/15 2:07 AM
Good afternoon to all!
28/Sep/15 2:08 AM
Nice to 'see' you here again Karen.
28/Sep/15 2:09 AM
Hal, your advanced age has you repeating yourself. Admit it chum.
28/Sep/15 2:10 AM
WooHoo! A warm shower, ointment and sitting on a heating pad for an hour makes me have hope I will not be a hunch back for Halloween.

Though I am moving in an upright position, bending is not my friend. Nor are the jerky spasms. Ouch.
28/Sep/15 2:44 AM

It happened again. I posted the above yesterday.
28/Sep/15 3:45 AM
Oh, wait. I already said that. Guess Greg is right.
28/Sep/15 3:46 AM
Ah yes, the sneeze. Recently, I've been having sneezes that are, I hope this gets pass the hall monitor, almost orgasmic. Fortunately, I can tell when they are about to occur, and am able to make the most of them.
28/Sep/15 3:53 AM
No! I'm not kidding!
28/Sep/15 3:54 AM
28/Sep/15 4:34 AM
Day ? Of our trip.
28/Sep/15 4:36 AM
Currently in Townsville, where we're spending 5 nights.
28/Sep/15 4:46 AM
So nice to not spend a whole day in the car for the next
28/Sep/15 4:49 AM
next 3 days. Cheers 'til later.
28/Sep/15 4:51 AM
Good morning all. All the best Karen in dealing with all your issues.
28/Sep/15 6:35 AM
I used to be a great hay fever sneezer, but lucky for me I grew out of it, except for hay making season. Hal and Karen you may be lucky and get rid of it too!
28/Sep/15 6:39 AM
Thanks Sacky, but I think I'll keep mine.
28/Sep/15 6:41 AM
Morning all, I like the photo this morning it makes me feel calm.
Karen, glad you warned me about sneezing...I've been sneezing all morning.
28/Sep/15 6:48 AM
28/Sep/15 6:48 AM
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