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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I will go away now
29/Jan/08 4:33 AM
Is late morning and still only -31C (-23F) and still a bit windy so it feels colder than this.
I have to go out later and I'm NOT looking forward to it lol!
29/Jan/08 4:38 AM
Fiona, Encyclopedia Briticana World Atlas 1963 edition starts the physical maps with:
1. Polar map of the world
2. The World ( 2 page spread)
4. North Polar Regions
5. South Polar regions
6. Atlantic Ocean ( and countries bordering it)
7. Pacific Ocean
8. Europe and More...
29/Jan/08 4:43 AM
Good Monday Maen, all!
29/Jan/08 4:43 AM
Good question, Fiona. I just looked in my National Geographic Atlas, seventh edition. It starts with the world - climate, population, economy, etc., gets to North America on page 28 and finally to the USA on page 30. Lots of stuff in there I've never read.
I'm looking out at lots of new snow on our Sierra Mountains. Hope every one has a good Maen!
29/Jan/08 4:44 AM
Fiona - my WORLD ATLAS is from 1962 - published in the USA.

After World Maps are Anartica & the Artic.

EUROPE Then England/Wales - Scotland - Ireland, Nordic Countries - Germany - Hol/Belg/Lux - France - Spain/Port - Italy - Switz/Litch - Aust/Cz/Hun - Balkans - USSR - Pol
29/Jan/08 4:57 AM
My Reader's Digest World Atlas begins with 62 pages of general solar system (astronomical context) and world information. That is followed by pages about map making, a general index, then a world map. Next there is a (more parochial) Europe map, then the British Isles as the first More...
29/Jan/08 5:08 AM
HUUMM, looks like no such thing as everyone being on the same page, atlus wise. thanks Fiona for the very good question. My Atlas got a dusting cause of you!

I found some of last night's dust bunnies in that corner of the book case!
29/Jan/08 5:11 AM
atlus = Atlas
29/Jan/08 5:12 AM
forgot to say all -

Bright sunshine on our snow (for now) expecting more - but could be rain under 2000' (which is here). I don't believe it yesterday they plowed my street (last year when we had ice under the snow - they didn't plow). Even the postman didn't make it up the hill - let alone the Trash Truck (for 5 days). However, UPS came up with chains on.
29/Jan/08 5:20 AM
We are truly well at-lassed!
29/Jan/08 5:26 AM
My atlas starts with 3 different world maps, followed by 3 different maps of Australia, followed by individual state maps, then New Zealand, South Pacific, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, with the final map Antartica.
29/Jan/08 5:27 AM
29/Jan/08 5:29 AM
Groan Rayray!
29/Jan/08 5:31 AM
29/Jan/08 5:50 AM
Angie, haven't been back to the site since I commented. I had just gotten up, and thanks for the coffee. We have a George Burns rose bush in our yard, and it has red and yellow striped roses. We're trying to get a Gracie Allen rose bush to put beside him. She has red and white striped roses.
29/Jan/08 5:53 AM
I have decided to start feeding my dust-bunnies with crumbs and so on.
29/Jan/08 6:03 AM
I left "SUMMERTIME" by Julia Migenis up on my You Tube - you may want to check out the 4th on the related "MEMORIES" a duet with Cyril. For a laugh "Diva on the Verge" (seventh related) is funny look at Opera.
29/Jan/08 6:05 AM
No world atlas. I wonder what my husband was thinking. Last world almanac 1949. I use the Internet for this now, but I have some1989 Bekakar's
29/Jan/08 6:18 AM
l989 = l889
29/Jan/08 6:19 AM
Careful Rayray, they will take over if fed too well!!
29/Jan/08 6:19 AM
Thinking of World maps. How about the importance of the "pink bits"
29/Jan/08 6:22 AM
everyone I will have to be quick as I have to get ready for golf. Fiona my atlas is the same as Suzy's maybe its so you can look up places that are near to you quicker.
29/Jan/08 6:25 AM
Good Afternoon World. May this be the day you have always waited for....Do something memorable! Peace.
29/Jan/08 6:27 AM
2:25 to you all. Snow on the ground here.
29/Jan/08 6:44 AM
29/Jan/08 6:50 AM
okay, so now you know just how much I know about football - I was thinking the packers were in the superbowl - I taught my water classes this morning, did my exercises, then washed the car outside in the light rain -- it was really dirty. So nice to be able to be outside without a heavy coat on - More...
29/Jan/08 6:51 AM
When exactly is the superbowl???
29/Jan/08 7:03 AM
Never mind - googled and found out it is 3 Feb
29/Jan/08 7:20 AM
Great view! Strangly familiar
29/Jan/08 7:32 AM
2:13 - I'm really not with it yet this morning,so I'm surprised I got a reasonable time.
29/Jan/08 7:36 AM
A sales rep,an admin clerk,and their manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp.They rub it and out pops a genie.The genie says,"I'll give each of you just one wish."
"Me first!Me first!"says the admin clerk,"I want to be in the Bahamas,driving a More...
29/Jan/08 7:53 AM
Oh well, must away and get ready for work now. It's a bit of a struggle after a long weekend, especially after a great day yesterday when I took the boys ten-pin bowling in the morning and to golf in the afternoon (my wife has given up hope of me getting anything done around the house!)
29/Jan/08 8:01 AM
I want to be there!
Where's here?
29/Jan/08 8:31 AM
Mymare, if I had money that wasn't destined for bills, I'd be !
I suppose I'd travel, take all my kids on the family holiday we could never afford. Most of them are adults now so I think I could handle it!
29/Jan/08 8:34 AM
A lake somewhere. I recently bought the Times Atlas of the World. It begins with lots of general information, The world, Planets etc. First country is Australasia and pacific islands followed by New Zealand. It was published in London.
29/Jan/08 8:49 AM
Good Morning all, Neil from UK. Chris, what you did with your boys yesterday is far more important than doing stuff around the house.
29/Jan/08 8:50 AM
Have finally posted photos on my page! Most are photos of children, taken on my trip to India last year. Hope you enjoy them.
29/Jan/08 9:01 AM
I wonder if I should push a little harder.
29/Jan/08 9:03 AM
Perhaps one more.
29/Jan/08 9:04 AM
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