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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Jan/14 5:23 AM
How opportunistic!
Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
29/Jan/14 5:23 AM
HalT you'll be fine with your surgery! You assured me it was going to be below the belt, not your brains, so while we may excuse you this week from your diemboweller you may actually find you want something to do of a sedentary nature while you recuperate! Take care. xxx
29/Jan/14 5:54 AM
Shosho do you just hover waiting to pounce? I reckon you get more TOPPS than anyone!!!
29/Jan/14 6:07 AM
I thought about some stuff that we left this autumn on the ground by the garage. I don't want it to be accidentally crunched and trashed as we plow. So ... I went wading out in the white stuff to find it, lift it and move it out of harm's way.

Discovered the drifts are up.to.my.waist! More...
29/Jan/14 6:09 AM
Hal, I too am sure that everything will go well for you on Thursday, and I expect you be back to your normal (or is that abnormal?) self sooner rather then later. Take care chum. I'm in your corner.
29/Jan/14 6:10 AM
Well, unless Keith wants to post one of his famous vowel movement puzzles, I'll post one to keep you busy on Friday. Interested Keith?
29/Jan/14 6:11 AM
Fiona - when I grow up I want to be a snowbird.
29/Jan/14 6:18 AM
29/Jan/14 6:44 AM
Lurker, nah, just the luck of the Irish! I'm an honorary Irish lass. On FB I found out the my birthday fell on Leprechaun Day and I can do a short short jig, something that was on the curriculum for third grade PE. And I like plaid kilts. AND I'm learning (well sporadically) how to play the bagpipes!!! (well on a chanter, practice bagpipes)
29/Jan/14 7:07 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone. I'm running a little late this morning, just been out in the garden doing extra watering in preparation for the next few days' predicted very hot temperatures (over 35 degrees c every day for the next week, and we're better off than a lot of other places in Australia!)
29/Jan/14 7:28 AM
Sorry Greg (& the rest of you). I'm ''out of bullets.'' I won't be able to offer another set until I create another set. I have no idea how long that will take me, but don't hold your breath.
29/Jan/14 7:35 AM
Good morning everyone. Chris, I too have been out watering early. Spent all of yesterday moving hoses, more today and maybe tomorrow I'll have been around once. The hot wet is set to continue for at least the next 4 days, so I guess I'll have to begin and do it all again!
29/Jan/14 8:25 AM
I must admit it is lovely walking in the early morning. I don't even need a jumper.
29/Jan/14 8:26 AM

I wonder what number DoA would need for a 21' torpedo?
29/Jan/14 9:25 AM

That was supposed to be a 21 inch torpedo but the inch sign got lost in the posting apparently.
29/Jan/14 9:28 AM
To get quotation marks (or the inch sign) you have to do 2 quotation marks, side by side. ''
29/Jan/14 9:54 AM
I thought you were talking about its length, Peter.
29/Jan/14 10:52 AM

Mate, when you see the Doc for your op, just don't talk about the 'length' subject with him........he could surprise you!
29/Jan/14 12:26 PM
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get 22?
29/Jan/14 12:32 PM
Goodonya, Keith. Not too many men will admit that they are 'out of bullets'! And one has to wonder how you can go so long without a vowel movement.
29/Jan/14 12:37 PM
I wanted to click on Like on that comment, Judy!!
29/Jan/14 12:55 PM
Goodonya, Judy. Not too many women would admit to being concerned about men being 'out of bullets'.
29/Jan/14 1:11 PM
Now, as for the real reason I'm here. The temperature here yesterday afternoon was 75°F (23°C). Right now we're experiencing a mild ice storm. And snow is expected later tonight.
I know it's nothing compared to what others north of us are having, but to the people of this area, it's a blizzard.
29/Jan/14 1:18 PM
BTW Judy, the NCIS episode tonight is a repeat. Title: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Lima Oscar Lima.
29/Jan/14 1:22 PM
533. Peter. But then you knew that.

29/Jan/14 1:43 PM
Judy, I've heard some women go for men who profess to shoot blanks.
29/Jan/14 1:50 PM
And what Kathy said.
29/Jan/14 1:52 PM
Good grief, took me a while to realize you weren't talking about guns! Lord help us! Getting a little risque are we?
29/Jan/14 2:03 PM
Glad to see that we are all on the same page, shosho.
29/Jan/14 2:26 PM
Night all.
29/Jan/14 2:45 PM
A petition about saving Tasmania's old growth forests. Please have a read and sign if you care.
Thank you.


Don't forget to remove the spaces if they appear in the link.
29/Jan/14 3:03 PM
Everybody. I'm just trying to stay warm. It's back below 0 F again - and that's without the wind chill. It was really bright and sunny today and all of 6F when I went to get my haircut!
29/Jan/14 3:33 PM
Peter - I enjoyed your Australian History lesson from last night.
29/Jan/14 3:34 PM
I have a strange view in my backyard after all the wind we've had. A long Y shaped branch has fallen out of one of my maple trees. Instead of it laying on the ground, it stuck standing up and looks like a great big sling shot waiting for the strap. It will probably stay that way until Spring because it's near the back edge of my yard.
29/Jan/14 3:36 PM
beehive - I read your link but don't know enough about the subject. I hope they don't destroy the old growth forests. Do you really think it would help if an American signed the petition?
29/Jan/14 3:38 PM
I guess I should take a CP when I have a chance!
29/Jan/14 3:40 PM
But should I stretch things out?
29/Jan/14 3:41 PM
so that shosho doesn't get another?
29/Jan/14 3:41 PM
Page Turner?
29/Jan/14 3:42 PM
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