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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
29/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Dreary day outside my door this morning.
29/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Nice Sudoku quilt! Those are the colors I'd see outside my window if the sun would shine! Who made it?
29/Oct/09 12:24 AM
3rd person in 45 minutes?
29/Oct/09 12:45 AM
2:15 Little Plum likes the Sudoku Quilt. I'm still thinking about cryptic crosswords. It's been ages since I bought a puzzle book with cryptics in it.
29/Oct/09 12:46 AM
Jerry, I was going to say the same obvious thing you just said, but decided against it because it seemed like a moot point to make.
29/Oct/09 12:47 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
29/Oct/09 12:48 AM
You know, we just ruined Ian's fun. He was counting down, tickled at the prospect of filling in a "1" so early in the day.
29/Oct/09 12:48 AM
Easy easy.
29/Oct/09 12:49 AM
Hi, Jill. I'm off to help Little Plum spray paint a golden lariat for her Wonder Woman costume (while the paint on her custom treat bag is drying).
29/Oct/09 12:50 AM
Time for a wake up call.

Reveille, Reveille, All Hands Heave Out And Trice Up. Reveille!
29/Oct/09 12:50 AM
Well, in the time it took me to type........
29/Oct/09 12:51 AM
Sorry Ian.
29/Oct/09 12:52 AM
Oh, it looks like G'Mo might be a party girl today. Mo!
29/Oct/09 12:52 AM
I should have my sewing machine humming too, Plum. Ihave just 4 days left to create and Angel.
29/Oct/09 12:54 AM

TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday To Ya… You should be WINED and DINED.

Or at least BEERED and CHEERED!

29/Oct/09 12:56 AM
Darn stick space bar got me again. I see another typo as well. Sorry! Proog read Jill, Proog read!
29/Oct/09 12:57 AM

29/Oct/09 12:57 AM
Are you in race mode yet Jerry, or still tettering precariously on the edge of the couch?
29/Oct/09 1:01 AM
Ian hasn't shown up yet so can I cp to 22?
29/Oct/09 1:02 AM
So far so good.
29/Oct/09 1:02 AM
Jill I hate it when a key malfunctions. My "I" key was bad for a while, and I always seemed to drag my hand across the touch pad at the wrong time. Both issues fixed, now. I had to reset the button on the "I" key, and disable the touch pad. Things are much better now!
29/Oct/09 1:02 AM
29/Oct/09 1:02 AM
Nuts. Ya got me Jerry.
29/Oct/09 1:03 AM
Did I do It?
29/Oct/09 1:03 AM
Sorry Jill. Some advantages to teetering on the edge.
29/Oct/09 1:04 AM
29/Oct/09 1:05 AM
Proog read. ROFL
For angel wings I make a halo and cuff out of gold star wire wrapping ribbon (sold with Christmas wrapping bows and ribbons - I can usually find some in the early Christmas aisles at Target or some such box store) and attach the middle of a length of sheer white material (an More...
29/Oct/09 1:05 AM
*halo and cuffs
29/Oct/09 1:07 AM
Someone please pass a tiara, I am the typo queen today! My apologies to those easily offended. Or would a crown be more appropriate for a queen? Jack already broke his anyway.
29/Oct/09 1:07 AM
Oh good, the heat "kicked on". My feet were starting to get cold. I'm in my TT (caravan) at the second place. 35f here this a.m.
29/Oct/09 1:07 AM
Now you tell me. Thanks Plum. I already have $30 invested in patterns, material and trim.
29/Oct/09 1:09 AM
I am really going now. Have to make Hay while the sunshines or is it make Halos while the baby sleeps?
29/Oct/09 1:11 AM
Not much chance I'll see any costumes on little tikes, this year. None living on my road ((out in the country)(and I am situated 175 meters back from the road)).
29/Oct/09 1:14 AM
Jill - did you ask me earlier? I could have saved you at least $25. BTW, Goodwill is a great place to get old sheets and curtains for turning into costumes and tents, etc. I have people save me their old sheets, too, and use them to make a sewing mock-up to check fit after/before adjusting before I cut into the expensive cloth.
29/Oct/09 1:16 AM
And now for some upbeat musical selections from the oldies file… Just to help the slow ones get moving.

Goin' Up The Country by Canned Heat

I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Creedence.

Let’s Work Together - Canned Heat

“Lay Down Sally” – Eric Clapton
29/Oct/09 1:22 AM
Jerry, we're so remote no one ever visits us, either, so we take it on the road. Many retirees I know also go visiting -- taking candy and doing a reverse ToT. You could put a basket of candy in your trunk (or motorcycle backpack) and drive to a church or shopping center or nursing home or More...
29/Oct/09 1:22 AM
commas, Jerry, commas,,,,,,,,,,,
29/Oct/09 1:24 AM
Plum, What a great idea!
29/Oct/09 1:25 AM
Time to make another pot of coffee and feed the "hounds".,
29/Oct/09 1:27 AM
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