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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2010


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Submitted by: Gath

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What's the difference between a monsters tummy and a trick-or-treat bag?

You can fill up the bag!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Did you hear about the obnoxious pumpkin?
He was a real jerk-o'-lantern!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
Running late today.
Still running though, I shall return, sometime soon, I hope.
29/Oct/10 6:22 AM
GannieMo - happy birthday!!! Have a wonderful day with those little people. Hope the sun shines for you! :)
29/Oct/10 6:23 AM
And it should be the right time zone!
29/Oct/10 6:23 AM
André, how wonderful you popped in! Hope you will find time to come back soon with more of your TFTD. We have missed you and them. Mind you, you probably didn't get satellite coverage with all your travels, or did you foget the laptop?
29/Oct/10 6:38 AM
Yes, I did say that with a straight face!
29/Oct/10 6:38 AM
And one more for a CP!
29/Oct/10 6:45 AM
Have a great day, lovely people. Off to that place where I support my lifestyle and that of others related to me!
29/Oct/10 7:01 AM
I've got to stop lurking! it frightens people away!
29/Oct/10 7:01 AM
I remember when the buffalo first came to Ramona, (about 1989?) I was out horseback riding and the horses smelled them first. lol...
29/Oct/10 7:07 AM
Good morning.
29/Oct/10 7:41 AM
Main project for today is to wait for the repairman to fix the dishwasher.
29/Oct/10 7:43 AM
He'll be here between 0700 and 1200!
29/Oct/10 7:43 AM
Make that betwen 0800 and 1200 since he hasn't shown up yet!
29/Oct/10 7:44 AM
Have to go and find a cardy (the one you wear, not the one you drink) - it is not superwarm here this morning.
29/Oct/10 7:45 AM
OK, CP, I'll assume that you're talking about a cardigan sweater. But what is a cardy, the drink?

Oh, yeah... G'day all.
29/Oct/10 8:05 AM
BTW, I FINALLY finished preparing a new set of pictures to put on my gallery. They were taken on our trip to Alaska with our granddaughter Katelyn. I will post them this weekend, so there are only 2 days left to see the old ones.
29/Oct/10 8:11 AM
Good morning all
to Gannie Mo in Singapore. I hope you can have a nice day today, despite the very sad news about Jasper. I'm so sorry to hear that.
Andre called in - WooHoo! But no TFTD. I miss them!
Phantom - looked at your hand, More...
29/Oct/10 8:22 AM
You know, Hal, you can just add the new ones. I just visited your page and looked at your photos again. You have some gorgeous shots.
29/Oct/10 8:24 AM
Hal, please don't take those beautiful pictures from British Columbia away. Like Kathy, I hope you'll just add your new photos from Alaska to your current photo gallery.
29/Oct/10 8:29 AM
OK, I think I am finished with all that running stuff. BTW, running is just a word. Do you really think I would actually run any where? PPPllllleeeeaaassssee. You should know me better than that.

Kathy and Canuk Greg, I agree with you, but HalT, is a strange one and has this belief about too many pictures. Humph!
29/Oct/10 8:34 AM
Gannie Mo and Kat, happy advancing in age. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
29/Oct/10 8:41 AM
Congratulations, Anne, on a really hi-calibre joke. (yesterday @ 2144) It even got "CP's seal of approval.
29/Oct/10 8:46 AM
Dave, PLEASE, Tell me you don't have one of those "musical horns", on your rig that plays "Dixie" when you arrive at a campground and "On The Road Again" when you leave...
29/Oct/10 8:52 AM
Thing II and I did a trip across part of Texas this morning and then did a pick-up grocery shopping. Made it home for Thing II to take a quick nap, before heading out to pick up Thing I. Then another stop, to pick up what I forgot to pick up at the first pick-up place. There is a reason, that I rarely take both girls out in public alone. I am worn out.
29/Oct/10 8:54 AM
To: GannieMo and Kat

29/Oct/10 8:56 AM
HalT - there is a show in Australia called Kath and Kim - 2 women, mother and daughter, who live in an outer suburb of Melbourne. They are exaggerated examples of the worst of Aussie culture (we call them bogans). Live in a modern, lovely house and try to live up to it. There is a whole family More...
29/Oct/10 8:56 AM
Why are haunted houses so noisy in April?

That's when the ghosts do their spring screaming!
29/Oct/10 8:59 AM
What's orange on the inside and clear on the outside?

A pumpkin in a plastic bag!
29/Oct/10 8:59 AM
Why did the pumpkin wear a football helmet?

Because it was a jock-o'-lantern!
29/Oct/10 8:59 AM
What do you call a ghost at midnight?

A sheet in the dark!
29/Oct/10 8:59 AM
What did the man say when he saw the long-lost maniac?

"You're a psycho for sore eyes!"
29/Oct/10 8:59 AM
CP, They sound like my kind of wine connoisseurs.

BTW, My glass is empty.
29/Oct/10 9:04 AM
Jamie, hope all is safe in your area.

There is a man loose with a gun in the area and people or just the university is supposed to seek shelter. Former President Bush Sr. and some of his family are in the area for speech today.
29/Oct/10 9:04 AM
OK, OK!! I get the message! I will add to my gallery, not replace. But they will not stay there forever.
Thank you, Kathy, Greg and Karen. But...
Greg, most of the pix were taken in Alberta and Montana, not BC. Hee, hee.
Karen is correct. At the risk of offending someone, I think galleries More...
29/Oct/10 10:21 AM
I just love it when a man says something intelligent. Thanks HalT.

"Karen is correct." Just lovely words.
29/Oct/10 10:55 AM
Goblin is doing a fine job with the Halloween jokes.

I look forward to the turkey jokes.
29/Oct/10 10:57 AM
While you people are laughing and groaning at my last post.
29/Oct/10 10:58 AM
I am going to the next page.
29/Oct/10 10:58 AM
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