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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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hi jess
xmas is coming
love marie
My time 3:54 at 14:08 UTC 28Nov2005

This is too much fun. Who suggested this shopping spree? My only real problem is the behavior of the 'guests' back at my place in Melbourne.
2:53 starting off good for a monday mornings
4:01 It is absolutetly amazing what you can do when you want to.
15:06 with two great guesses(that's why they call me naughty Teddy(you have to be kidding - and I was).

Did you hear about the cannibal spider that ate his uncle's wife?
He was an anteater.
3:58 Germany here we come
its kind grey and gloomy outside, but inside the sun is shining, have a great day all, and enjoy your shopping trip
Oh Gath what did I do wrong(this time?) Those comments look to be from previous!
See, I'm making a mess of this while four 'hornbags' are at my place do their darndest to have good time without me. I think I'll go to bed in the Penthouse Suite and have some nice dreams of home.
2:39 - a miracle!
Awww!!! Cute dog!
4:11 !

Record time (for me)
Howdy, Y'all - been real busy but wandered back this way for a visit - Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.
well come back K from T
seems to be a different group weekends to weekdays any comments
Monday, 3 o'clock and a rainy afternoon. Wish I could stay and make the puzzle but I must go to the dentist. A bit nervous and even more nervous to think of the price: 65 euros is not cheap!
See you all later on!
1:46 hairy dog
Thanks for suggesting the the world clocks website! I have put it on my Favorites list so I can refer to in the future. We traveled to AU & NZ this year & will go to Central Europe next summer. Love hearing comments from people all over the world!! Where in SC are you?? We have a beach place at Fripp Island - love it there.
2:25 this morning, not bad for just after breakfast
5:23 well pretty dire for me. Congrats marie and hi to all. Hi Ladybug :)

Joke for the Day:

Two lions are walking down the aisle of a supermarket (grocery store for MLC :)), one turns to the other and says, 'Quiet today in here isn't it?
Andre ...Did you nick that from today's Liverpool Echo....? ;¬)
Mary or Joe from Ontario: going there this week - what's the weather like?
A really pathetic time this morning. I'm blaming it on being back at work after having several days off last week. Also at fault is the lousy weather, after having lovely temperatures for much of the previous two months. Now we got a tiny bit of snow, the mercury has dropped somewhat and things More...
2:35 - are these easier at the beginning of the week? That's how our local paper does it.
André - I don't care where you get your joke of the day - I appreciate it.
André, I know that a supermarket is a grocery store! We Yanks invented supermarkets- or as they are called here in parts of FL 'supermercado'.
Lily- isn't 'Calgary' a native word that means 'bitter north wind?' LOL
3:32 yay! that makes me happy, but these are all really easy
No, MLC - that's 'Edmonton'
hi all

wats up??
Rob no and MLC i know i should have know better deftly crawling on carpet. :)

lily much love (no bias of course) ;)
3:42 for me today.

Love the jokes on this site!
Wanted - New joke book, must be original not seen all over the world (and especially in land of sudoku)
All donations kindly accepted. please write to

andré sudoka girl
grave end
GATH (state of sudokuland)
Sweet Virgin was Chrissy from Canberra - the last to be unveiled. Hey fraz, does all that travelling leave you feeling pretty frazzled?
6:02 I must have gone to sleep midway! Sunny here, but cold...was 19F this morning.
Greetomgs from the diamond of the Bering Sea
So 65 euros for a dental appointment ($AU104) isn't that expensive to us. Last time I had a filling it cost me $150. Took me many years to find out that there are many different types of fillings, and the cheaper ones actually encourage further decay. I've been much more vigilant with my 3 kids - More...
Christina from France. The weather at present is fairly mild, +10C. There is some rain in the forecast for this week. Enjoy you stay!
Well, I'm learning. How about 5:35 for only being my 3rd time?
Since I'm talking to myself, my beefy shopping bag carriers and I are wriggling into our harnesses, to drift down to Chicago. I have my automatic shop detector set to Designer Couture, and off we goooooooo. don't panic, we'll pop straight back up when I'm done shopping. andre, EVERY girl should have a cabana boy!!
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