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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, page two!
29/Nov/10 1:16 AM

The answer to yesterday's puzzle was: Our beloved Hall Monitor slipped the newspaper under a door and closed the door. Judy had to stand on one side and Neil on the other. She could verbally abuse him, but the pointy stick was More...
29/Nov/10 1:59 AM
Pointy Sick?? How Freudian is that?
29/Nov/10 2:03 AM
maen all Y'all..
29/Nov/10 2:15 AM
To: Serena and Jan

29/Nov/10 2:15 AM
Hmmmm 44 and 45 - both are serious deterrents.
29/Nov/10 2:17 AM
A little late perhaps, but it's hot and fresh.
29/Nov/10 2:18 AM
Let's see if I get a few more answers to this one:

An elderly pool attendant is starting to get tired of having to open the swimming pool every day, so he decides that the pool will remain closed on Mondays from now on. Having limited English, he makes up a sign which he hangs from the More...
29/Nov/10 2:18 AM
Vici, RE: 28F here -- Are Ya Braggin' or Complaining?
29/Nov/10 2:26 AM
Plum, I may have to try the low fat version. This years regular eggnog just doesn't seem to be as good as I remember. (There are some products I use that are better tasting in the low-fat, low-sodium versions.)
29/Nov/10 2:33 AM
Chilly here too, but I'll bet the Northeast thinks we're wimps.
29/Nov/10 2:35 AM
Keith, don't worry, the real wimps are here in Florida. I'm chilly this morning because it's only 62 F.
CG - where are you? Are you busy researching that 5 hr. 14 min. time gap?
29/Nov/10 2:42 AM
Phantom, I AM in my second childhood. We are being taught that no matter what we do or what answer we get, we are right. "They" don't want to hurt our (us kids) self-esteem.
29/Nov/10 2:45 AM
Plum.... the various colors and variegations in Poinsettias are due to selective breeding. If you use a lot of TLC, you can get them to re-bloom the following year, and they always have the same colored flowers as the previous year. My favorites are the burgundy & white variegated and the More...
29/Nov/10 2:49 AM
Hi Jerry, did you see my message on your page? I couldn't leave any comments on your newest Flickr photos - don't know why?
Gma Jackie - glad you made it safely to OK. Sounds like that was quite a trip! Are you a football fan? The Oklahoma-Okalahoma State game last night was amazing.
29/Nov/10 2:51 AM
Hi Heidi. Love the parakeet in the Santa cap! How are all your birds & other animals on the farm? Any new babies?
29/Nov/10 2:54 AM
No I haven't, Kathy. I'll go look...
29/Nov/10 2:55 AM
I've got a bunch of baby Gouldian Finches , Kathy. Most should be the red-headed variety. It also looks like I'm getting another rescue collie this week.... a 12 year old male.
29/Nov/10 2:57 AM
You are right about reverse order, Kathy. I'm not sure about the comment(s) though. Guess I'll have to investigate...
29/Nov/10 2:59 AM
Heidi, where were the Poinsettias growing in the wild.... 10 ft. tall?
29/Nov/10 3:01 AM
Kathy, I had "public comments" turned off. Dang techno-stuff is almost beyond me....
29/Nov/10 3:14 AM
maen, everbody!
29/Nov/10 3:18 AM
Kathy, forgot to mention, in the pm that Maggie was told to wait inside the gate. So, she did...
29/Nov/10 3:28 AM
should clarify - Kathy From Valrico.
29/Nov/10 3:34 AM
Jerry, Maggie's a good girl! Thanks for checking out the Flickr bit. I get confused there, too. Will go back & retry comments. I do think that no one who is not registered on Yahoo can post comments on Flickr photos. Can other Sudokuists confirm for us?
29/Nov/10 4:05 AM
Heidi, I do love those Gouldian Finches. If we weren't away from home so much I would be tempted to own a few. Thank for the baby pics. I do love babies of ALL species!!
29/Nov/10 4:08 AM
Kathy, I just tried without logging in. I don't think there is an issue. (There are different privacy settings, some of which do require a login and being on a friends or family list. )
29/Nov/10 4:11 AM
Back from Las Vegas after a very enjoyable time and loss of hundreds Dollar in slot machine but at end spend lovely time.
Selection of photos in Vegas will be in my own page photo gallery sooney ,hope you enjoy it.
Wishing all of you a very good and happy day.
29/Nov/10 4:46 AM
to Serena .
to Jan .
29/Nov/10 4:50 AM
I had to use my Yahoo info to post comments, Jerry.
There was no place to post comments on the newest photos. Loved Maggie waiting inside the gate for you.
29/Nov/10 5:21 AM
Good Morning. I had a lovely day yesterday having lunch at Darling Harbour (Sydney) with some other Sudoku members. (Photo on my page). It was lovely to meet Margo (Adelaide)and her husband.
29/Nov/10 6:04 AM
Looks as though everyone had a good time, June!
29/Nov/10 6:23 AM
Hello everyone,beautiful Poinsettias a carbon copy were in the supermarket when I was shoppinf yesterday.
29/Nov/10 6:51 AM
OOps=shopping, FFS hits today lol.
29/Nov/10 6:52 AM
Jerry, beautiful driveway photos.
29/Nov/10 7:12 AM
, feeling better today, I have had a case of being super tired.
29/Nov/10 7:24 AM
Won't let me post comment on Jerry's driveway pictures either.
29/Nov/10 7:38 AM
Amelia, posted comments on your Flickr. Ella is a cutie.
29/Nov/10 7:40 AM
Kathy, thanks for the easy puzzle today. Wasn't in the mood to think at least too hard.
29/Nov/10 7:42 AM
While i'm here I might as well
29/Nov/10 7:43 AM
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